[D.I.Y. Gifts] Handmade Felt Notebook sleeve – 2

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_4Since making one of these for my father-in-law for Christmas, I’ve been dying to make another but never quite found the time; there was always something or another that hindered my plans. So when I remembered I had to get a little birthday present for a friend of mine, I decided this would be the perfect excuse to make one! :) Like me, she’s always full of creative ideas and quite the list-maker too, so I got her two black A5 Muji notebooks to which I designed the felt case around for a perfect fit. I loved the idea of still using greys and black with a pop of colour and seeing as my friends loves her pinks, I decided to opt for a hot pink. Like the last one, I used the grey for the base, black top half and hint of pink in the stitching and the front detail. It’s sleek, edgy yet uber feminine! I’m now thinking I need to make one for myself as these are my favourite colours too – goes so well with my phone, lippy and jewellery! :D Oh and to personalise it further, I cut out the letter ‘N’ out of pink felt and added that to the front of the case.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Well, at least now I can say I’ve done a ‘His and Hers’ set of felt notebook sleeve! ;) And I REALLY hope the recipient loves it!!!  xx

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_3[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Birthdays] Respect the ‘Tache!

BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_Main_WEBIt was my Dad’s 60th birthday last month and having my family over in London for a couple of weeks gave us a great opportunity to throw a little something to celebrate this special milestone and make the most out of the time we had here together. For those who don’t know him, my Dad is quite the reserved type and not one for being the center of attention. So, we wanted to do something special for my Dad; fuss over him for a change seeing as he’s normally the one to take the backseat or put everyone else before himself. It was also the perfect chance to say ‘thank you’ for everything he’s done thus far, particularly with our wedding last year. With that in mind, we threw a ‘surprise’ birthday dinner for Dad, albeit an intimate affair with just our close family there. The dinner was held at The Gun (a lovely “Oh so British” riverside Gastropub in the docklands – if you haven’t been yet….go!) and seeing as my Dad is known for his moustache (which he’s been sporting since his 20s!), having a ‘tache-themed party was a complete no brainer! :D Time was of the essence, especially as I knew a lot of the work had to be done in secret which made it even more challenging! So I set out to create simple and subtle hints of ‘moutaches’ for the dinner, through the favours, photo props, menus and making up a goody bag for the birthday boy!

For the favours, my initial plan was to make moustache-shaped chocolate pops for all our guests but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on the silicon moulds in time so opted to make sweet bags which I was rather pleased at how they turned out! The red and white striped sweet bags perfectly resembled the old-fashioned barber shop colours that tied in nicely with the moustache motifs on the labels I made. These labels were made using a rubber stamp that I had carved out of Lino and then hand-stamped the ‘Taches onto each individual label which were then stuck on the back to seal the bag. I then added a small ‘thank you’ note onto the front, using small white gift tags and securing them with miniature wooden pegs.

BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-1Next up were the moustache ‘photo props’, I wanted all our guests to have that evening to add that extra bit of fun-factor to the dinner. I picked out four different moustache styles (ones I felt represented my dad’s throughout his lifetime…slightly exaggerated of course!) and cut out 15-18 in total which I later affixed onto wooden BBQ skewers and left to dry overnight. On the night of the dinner party, these were placed on each table setting along with the favours and the personalised menu. BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-2

And finally, I put together a little goody bag for the birthday boy which of course, followed the theme and was filled to the brim with mouctache-themed novelty items. Seeing as most of gifts here were bought from shops, I wanted to add something that was handmade by myself and so decided to create a mug that sported a ‘tache motif on each sides. As you can see in the photos below, I traced out the ‘tache I wanted, using a graphite pencil – this is done on the reverse side of the tracing paper too in order to be able to transfer the design onto the porcelain mug. Using a black Sharpie pen (a permanent ink marker but you can us any kind if you don’t have ceramic ones) I carefully went over the outline and then filled it out evenly. Once finished, I popped it into the oven (do NOT preheat!) and left it to ‘set’ for 30 mins at 175 degrees (350 degrees in fahrenheit / gas mark 4). Et Voila – my first sharpie DIY mug for dad! So much fun!! I can totally see myself doing more of these projects for other occassions…..or perhaps to decorate the ones we have at home! :DBLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-3 And below, you can see some of the other moutache-themed bits and bobs I bought to add to the goody bag.


Well, for someone that doesn’t normally enjoy being under the limelight….it totally made our weekend seeing Dad have such a blast that night and finally soak up all the attention he deserved! ;) These are precious moments to be cherished and I’m sincerely grateful for that! I hope to add some photos taken on the night at a later date (massive thanks to Rory for those!) but for now, I thought I’d share these simple DIY projects with you. Let me know what you think xx

[D.I.Y. Birthdays] 5 is the perfect number

This was a little something I had made for my best friend’s little by who turned 5 back in August but never got round to sharing it on here. I had bought a plain cotton navy-coloured polo shirt and hand-sewed on the applique (the no. 5) that I had cut out of some left over bright pink organic cotton fabric. I also used a bit of pink fabric paint to give that graffiti effect around the applique. Added a MOLU label made of the same fabric….et voila! A simple but effective little keepsake gift for a little one xBLOG_STRIP_5thbirthday_WEB

Made by Molu Etsy Shop – now open for business!!

