[DIY Christmas] Free printable gift tags!


I had hoped to have most of my Christmas presents sorted over the weekend but instead I got busy making some gift tags….as you do…..the sequence clearly made sense! Well, I was struggling with gift ideas so decided to move on to making Christmas cards….and one thing led to the other, and I found myself churning out a few designs, inspired by Scandinavian minimal motifs and the black-grey-yellow colour palette I’ve been crushing over a lot this year. I’ve also created a rubber stamp effect to add that extra bit of DIY feel.

Anyway, this may not be to everyone’s tastes as it is rather unconventional and modern but if it is, then today is your lucky day because you can get your hands on these by downloading the free printable I’ve added to this post. It works really well with plain coloured wrapping paper such as brown/manilla, white, monochrome, or even with bright colours…as long as it compliments the colour palette.


So there you have it. You can click HERE, to download the PDF file. It’s already set to A4 size (the crop marks you find on the sheet indicate that) so, all you got to do is ‘save’ it to your computer and print it onto some nice card stock! It can’t get simpler than that! :) Oh and obviously, don’t forget to hole-punch them to string your ribbon, twine, whatever through it! ;)

Let me know, if you do decide to use these at all! I do actually have another design range which will be available real soon – stay tuned!! Happy gift-wrapping! xx


 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

**The small print** Please note that these free printables are to be used for personal use or for classroom projects. They cannot be altered, edited, or changed in any way nor sold or reproduced on any commercial level. All these designs are by me and I would therefore, be grateful if these T&C’s are complied to. If you’d like to share this blog post, by all means do so but kindly provide full credit link to Made by Molu. Thank you so much! :) 

2 thoughts on “[DIY Christmas] Free printable gift tags!

    • Thanks Kate! Yes, it’s definitely unconventional but I do find it refreshing ;) I’ve got some lovely dove grey paper which I’m going to use for the remaining gifts which will look nice with the neon ribbon and the gift tags….here’s me hoping, anyway! xx

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