[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Jazzed up bottles using cellophane

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_JAZZED-UP-GLASS-JARS_MAIN Afternoon folks!

I hope your week is going well so far and that all you London folks are enjoying the warm sunny weather we have is making things much much better! Makes such a difference doesn’t it?  Everyone just seems so much happier with a big spring to their step!

Anyway, this week’s DIY tutorial is a quick and easy one for those of you are looking to jazz up any empty jam jars or bottles you have kicking about (or saved up for any occassion). I keep collecting some for when I do think of something to do with them! So, for this project, all you need is some funky cellophane which you can easily get from Ebay, local florists, craft stores and even discount shops. I got my gold polka dot one from the Tiger store on Tottenham Court Road in London.

What I love about using cellophane is that it’s effective, inexpensive but practical too – for instance, you wont’ have to worry about it getting damaged should it be exposed to any moisture – cellophane can last a long time! And, if you change your mind later down the line it’s really easy to take it off.

So, here’s what you need:


  1. patterned cellophane
  2. Scalpel  or Stanley knife – something sharp that you can use to cut strips of cellophane neatly
  3. empty jars or bottles
  4. Double-sided tape (you can use glue but I found the tape much neater and easier)
  5. ruler




[1] First and foremost, make sure all your empty jars and bottles are all thoroughly cleaned and labels of any kind are completely taken off. You may find that some labels can be ridiculously stubborn or leave horribly sticky marks behind. In this case, just soak your bottles in some hot soapy water and leave for 20 minutes or so. This should help ease the labels off.

[2] Repeat this with all the bottles and jars you wish to use for this project. They can vary in shape and size, as long as the main body of the jar is evenly curved i.e. avoid square-shaped jars or ones with any bevelled edges.

[3] Roughly measure out the width of your bottles (probably take a millilitre off that just so that the cellophane strip fits perfectly around your jar) and mark them lightly onto each side of the cellophane. These marks will be your guide when cutting down the strips.


MbM_DIY-Tutorial_JAZZED-UP-GLASS-JARS_02[4] Alternatively, you can use the grids/guidelines on your cutting mat to help measure out and cut your cellophane into required strips as you can see those guides through the cellophane!

[5] Roughly check how much of the cellophane strip you’ll need to go around the bottle. You just need to make sure you have at least one centimetre of overlap.

[6] Take your double-sided tape and measure out the right length required. I would cut it so it is the same measurement to the width of the cellophane (or it can be a tad bit smaller). You will need of these bits of tape. Once cut, place the it on the bottle…..if there’s any part of the bottle you want to make as the ‘back’ i.e. any marks or dents then place the tape there. Once placed, peel the white backing off the piece of tape.

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_JAZZED-UP-GLASS-JARS_03[7] Take one end of your cellophane strip and place it neatly on the sticky tape. Make sure that the cellophane is absolutely parallel to the bottle because you don’t want to find, as you wrap it around, that it isn’t straight at all! Last thing you want is a skewed wrap-around! :) When you bring the ‘unstuck’ end right round, take that second piece of double-sided tape and place it on the end of the cellophane and then stick it down.

And hey presto…..you’ve got yourself a gold-polka-dot-clad snazzy looking jar! As you can see I kinda took over and did a few more, but I must say, since writing this, I think I might get some wire and make some cute hanging bottles out of those spice jars. Ahhh the ideas are endless with these things! So go jazz up all those empty bottles and jam jars you have saved up and never knew quite what to do with them! :)

Really hope you’ve liked this super easy tutorial……but hey, it’s all about what you can create out of simple materials! Happy crafting and making folks. And as always, I would LOVE to see anything you try from here so just remember to hashtag #craftwithMolu if you decided to share photos, either on Facebook or Twitter! xxxx

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_JAZZED-UP-GLASS-JARS_4    [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

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