70s vibes with William Eggleston Portraits Exhibition

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

Early this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to check out the William Eggleston Portraits exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery for a special night’s preview hosted by Rumour PR and Pop Boutique (thanks for the kind invitation!). The night included a private guided tour of the exhibit, check out the gallery’s 70s-inspired products as well as rummage through Pop Boutique’s pop-up store of vintage clothes and homeware, while sipping cocktails or fizz.

If like me, you haven’t really heard of William Eggleston, some of you may recognise a few of his iconic images (see below). Eggleston was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1939 to a family who had been cotton farmers. At a time where colour photography was predominantly used in advertising and other commercial uses, Eggleston was known for experimenting with colour as an artistic medium, particularly the complex ‘dye transfer’ techniques. He found a way to inject life, evoke moods, and set an atmosphere by banishing the staleness in the everyday and ordinary. And it’s this viewpoint of his that changed/influenced the art of colour photography.

The exhibition gives you a look into the world he captured back in the 70s, in hometown Memphis, the South, ranging from portraits of his family and friends to celebrities and strangers in dark nightclub settings. What I loved most this exhibition is the lack of description or blurb behind each of his work – there’s no political agenda or story to his subject matter which you typically find behind a lot of photography and art in general. You are simply left to observe, fully immerse and appreciate how wonderfully each of his muse are captured in such simplicity yet so vivid it leaves you wanting to know more about them or what life was like back then….

Anyway, if you guys are in London, I would totally recommend checking the exhibition out, which is on till the 23rd of October and includes a lot of the photographer’s unseen work too. Here’s a little peek of what you’ll expect (photographs, courtesy of Victoria Miller) but it really is NOTHING unless you see it up close and personal! Probably would be worth checking out the book too which you can buy at the gallery bookshop or online.

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

‘I want to make a picture that could stand on its own, regardless of what it was a picture of. I’ve never been a bit interested in the fact that this was a picture of a blues musician or a street corner or something.’ – William Eggleston

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born DigitalNPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born DigitalNPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

[All gallery/exhibit images above: ©Victoria Miller]

Oh and here’s a few pics from later that evening, after our little guided tour, rummaging through all the gorgeous 70s collection of fashion, accessories and homeware, courtesy of Pop Boutique which totally help set the mood for the night. Greet to see some old friends and meet some new ones too.

Thanks again to Rumour PR, Pop Boutique and the National Portrait Museum for a delightful evening!

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu & Daisy Fay Interiors]

Gathered Cheer Social | An East London escapade

MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_HEADERLast Saturday, Amy (of Daisy Fay Interiors) and I, hosted our very first East London bloggers meet up in conjunction with Ruth’s Gathered Cheer events. Each of these creative/social meet ups, held at least 2 or 3 times a year, take place in various locations and are hosted by local bloggers….so with East London being our turf, we took the lead on this one! If you’ve missed my earlier posts of some of the gathered cheer socials I’ve attended before, they are basically an opportunity for bloggers and creatives to meet, mingle, collaborate, inspire and just have a jolly good day out. The groups are normally 7-10 people which make it more personal and less daunting for those who aren’t normally comfortable with large-scale events. MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_13

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

So our little escapade began with us meeting at Liverpool Street station and then meandering our way through Shoreditch, checking out all the prominent street art the area is known for, the independent boutiques and vintage stores, along with eateries like the old Beigel Shop which was a much-needed elevenses pit stop for us! We then moved on to Redchurch street to nosey through shops and have a good natter over coffee at Barbour & Parlour. Then onto Columbia Road for more cute independent shops and a lunch break at Jone’s Dairy Cafe. With our bellies full up we moved north through Hackney Road and onto Broadway Market. Well here’s a few photos that summed up our day of gallivanting in around East London. I’ve also mapped out our route on a map I illustrated, which you’ll find at the end of the post.





[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

I’ve had such a blast hanging out with all the girls who came along; Nancy, Zeena, Katie, Ruth and my partner in crime, Amy! Thanks for a super fun day ladies….here’s to many more bagels, vintage store hopping, snap chat antics, and all round giggles and goofing around!

If you’d like to partake on future Gathered Cheer socials, keep an eye out on the event page of Ruth’s website! xx

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

FIT BRIDES Event at Frame Kings Cross

FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-011Last weekend, I had my first experience showcasing at an alternative wedding event, hosted by award-winning wedding planners Knot & Pop and Frame Kings Cross (a dance, fitness and holistic studio). The ‘FIT BRIDES‘ event was an alternative wedding event very much focussed on the modern bride. The afternoon offered brides to come down to get a feel for the classes Frame offer, as well as gain insights and inspiration from the best in the wedding/fashion/beauty industries….the likes of Liz Earle, Bobbi Brown, THE OUTNET, Patchwork, London Lightbox, Georgina BoyceLucy Says I Do, etc. So, on that note, here’s a few photographs from the day to give you an idea how things panned out!

FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-038FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-169FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-008FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-168FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-076FRAME-04-23-16-Fit Brides-083[All Images above courtesy of FRAME]

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive at first at the thought of running a workshop AND live painting in front of people at any public event. When I work on any painting/installation jobs, it tends to require a lot of focus and normally done within the quiet realms of my studio…..and even when I’m out doing murals, I’m still relatively cut away from any interaction from people, so this definitely tested a lot of my skills…..multitasking being one of them! ;) Anyway, it turned out to be a fun experience and I’m actually so glad to have done it – not only did I get to meet both potential clients and suppliers in the industry, but my workshop turned into a little art-therapy haven on the day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! So yea – this may be the start of something new…who knows eh! :)

Here’s a few more photos I took of my little stand and of the workshop in progress. Enjoy the rest of your week folks, and I’ll be back with more……I’ve soon much to catch up on here! xx

Photo 23-04-2016, 13 47 51 (1) Photo 23-04-2016, 15 40 41 (1)Photo 23-04-2016, 16 13 59 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Gathered Cheer Social | Brighton

MbM_GCS_Brighton-01So last week, I embarked on a little day trip to Brighton for the third Gathered Cheer Social hosted by the lovely Ruth of Gathered Cheer. I had sadly missed the second one that took place out in Hastings as I was still in DC that weekend so I was looking forward to this catch up session. For those of you who may have missed my post on the first event, then this event is basically a social gathering for bloggers on a much smaller scale so you get to meet and really know more about your fellow blogger, and of course chat about everything under the sun in a much more laid back atmosphere….perfect for those who find bigger events rather overwhelming.

On this event, we had the blogger Emma of A Quiet Style (if you aren’t already following her, I’d recommend you do so as she does have the most beautiful sense of styling and photography! Her feed is just stunning) be our guide as we meandered through the streets of Brighton…and all the lovely quaint shops! Workshop and Igigi General Store being my two favourites!!! I thought I’d share a few photographs on here if you haven’t already seen them floating about on social media. So nice to be out with folk who are just as obsessed with taking photos as I am….and not have to explain why you’re on the floor or squeezing into tight spaces to capture THAT key shot!! :DMbM_GCS_Brighton-15



MbM_GCS_Brighton-20 MbM_GCS_Brighton-21

MbM_GCS_Brighton-18 MbM_GCS_Brighton-10

A huge thank you to Ruth for organising such a wonderful day out and to Emma for hosting….and to the lovely ladies for the fun company! It really was nice to see old friendly faces, meet new ones and put a face to the name in many cases. We had Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu, Julia of Humphrey & Grace, Zoe of Beautiful Simplicity, Cally of Happy Little Feather, and Alexis of Something I Made…..do check out their blogs when you get the time.

There will be more Gathered Cheer Social events coming up. If you’re a London/South East England blogger and would like to join in on the next one , do sign up to the mail list so you are notified of all the upcoming gatherings….and maybe I’ll see you at one of them! :)

Have a wonderful week! xx

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

An evening with Birchbox + Habitat

MbM_birchbox-habitatNow there’s a partnership you wouldn’t initially put together, right? Beauty and home…..? Well, that’s exactly what I thought when I received a lovely invitation to the launch of their recent collaboration a couple of weeks ago. Anything to do with Habitat….a no brainer, but it was their joint venture with a beauty company that further intrigued me into accepting their invitation!

I don’t think I need to explain who and what Habitat (in a nutshell: the best place for furniture and homeware!) but Birchbox on the other hand, if like me, you’re unfamiliar with, are an online company that offer a monthly subscription service for those who want to know more about new, on-trend beauty products. The concept behind it being that in each monthly box, you are given samples of luxury products for your to try (they’ve teamed up with some great brands) and if you then like anything in particular, you then shop for that product off their website. It’s basically a great way to discover new products, before it hits the shelves, without having to fork a lump sum for the full-sized products and not knowing whether you’re going to like it or not. Not bad huh?

MbM_birchbox-habitat 02 MbM_birchbox-habitat 03The evening turned out to be a brilliant one. We were greeted with glasses of fizz (and constantly topped up through out the night!) and had the chance to mingle with other bloggers – a lot of them from the beauty and fashion world who I wouldn’t normally cross paths with at events I go to. We then sat down for our beautiful 3-course dinner over which the Birchbox and Habitat team presented to more about their products.

