{Weekend Encounters} Afternoon Tea with fellow bloggers

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_1On Sunday, I hosted a little meet-up with a few fellow bloggers that I had met over the course of the year at various occasions and events, and thought it would be nice to be able to catch up with them properly at a more intimate gathering. I had been meaning to organise something for quite a while so boy, was I really glad it finally took place last weekend!

I decided to throw an Afternoon Tea affair at mine – while I was excited at the prospect of putting everything together for a group of lovely ladies I must admit I was also ridiculously nervous about things going wrong or not being able to get everything done in the time I had. The few weeks in the run up to it had been manic too so finding the time to plan for this afternoon proved a lot trickier than expected! Anyway, come Friday night, I sat myself down and went through the list of things that needed to be done, telling myself to keep it simple so that I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed by it all. I spent the Saturday afternoon and evening catching up on chores and preparing for the next day (it was like a crazy-fied episode of the Great British Bake off in the kitchen I tell you!) I don’t think I’ve ever baked so much in my lifetime! …..I reckon, it’s all the icing sugar in the air I was inhaling that evening that kept me going! :P

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_9AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_8And gosh, what a wonderful afternoon it turned out to be! So there was Jo and Amy who I knew from Blookclub, Ché, Nicole, and Reema who I met on Ché’s Photo Hunt event, Marie who was on Michelle’s Eat & Snap event with me, and Teri who I recently got to know at Blogtactular! Some of them had met each other before, and others for the first time but weirdly most of us had a mutual friend or two that kind of linked us all together – it’s such a small world after all!

So yea, it really was such a delight catching up with everyone properly, chatting about everything and anything (from boys to books to business essentials) over copious amounts of tea, cakes and Pimms! :) It’s times like this that remind me how great the last couple of years have been for me, just being able to meet so many like-minded people from the blogosphere. And just by making that little bit of effort to find the time to meet and mingle, you’ll soon find that you have a wonderful network of amazingly talented and genuine people, many of whom you are fortunate enough to call friends.

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_6 AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_7 AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_5AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_10

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the lovely ladies who made it over for the afternoon tea and making the afternoon a ball of fun. I cannot tell you how much of a buzz Sunday’s Shenanigans left me with, so much so that I’m already looking forward to the next meet-up! I’ve got a few ideas in my head so I can’t wait to get organising when I’m back from the US!! :)

And thank you soo much to Jo, for letting me use her amazing photos as I was just too busy playing hostess and nattering away to take photos….which is SO not like me at all! :) I guess it only proves we were all having far too much fun! Here’s to great company and great banter!

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_3 [Image credit: ©Jo Crawford Photography]


4 thoughts on “{Weekend Encounters} Afternoon Tea with fellow bloggers

    • aww thank you! My waistline did suffer later ;) But I’m like yourself too, love observing food and cultures all over the world. It’s so fascinating….and the more colourful the better!

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