The countdown to Christmas has begun


[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

So, am I the only one still left with all the christmas shopping and to-dos? Someone, please reassure me I’m not!

Well, I’ve just about managed to get most of the christmas cards written out last night but haven’t even begun to think about presents until today! And if I’m honest with you, I simply haven’t the foggiest idea of what to get or where to start!


Not great when we’re off later this week to the emerald isle for our Christmas break which also leaves me with no time at all to conjure up any handmade goodies I had initially hoped of.

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll all come together somehow even if it means a last-minute frantic hunt for gifts! Hopefully, you guys aren’t in the same predicament as me and been super organised this year! But hey, if you have any ideas to help this chica out….please let me know! xx

(FYI The christmas cards featured in the image above are by one of my favourite illustrators Paper Moon who do the most amazing scandi-inspired/mid-century style designs!) 

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