[Styling the Seasons] November

MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_NOV_MAINBy golly, it’s been so darn tricky to find good lighting this month with the shorter days and the unfortunate wet, overcast weather we’ve had on top all that recently. While November still has it’s autumnal delights, it’s the getting dark by 430pm that I still find hard to adjust too (I just love my sunshine far too much!)….and the last week has been a prime example of that, particularly when I had planned on doing quite a bit photography for the blog, in whatever spare time I had. The lack sunlight meant having to scramble to the most oddest corners of the flat, normally up beside windows, setting up mini makeshift photography sets to make the most of the dull natural light (it really is quite funny to watch!) And in most cases, this does also mean, a few change in plans and ideas in order to work best in these darker, grey-hued scenarios………ah the joys of being a blogger, eh! ;)

So anyway, for this month’s ‘Styling the Seasons‘ post, I decided quite early on that my styled surface would be all about tucking into warm meals, winding down and being grateful – ‘cuz that to me is what November is all about! With that in mind, I wanted our dining table to be the surface of choice where I thought I would combine some lovely homemade recipes with autumn-inspired table settings (DIY where possible). However, having been unlucky with the sunlight, I had no choice but to ‘relocate’ to a more well-lit part of the flat because despite the slow shutter speeds the photos were coming out way to dark and grainy for what I was after (I don’t have the most fancy camera either to be fair! And I didn’t want to end up editing photos later) so it turned out that the best little spot was in fact our bedroom, in the corner by the window! Of course, replicating the ‘tablescape’ idea in this tighter spot meant a much scaled down version of the whole thing……but hey, I hope this still gives you the overall idea I had in mind :)

(It would be just my luck, it it turned all sunny of the next few weeks!)MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_NOV_1

The hand-lettered wall art was a last-minute afterthought having moved to this snug corner of our bedroom and I really didn’t want a completely blank white backdrop to work against. At the same time, I was keen on the idea of inspirational quotes so started looking up several ones that summed up ‘being grateful’ and when I came across this one by American poet, philosopher and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, I knew it encapsulated everything I was after. So I decided, I’d do something with that. I felt it needed to be a focal piece for the house that I’d integrate into this styling series – a daily reminder of all the things I should be grateful for especially with the year coming to a close. And I guess it also felt more apt for me, in this present time, after spending the last few months with my head buried in the ground, freaking out over where my future was heading that I didn’t stop to appreciate the more important things around me. But that’s life – it can get incredibly crazy, busy, challenging, and overwhelming that you have periods where you’re gripped with anxiety, fear and/or uncertainty……but sometimes, it’s by going through all that unfortunate ‘mayhem’, that you’re forced to stop, reassess, slow down, recover and recuperate. And eventually, when you do slow down enough, you begin to realise, that things get better and everything does fall into place.

Anyhoo, after a couple of attempts with hand-lettering, I settled on this simple one, only because I didn’t really have much time to explore various techniques to be honest, but I’m happy with it :) I may try something different another time as it’s a quote that could look really amazing as a print on the wall if done right. Let’s see eh? ;)


MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_NOV_5I knew I wanted to play with warm colours, bring in earthy tones and natural elements to the table but keeping it all fresh and cosy too. The white tablecloth wasn’t initially part of the plan but I needed more white to brighten up the surface on dull grey day….which it thankfully did – phew!! And i thought the teal from the glass bottle, the burnt orange of the pumpkin soup, the yellow ochre of the butternut squash and the deep red of the berries brought just the right amount of colour to the table, in a soft, subtle and harmonised way. The napkin I used are from the set I made for the DIY ‘stamped napkin’ tutorial post early this summer.

Oh and that pumpkin soup….was simply DIVINE which you can imagine I tucked right into after the shoot! :D Now, I must confess, I did plan on following this ‘roasted pumpkin soup’ recipe by Jamie Oliver, but having run out of time, I opted for New Coventry Garden’s ‘soup of the month’: Pumpkin Goulash soup, which I had as a reserve should anything went wrong. And OMG it was perfect with just the right kick from the paprika and chilli! I do love my squash especially at this time of the year, so I’m definitely going to be exploring a few recipes over the next couple of weekends to make up for my lack of ‘homemade-ness’ in this series….watch this space!

So yeah, despite having to revise my initial plans, I’m quite pleased at how it’s turned out – it just goes to show that good things do (eventually!) come out of unforeseen circumstances and tight little spaces! :) Well, that’s my entry for this month which I hope you like. I cannot wait for next month’s festive post!!! :D If you’d like to play along each month, all you got to do is upload photos on any social media platform of yours and include the hashtag #StylingtheSeasons with your entries/posts! Have fun guys…..oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American family and friends near and far!!!! xxx


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

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