Ice cream for the birthday girl

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

It’s my birthday week this week and seeing as celebrations are going to be pretty low-key this year (we’re on super saving mode post American trip), I’ve decided I’m going to treat myself to a week off from blogging…….just so I can eat all the ice cream in this world!! ;)

Well, I did have big plans for this week with a series of ‘birthday special’ posts but in all honesty, I’m still in ‘adjusting-back-to-normality’ mode (who knew it would take this long!!). And with a million things still to do, I know it’s a decision I will be thankful of later.

Sorry folks but this birthday girl needs her downtime from work and home improvements. Oh and of course, she needs her ICE CREAM! (Yes, I’m still a big fat kid at heart and yes, I’m an ice cream fiend!) Just remember, when life offers you ice cream… go pimp it up with popping candy and multicoloured 100s&1000s!! Thats just how it’s done! :D

Enjoy the rest of your week folks!! Go have an ice cream on me ;)


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