Gathered Cheer Social | Brighton

MbM_GCS_Brighton-01So last week, I embarked on a little day trip to Brighton for the third Gathered Cheer Social hosted by the lovely Ruth of Gathered Cheer. I had sadly missed the second one that took place out in Hastings as I was still in DC that weekend so I was looking forward to this catch up session. For those of you who may have missed my post on the first event, then this event is basically a social gathering for bloggers on a much smaller scale so you get to meet and really know more about your fellow blogger, and of course chat about everything under the sun in a much more laid back atmosphere….perfect for those who find bigger events rather overwhelming.

On this event, we had the blogger Emma of A Quiet Style (if you aren’t already following her, I’d recommend you do so as she does have the most beautiful sense of styling and photography! Her feed is just stunning) be our guide as we meandered through the streets of Brighton…and all the lovely quaint shops! Workshop and Igigi General Store being my two favourites!!! I thought I’d share a few photographs on here if you haven’t already seen them floating about on social media. So nice to be out with folk who are just as obsessed with taking photos as I am….and not have to explain why you’re on the floor or squeezing into tight spaces to capture THAT key shot!! :DMbM_GCS_Brighton-15



MbM_GCS_Brighton-20 MbM_GCS_Brighton-21

MbM_GCS_Brighton-18 MbM_GCS_Brighton-10

A huge thank you to Ruth for organising such a wonderful day out and to Emma for hosting….and to the lovely ladies for the fun company! It really was nice to see old friendly faces, meet new ones and put a face to the name in many cases. We had Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu, Julia of Humphrey & Grace, Zoe of Beautiful Simplicity, Cally of Happy Little Feather, and Alexis of Something I Made… check out their blogs when you get the time.

There will be more Gathered Cheer Social events coming up. If you’re a London/South East England blogger and would like to join in on the next one , do sign up to the mail list so you are notified of all the upcoming gatherings….and maybe I’ll see you at one of them! :)

Have a wonderful week! xx

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

8 thoughts on “Gathered Cheer Social | Brighton

    • Oh i couldn’t leave those bad boys out!! :D Lovely to meet you too (I’m still chuckling at the thought of you chuckling at my expression when you told me who you were!!) hahaha Thanks again. Hope to meet again soon xx

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