Hello from across the pond!


So, we’re now well into our third week of our Big American Road-trip….it still feels like only yesterday when we touchdown! Time sure does fly when you’re having heaps of fun.

For those of you not following my trip on IG, we started off in Texas and have worked our way up through Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky to get to Ohio, which is where we are right now for the next three nights before we head to Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY for the rest of the week and weekend.

I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s spirit of the adventure, the amazingly welcoming people here, the all American vibe and the culture, or the food (and my golly, there’s been a lot of food!!) but it’s been such a blast so far!! I honestly cannot express enough how amazing it’s been! It’s been a well needed break for me too…..in fact, for the two of us, especially having both longed for a road trip for years! And we haven’t done a big holiday/travelling trip like this since our honeymoon so it’s definitely a nice way to spend some valuable time together (not consumed by work) and ring in the third year of our marriage at the end of this month! ;)

Anyhoo, we’ve another two-and-a-half weeks left of this trip, covering five more states (PA, NY, MA, RI, CT) before we finish off in NYC, and hate the thoughts of it coming to an end. But hey, I shall try not to think about it and continue to soak up as much as I can before I’m back on UK soil! :) If you fancy it, you can find more photos of our trip on Hidden Exposures Facebook page. Obviously, I’ll do a recap of it all when I’m back but yea, please do feel free to throw any suggestions on anything you think we should check out along the way!

Until then, have a lovely week and weekend folks. Hope you’re enjoy all the crafty antics too! Xx

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