SHOP-LAUNCH_MAIN-IMAGE[Image Credit: Made by Molu]

It’s been long-awaited and I cant believe this day has come (!!!) but I am pleased to announce that my shop doors (albeit virtually) are officially open!  You will find a range of bespoke handmade goodies (all made to order) from wall art to cushions to baby accessories whether it’s for the home or for a special occasion. Please do stop by and have a wee look – you can click here or the ‘Etsy’ tab on my sidebar to the right of this post to take you directly to the shop!  I will still be available for commissioned pieces and custom orders so just drop me a line and we can take it from there! Oh, and there’s plenty more handmade prettiness coming to the store as I’ll be listing them up as I go along, so do make sure you stay keep in the loop!!!

A massive ‘thank you’ goes out to my awesome husband, family and dear friends who have constantly stuck by me and all my creative antics (and having endured all my ramblings on wanting to set up a business) over the last two years. It is because of them and the amazing support from my readers/followers that I have finally taken the plunge to make this a reality. FYI – if this goes tits up, you are all to blame!  JUST KIDDING!!! :) I seriously cannot be any more excited (and nervous!) about this and hope one small step to bigger and better things in life! My love and humble gratitude goes out to you all! xxx

Anyway, I sincerely hope you like what you see and if you have any feedback or comments then, as always, I’m all ears! In the meantime… happy browsing/shopping folks!! Oh and please, pleeaaasee do spread the word too!! Thank you!!! xx

[Personalised Gifts]: Meet Elliot…

BLOG_STRIP_Meet-Elliot-WEB[Image credit: Made by Molu]

It’s been a while since I made any elephant cushions and I couldn’t resist making this little guy to compliment the custom-made cushion I did for my friend (see my earlier post). I’ve even added a bit of lavender so that he smells divine! He will be available on Etsy soon (I’ll be doing two sizes, one at approx 20x20cm and another at 40x40cm in different fabric choices) so do stay tuuuuuuned!! xx

Looking forward to my letterpress workshop with Turnbull Grey tomorrow!

338458_143097879139726_1396490131_o(image credit: Turnbull Grey )

Gosh, I nearly forgot!! I have my letterpress workshop tomorrow with Turnbull Grey who are a graphic design studio in London that run these fantastic workshops. I’ve been once before and LOVED every minute of it and thanks to my wonderful husband, who got me a voucher for their workshops, I’m booked in for tomorrow’s class! I cannot wait!!! And to come back and share it all on here after! ;) Well, if in the meantime, you’d like to have a nosey at what went on behind the scenes at my last workshop then take a look here. I, on the other hand, am going to go finalise what I’ll be printing tomorrow!

Watch this space folks!! :D xx

Personalised Gifts: 1st Birthday T-shirt

I managed to dig up these photos I took of the personalised t-shirt I made for Jacob for his 1st Birthday back in 2009. Much to my disappointment, I haven’t done any embroidery work since then but I am definitely hoping to do more of that in the new year especially when I now own a sewing machine – no more excuses whatsoever! So yea, watch this space in the new year but in the meantime here’s a nosey of the t-shirt I made. Let me know what you think. xx

BLOG_STRIP tshirt_jacob low res

Happy 40th Birthday!

This was a 40th birthday card I made back in January – I cut out and stuck the ‘four’ on the front of the card and then the ‘zero’ on the inside so that at first glance one would assume it’s a ‘4th’ birthday card but once opened and placed on the mantelpiece/shelf it subtly spells out ‘forty’………. just to soften the blow! ;)  The papers used are organic.


a quick recap: Dominc’s + Noah’s 1st Birthday 2011

A little something I made for the boys as a keepsake piece that marked their 1st birthday. Still can’t believe how quickly a year’s flown by. I can still vividly recall the  jaw-dropping excitement around the time of their arrivals – Nic had checked into hospital to get induced and we sat back anxiously waiting to hear the good news the following day (the 9th of November) only to then learn that Jo (who was only due the following week) suddenly advanced and went into labour early hours in the morning of the 9th! Noah soon arrived followed by Dominic (5 hours later).  With a 5 hour time difference between the two girls (US and UK) what were the chances the boys arrive roughly around the same time in the day?!?! I don’t think I’ve EVER been so excited sitting up glued to my laptop eagerly looking out for their every Facebook update on their labour!!! :p  So that’s the infamous story behind our ‘international twins’! xx