[About ‘Molu’]


Made by Molu‘ was born after an extensive period of brainstorming and doodling over what best described me and my love for “all things creative and handmade“. The inspiration behind the name was my mum…or to be more precise, what she used to call me by for the last 20-odd years and still do to this day; ‘Molu‘.

So what about me then?

I’m a London-based graphic designer, letterer and event stylist who’s completely obsessed with DIYs and Weddings!

The blog was initially set up, three years ago, to showcase all our wedding DIYs (from stationery to décor to accessories) along with other handmade projects I did on the side but has now grown to become my main outlet for all forms of creativity, in the hope that it inspires others just as it inspires me. It has been a brilliant journey so far; meeting and collaborating with awesome like-minded creatives as well as bringing plenty of opportunities I never envisaged a blog would do. It’s been a ball and can only hope its onwards and upwards from here!

What can you find on here?

Well mostly crafty goodness, DIY tutorials, workshop shenanigans, design and lifestyle inspiration, vintage finds, wedding prettiness and some creative musings (or ramblings as I’d like to call it!) You can also find some awesome giveaways and special features on designer-makers I have come across and admire. So, go ahead and flick through and hope that you like what you see…..or drop me a line to say ‘hello’ as it’s always nice to connect with more folk with similar interests! :)

Where else can you find me?

Facebook |  Twitter  |   Pinterest  |   Etsy

Ten random facts about me:

  1. I’m a massive shoe-a-holic
  2. I have a phobia of spiders and get claustrophobic in small spaces
  3. My guilty pleasure: southern fried chicken (yep!)
  4. I am ALWAYS snapping away taking pictures of people, food, buildings, light, random details and whatever else that inspires me. For some, this may be annoying (I have been labelled paparazzi!) but it’s my way of keeping a diary.
  5. My pet peeves: people with no ounce of remorse or respect, lacking table manners, and folk who keep saying “you haven’t lived” when I don’t share their cult obsession. I have clearly lived despite your ludicrous statement. :P
  6. I may be a little OCD – yup, it bugs me when I see a picture on the wall hanging skewed or if things aren’t stacked /arranged methodically so it’s aesthetically pleasing.
  7. I’ve yet to sky-dive, bungee jump, fly a plane or climb a mountain.
  8. My favourite colours are White, Black, Grey and hints of pink.
  9. I’ve always wanted a tiger for a pet (I may have thought I was Jasmine as a kid!)
  10. In my head I think I’m a professional jazz singer and ballroom dancer (sadly, in this case, my brain isn’t in sync with my motor skills and vocal chords!)

Thanks ever so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoy noseying through my blog. Should you have any queries (work/blog related) or simply fancy saying hello, I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line via my contact page. xx

Copyright violations:

The copyright in the material (including the text, artwork and photography) contained on this blog belongs to and remains with madebymolu© unless otherwise stated. Should any images or text be sourced from other websites and blogs, the authors/owners will be given full credit and this act in return would be greatly appreciated too! The content of these pages may not be reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of madebymolu©.

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