[DIY Christmas] Advent calendar roundup

calendrier-avent-montagnes-1[Wall Hanging Advent Calendar by Le Plus Bel Age]

I’ve never really got into the whole advent calendar thing. The idea of popping little cardboard windows for measly pieces of chocolate didn’t quite appeal nor excite me, and I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was about. Okay, so perhaps the fact that I’m not really a chocolate person might be behind all that….who knows, but each to their own right? ;)

That being said, in the recent years, with alternative advent calendar ideas spreading across blogs and Pinterest, I must say it’s definitely got me changing my tune. Firstly, I LOVE how there’s no chocolate involved and secondly, I LOVE how different and creative the ideas are getting each year; from pretty garlands and geometric wall hangings to funky streetscapes and woodlands settings It really does bring a lot more fun to the festive season! So while I’ve yet to take on the annual tradition myself (I will jump on the wagon next year simply for its creativity!), I can’t help but admire all the crafty, handmade goodness that’s about these days which is why I’ve decided to share a few more of my favourites again (you can also check out last year’s post here). I know we’ve only a night left till we officially kick off the Christmas countdown but thought you’d like a wee nosey at these or fancy a last-minute make. I think they’re brilliant for adults and children alike!

DIY-Advent-in-A-Jar-by-Penelope-and-Pip-Finished-1[Alternative felt ball calendar by Poppytalk]

A subtle revelry 2[3D Paper Number Pinata by A Subtle Revelry]

adventskalender_wichtel_02[Paper cup Santas by Raumdindge **free printable templates**]

Rosehip-Advent-Calendar-9[Paper Bunting Calendar by RoseHip]
LD printable-advent-calendar-12[Wall Hanging Calendar by The Lovely Drawer **free printable templates** ]Activity-advent-calendar-Growing-Spaces[Oh-so-chic copper advent calendar by Growing Spaces]

What I love about the felt ball and the copper calendar ideas is the way they’ve both incorporated ‘activities’ or ‘acts of kindness’ in place of gifts and chocolates which I thought was a marvellous idea that really gets you in the festive spirit… than just stuffing your faces with treats – you’ll be doing that any way over the holidays! If you need more inspiration on these advent activities, hop on over to Mum In The Madhouse blog!

Well folks, enjoy your countdown to Christmas….I can’t believe December is here already!! xxx

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