“Life is better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot.”

MbM_2nd-Wedding-Anniversary[Image credit: Crofts & Kowalzyck]

Last week, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary and once again, I was caught by surprise at how quickly time flies! In my head, it stills feels like we stood at the altar exchanging rings and vows just the other day, but nope…..we’re officially into our third year as husband and wife.

So, I could gush about all the wonderful, exciting and fun times we’ve had together on this journey we called married life – but I’ll spare you all from all the ‘lovey dovey’ stuff! Well, I’m not that kind of person anyway, so you’re lucky! :) In fact, what I will share is how I got locked in, in my own home, on the day of our anniversary…..and the one day I needed to be out for a couple of meetings, all thanks to my darling husband who set off to work with my set of keys without any inkling of what he had done. I soon learnt that he had not just taken my set, but the spare set of keys too.

And there I was, hours earlier, reminiscing about our beautiful wedding day, thinking how lucky I am to have married the boy……..well then, as you can imagine, that was short-lived soon after that debacle! :)

But hey, despite the initial frustrations that day, it’s turned out to be quite the priceless story which we’ll be sure to remember in the years to come (i.e. I won’t let him forget it! *grin*) and thankfully, I made it out for our dinner date later that evening, so the damage was somewhat undone! ;)

So yeah, life sure is better with company, even with its highs and lows…..and if you have co-pilots like my one, then you’ll NEVER have a dull day!

Here’s to many more fun (and frustrating) years together, husband :D xxxxxx







Quote: from one of my favourite movies, Up in The Air

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