Back to the grindstone!

MbM_Back-to-the-GrindHello folks!!

Sorry it’s gone a little quiet on here lately but that’s me officially back on UK soil and back to the grindstone after being away for five weeks – and my goodness, did I underestimate the effect jet lag can have on you! I’ve been travelling through time zones most of my life and honestly thought I’d be used to by now but my sleeping patterns are still all over the place despite trying my hardest to switch to UK hours. I must be getting older or something but either way, I can only hope and pray I snap out of it sooner than later!

Anyhoo, this week is all about me getting on top of things; catching up on the backlog of emails, reorganising my diary and calendar, planning out my schedule of works which includes planning/designing a wedding in September, and not to mention giving the flat a good ‘spring’ clean. While the downside of coming home from a holiday (an epic road trip in our case) is the harsh adjustment to reality, the one good thing that comes out of it is that you do feel this urge of wanting to start afresh. Perhaps part of it is a defensive mechanism to keeping those post-holiday blues at bay but I do actually have a few key ‘changes’ on my agenda for the next couple of months. It includes a massive branding overhaul for MbM, setting up design portfolio for job opportunities and getting some rather big DIY work done to the flat, amongst other things…….so yea, I’m excited and anxious at the same time. Lets see how it goes, eh?

Well, on that note, I shall end my ‘I’m back’ ramblings before it resembles the length of an essay!

Once again, apologies in advance for the lack of posts this week too but I do need this week to recharge and reorganise to get those creative juices flowing again. As off next week, I will be kicking off the month of August with a whole new stuff……so watch this space!

In the meantime, have a lovely week folks! xx



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