So what’s behind their collaboration? Well, beauty products means storage and that’s where Habitat comes in. They have paired up to provide storage solutions, with three of their gorgeous dressing tables; LimboFleur and Emil, along with some beautiful stacking boxes for all your bits and bobs, so that you have a clutter free area to work at….which is exactly what you need if you live in small compact spaces in London (or any big city for that matter!) I absolutely LOVE the stacking boxes, perhaps because it has that HAY-esque feel, similar to their Kaleido nesting tray set. And out of the three dressing tables, I must say the Limbo model took my fancy for the sheer fact it was minimal, compact and practical. The Emil would have been a contender for me too but from an aesthetic point of view, the storage element on the LHS didn’t quite do it for me. I love its clean lines but felt like the drawers should’ve been part of the table to avoid that lopsided heavy look on one end, kind of like Fleur but with the beautiful round mirror nicely centred. Anyhoo, that’s just my design preference ;) Overall, they’re all lovely pieces and I’d be lucky to have a dressing table in the flat if only I could manage to fit one!

So there you have it. A great collaboration to encourage you to discover new products in the comforts of your own home! I haven’t got the best beauty regime and while I love the art of make up, I’m never confident enough to try anything new, so this would in fact be great for someone like me. They have tutorials and know-hows included so if you are interested in giving Birchbox a go, then I’ve got a lovely exclusive little discount for you guys where you can receive your first Birchbox for just £5! All you got to do is sign up (which is free) and quote BBXHABITAT at the shopping bag page! What’s not to like eh?

PLUS…..there’s a chance to win one of the Emil birch dressing tables (worth £600) by referring a friend. Click here and enter your promo code MYBEAUTYHABIT at checkout. The more you share the more chances of winning! ;) Happy days!

Well, I’m off to give this whole using-lipstick-as-eyeshadow business a go (yep – that was one of the tips we got that night for a non-creasing and lasting eyeshadow alternative….who would’ve guessed!) In the meantime, do check out this video to get a better idea of how it all works and/or see what Birchbox Editorial Director, Jessica Diner has to share about your beauty storage solutions. Lots of stuff to discover!!

Have a lovely Friday and a fabulous weekend! xx


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu

[Dates for your Diaries] The Photo Hunt!

photo (10)[Image credit: ©The Photo Hunt]

That’s right folks….Bobbi, Ché and LuLu have confirmed the date for their second Photo Hunt event which will take place next Saturday on the 1st of March 2014, and this time it’ll take place in Southbank. So if you are a blogger or a creative individual of sort that would like to meet like-minded folk in London or simply fancy exploring London in a fun bloggers-networking, scavenger hunt, team-building kind of way then this is a great opportunity to do so. All you need to bring with you is a camera of some kind (your smart phone will do just rightly too!) and plenty of enthusiasm! On the day, you will be put into small groups of 4/5, before debriefing commences and you’re off to tackle your photo challenges….and there’s plenty of cool prizes involved too! My hubby and I had the pleasure of attending their first one last October which took place in Shoreditch and couldn’t recommend it enough, in fact I’ve signed up to it again for March…….so let me know if you’re going! :)

Ticket’s are now available so get your early bird tickets here and keep updated on all the latest news via twitter.or facebook.

I had hoped to blog about it back then but sadly never got round to it, so in the meantime, here are a few photos from some of the antics that took place last year.


MbM_The-Photo-Hunt_2013_5-WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Ahhhh so much fun….and this is only a slight glimpse into it! ;)

1397080_1427461770801325_805795112_o[Image credit: ©The Photo Hunt]

Kudos to the girls who did a fabulous job at organising this fun-fuelled networking event. You can read more from the other contenders here, here and here. Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday! xx 

[London Design Festival encounters]: Imprint at Craft Central

BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-3Last Tuesday, we went along to the private viewing of the Imprint Exhibition (as part of the London Design Festival and the Clerkenwell Design Quarter) held at Craft Central in Clerkenwell – our first LDF13 event of the week –  that showcased the works of a broad range of designers who use various methods of printing or mark-making to their designs. With glasses of fizz in hand we meandered through the many displays of ‘printed design’ that ranged from screen prints and letterpress to digital and 3D printing, ceramics to furniture and many many more. It was a wonderful evening, buzzing with creativity and excitement, that we left feeling so inspired ourselves! And how cool are the screen-printed posters for the exhibition by Turnbull Grey?! I just LOVE the flourescent orange exclamation mark against the somber grey background colour – very slick indeed!

BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-5 BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-4

And here are some of the designers that caught our eye that night.

BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-1 1. Marby & Elm  |  2. Bronagh Kennedy  |  3. Esther Coombs   |   4. Kate Sutton  |  5. Katie Brown  |  6. -7. Regina Heinz

BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-6BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-2 8. Karen Lowes   |  9. Laura Slater  |  10. -11. Kethi Copeland  |  12. Annabel Williams  | 13. Katherina Manolessou  | 14.  Fanny Shorter

BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-7 BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-8 BLOG_STRIP_Imprint-Exb_WEB-9 [Image credit: Made by Molu]

[Weekend Encounters – 2] The Thames Festival 2013

The next stop on Sunday afternoon was We Make London’s market stalls for the Thames Festival at More London. I missed the chance of going last weekend due to work, where they were based at Bernie Spain Gardens, beside the Oxo Tower. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, late that afternoon (around 5pm), the weather took an even bigger turn for the worse which dampened (no pun intended!) the festival spirit a bit but despite that the ladies (and fellas) on the stalls still managed to put on their biggest smiles for their customers braving the rain…..including me! :) So the highlight of the evening for me was chance to catch up with a few familiar faces again; Sabine of (S-Gerth Designs), Viktorija (of And Smile), Elizabeth (of Lizzes Beautiful Art) and Sandra and Sophie (of Clementine and Bloom). Oh and the magpie in me quickly spotted a lovely swallow necklace and a heart collar brooch on the stall next to Viktorija’s which got me chatting to its designer, Aarti of Fairytales and Hidden Notes (how amazing is that name??) so we’ve swapped details so I could enquire further about her products and keep up to date on more of her work. Well, I’ve definitely come away from the fair with some gift ideas for Christmas and to add to my personal ‘wish list’ too! ;) xxBLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 2These clever leather key holders by S-Gerth Designs caught my eye. Beautifully designed to that make sure you’re keys are always in the one place! The red one is my personal favourite! :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 4She’s done it again! How adorable is the And Smile stall display!! If you want to follow more of Viktorija’s awesome creativity then follow her on IG!! ;)

BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 3The lovely jewellery and trinkets by Fairytales and Hidden Notes. Can you spot the swallow necklace and the heart collars I like? :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB3 Another awesome stall display – this mother and daughter team sure know a thing or two on styling….not to mention re-wiring old vintage lamps! I love the textured base of this 1960s/70s lamp which they’ve given a new lease of life by teaming it up with their gorgeous screen-printed butterfly lampshade!! I am definitely keeping an eye on this! :)

[Image credit:  © Made by Molu]

[What’s On]: The Crafty Fox Talks on ‘How to do your own PR’

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend Crafty Fox Market’s second series of Talks held at the Collective Hub in Camden that brought together a great panel of speakers; journalist Perri Lewis, Designer-Maker Zeena Shah, Creative Director Miss Cakehead along with Katherine Raderecht of Mollie Makes and The Simple Things to share their insight on how to go about promoting yourself and your business effectively. Perri dealt with the ‘dos + don’ts’ on how to approach journalists and bloggers, while Zeena gave tips from her own experience on how essential it is to network, being friendly and saying “yes” to creative proposals (however challenging it may be!) and Miss Cakehead encouraged folk (using her own Avante Garde portfolio of PR work) that being bold and brave i.e. using your creative imagination, to make you and your work stand out from the crowd! All in all, it was such an amazing evening that left me feeling really inspired (I took down plenty of notes and even recorded it for reference!) and even had the opportunity to meet and network with other creative individuals. I cannot wait for the next set of talks, so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled on the Crafty Fox Market website (or alternatively sign up to their mailing list!). Unfortunately, I’ve only a few photos taken from that night as I was far too busy taking down notes and networking!! I do know that Michelle and Tim were doing the official photography and videos so it may crop up soon enough so keep your eyes peeled!CRAFTFOX-TALKS_1_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_2_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_3_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_4_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_5_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_6_WEBAnd I’m totally pleased with the contents of my Goody Bag (above)! Thank you Crafty Fox Market for hosting a fantastic inspiring event and I look forward your next one already! :)

[Image credit: Made by Molu]

Oh I say! We Make London’s 5th Birthday fabulous Good Bag!

This post is long overdue (sorry folks!) but June has been rather busy and I got sidetracked with numerous other things followed by our holiday last week. So without further adieu, here’s a look at the contents of my We Make London‘s 5th Birthday goody bag! This is probably one of the best goody bags I’ve received in recent years that consisted of bespoke pieces of jewellery, stationery, bags and accessories – a fabulous selection of handcrafted goodies! You’ll find names such as Kate Rowland, And Smile, Triptych Designs, Crystal & Stone, Tagada StudioSanna Panda and more. If you’d like to see more about the designer-makers listed from that day’s handmade market you can find that here. What do you think – not bad eh? :)
BLOG_WML5th-bday_4 BLOG_WML5th-bday_5 BLOG_WML5th-bday_3 BLOG_WML5th-bday_1 BLOG_WML5th-bday_2 (Artists from left to right: Mister Peebles, Lemonstone Art,  Melody Seal, Alfamarama, Lucy Jewellery, Paper Moon Illustration)