MBTI with Kit & Caboodle Coaching

K&C_MBTI-02Have you ever wondered why you are the person you are? Or ever speculate why you go through things in life the way you do….like reacting to certain events or people, or perhaps even they way you make decisions and process information? And whether if you are actually utilising your qualities, interests, values, etc in the best possible way….? Well, I can definitely admit to pondering over all of the above a good few times in my life time but never really investigated it any further, and  that’s where the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool comes in hand.

When Marie of Kit & Caboodle Coaching (aka @scribbleyoga in the virtual world) approached me back in September, about trying a few sessions she was offering as part of her new business launch, the timing could not have been any more perfect. Being at a major crossroads in my life, I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed and so I quickly agreed to try the MBTI personality test followed by some feedback and coaching.

I’ve never really taken any personality tests before – mind you, we had something quite basic back in high school that told you which career path to take……which clearly went well! ;) So, if like me, you’ve never heard of the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, it’s basically a psychometric tool that gives you a deeper insight and understanding of your personality traits so that you’re able to find ways to make the most out of them. There are eight personality preferences which are organised into four ‘dichotomies’ – a pair of opposite preferences that consists of Extrovert (E) vs Introvert (I), Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F) and, Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P) which results in sixteen overall personality ‘types’, one of which you fall into after completing a questionnaire-based assessment. The way in which you answer this questionnaire obviously determines which four-lettered combination (aka ‘type) you are for example ENFJ or INTP. If this sounds all a bit garbled to you, then here’s a short illustrated video that sums it all up nicely.

After an initial telephone chat with Marie to get an idea of what reports to focus on (in my case, generally revolved around career and decision-making), we decided on a date, and I took the test prior to meeting Marie at her house. To access your results and these specific reports, you need an accredited coach like Marie who will then go through with you, the feedback in detail, on the day. While I’ve always had a somewhat decent perception of what my personality traits are like, I was still fascinated with the results in the report….it’s as though, seeing it on paper made it all the more reassuring knowing that you didn’t have to second guess your traits and overall persona, or more importantly, why you react, process and perform in a certain way. Its actually a great way for others to know you better too; your strengths and weaknesses, including how you behave in various different scenarios!


[the 16 different personality types, The Washington Post]

So, what category did I fall into then? I turned out to be an ENFJ which basically means I’m the type of person who would prefer “drawing energy from the outside world of people, activities and things…..taking in information through a sixth sense and noticing what might be….organising and structuring information to decide in a personal, value-based way” and overall have a “preference for living a planned and organised life“. And it couldn’t get any more accurate than that because I have always known to enjoy being a team player and a problem-solver, who’s very much enthusiastic and goal-oriented but with other peoples’ interests, feelings and values at heart. I do of course have pitfalls too, where I do have the tendency to be highly sensitive to criticism and by putting others’s feelings before my own, decision-making can be challenging particularly when I want to avoid confrontation.

The MBTI is not only a great way to get a closer look at your personality but a tool that helps you find ways to unlock your full potential, by simply identifying all those traits – good and bad. For me, with all the distress and anxiety that came with being at a career crossroad, what I gained most from all this was a much better understanding of my ‘type’ when under stress and/or coping with change; where when gripped with such experiences it can bring out an uncharacteristic display of traits and behaviour in you. I soon realised I had a lot of built up anxiety, so finding ways go about managing those triggers and returning to equilibrium, was my next step in order to get myself moving forward.  Well, I honestly could not have asked for a more insightful afternoon.  Marie has been amazing throughout the whole process; explaining in layman’s terms how everything worked (and putting up with my 101 questions!), taking the time to understand what I was looking to get out of this session, listening intently to everything I had to say (or ramble on with), compiling and providing a great wealth of information for me to reflect on….which is what I did in the coming weeks! There’s a calming presence about her (which I’ve always envied since meeting her last year on Michelle’s Eat & Snap workshop) that puts anyone one, including an anxious me, at ease! And what I love about her too (which I think does help a lot) is the shared interest of all things creative and handmade! :)

If like me, you’re keen on finding some answers or direction in life; be it through this MBTI test or coaching sessions with Marie, then do get in touch with her. Having trained and coached for years at larger organisations, Marie has now gone solo to provide folk with one-to-one sessions. She does offer Skype meetings too but based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend seeing her in person, if you can! For more details of all the services she provides, hop on over to her website, which also includes a ‘Bloggers Bundle‘ package to avail of! Now that I’ve managed to take control of all the stress in the recent weeks and regained a clearer head, Im definitely considering going back for some career-related coaching….so I’ll keep you posted on that!

Have a lovely week folks! xx

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