D.I.Y. tutorial | Copper Candlestick holders

MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_COPPER-CANDLE-HOLDERS-00What does a girl do when she has a lot of copper left over from shoots? Make them into candlestick holders, naturally! :)

So it’s been a while on the DIY front (sorry!) and this week I have a pretty cool project for you to try especially if you’re really into your copper as I am (I actually think I may have a problem…!) I had some copper wire left from the time of the two wedding shoots I worked on in the last couple of weeks and been toying with the idea of making a few cool accessories for the house. There were some nice candlestick holders that I had spotted in a couple of stores and even a few floating about online which I had initially looked into making for one of the shoots but then later scrapped because I never got round to testing the soldering gun. Anyway, with these ones…you need none of that but your hands and a couple of pliers! There’s no spray painting either being pure copper. It’s pretty simple and pretty darn effective to if I may say so! :)

  • Bare copper wire at least 4-5mm thick (I got mine from here),
  • heavy-duty wire cutters
  • pliers
  • long dinner candles
  • and perhaps a bit of muscle! :)


Using the heavy-duty wire cutters, I roughly measured out and cut how much wire I needed to make the one candle holder. I made two and wanted them varied in height so the longest piece was roughly around 40cm and the second was about 30cm. MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_COPPER-CANDLE-HOLDERS-03

Now this next bit is where you need a bit of muscle ;) Using your hands try and shape the base of the candlestick holder into a nice loop shape. You want it wide enough for it to be stable and keep upright. I’d say, mind were about 10cm in width. And then you straighten out the ‘stalk’ part so its 90 degrees from the base. Don’t worry if you you don’t this part looking super straight….It’s all part of the handmade look, I say! Just sit it up on the table to see if it stands, and play/adjust accordingly to make it look somewhat straight and balanced! I’m not going to lie, there is a bit of trial and error playing a part here but it is all worth it in the end I promise you!MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_COPPER-CANDLE-HOLDERS-05For the top bit, where the candle would sit/be held…you need to create a smaller loop in which the base of the candle will sit in, and for this part you will need a couple of pliers to help mould the loop because with 4/5mm thick wire, it’s going to be a lot stiffer to shape. Mark about 7cm from the top, and with the use of your pliers, bend the wire almost 90 degrees at this point for you to then proceed with the gentle moulding of the loop.


Use smaller pliers to forcefully bend the top part into a loop. You will find that the pliers leave scuff marks on the wire which you can file off later or you could put a bit of foam between the wire and the pliers to soften the indents you make. They’re all marks of your craftsmanship so I personally wouldn’t worry too much about it. Repeat the same thing with the second piece and you now have your very own handmade, organic copper wire candlestick holders! If you got the loop at the tip right your candles should fit nicely otherwise there may be a bit of twisting and perhaps the shaving off of some wax to get it sitting nicely ;) As long as it’s upright and stable…you’re good to go!MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_COPPER-CANDLE-HOLDERS-04


It’s not perfect but I do love how they’ve turned out…..and the fact that I can even have them intertwined at the base was surprisingly unexpected! I am one very please copper addict! :)

Well, I do hope you’ve enjoyed this and let me know if you do give them a try someday as I’d love to see your creations or your own versions of them. If you do, please be sure to share them on any social media platform you use, and include the hashtag #craftwithMolu so I can easily find them. Enjoy the rest of the week and happy crafting/making! xxMbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_COPPER-CANDLE-HOLDERS-13

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Urban jungles | a bout of green fingers

MbM_URBAN-JUNGLE-01It’s FRIDAY you guys!!! Are you as relieved and happy as I am that another week is coming to a close and you can pretty taste the weekend in the air? Well, I’m actually going to be working over the weekend…thankfully on some nice stuff for a shoot I’m working on next Monday so it’s not all too bad. I’ll share a few ‘work in progress’ later today.

Well, I’ve been meaning to write this post last week but work, life, etc keep getting the way, as it does. Slightly different from my usual posts but some of you may already know how I desperately keen I am on having plants indoors but more importantly, learning how to keep them alive! Sadly for me, my track record with plants isn’t the greatest…in fact, I have the reverse effect of the midas touch (if there’s a name for that!), killing anything in the space of a week-month! It’s gotten so incredibly frustrating that I’ve had to resort to artificial ones (and even dried flowers!) which really isn’t quite the same. I’m even tempted to make them out of paper! (like those billy buttons I made!)


I do love plants and flowers, and while I have lost all hope and patience of tending to them, I really enjoy having that bit of greenery and pops of colour within the house particularly when you don’t have much of that where you live.  And every year, at spring time, I get all eager bringing in seeds, bulbs and flowers only for them to wither away within weeks….once again, bursting all ounce of enthusiasm I have. I know I don’t have the knack for gardening but surely you’d think keeping a few plants alive in the house wasn’t exactly rocket science?! Seriously….what is wrong with me!! I used to get pretty upset over it thinking it badly reflected on me as a person not being able to keep something so simple, alive! Okay…a tad bit melodramatic…but you understand, right?

Anyway, it’s that time of the year again, and I decided that this year, I’d invest in a few more succulents and cacti…plants that are a little more hard-wearing and need less of the TLC from me. I know they’re all the range now at the moment which is really not why I got them but simply for the fact that I wanted some plants that would withstand the icy cold death vibes I omit! I have also been inspired by fellow bloggers who just seem to have the green-finger skills I secretly envy so much….and decided to jump  on the Urban Jungle Bloggers bandwagon. Coined by bloggers Igor Josif and Judith de Graaff, the concept behind ‘urban jungle bloggers’, is basically a monthly series where they and other bloggers share their urban jungles, through styling, DIYs and tips as a source of inspiration….kind of like ‘styling the seasons’ but for plants. So I thought this would be a perfect incentive to improve on my gardening, plant-tending skills…..well, there’s me hoping anyway! I’ve actually created an ‘urban jungle’ board on Pinterest now (have a nosey if you fancy) and been actively pinning since last week, so hopefully its all onwards and upwards from here! :)


So far, all my succulents and cacti are still alive and kicking…although I did panic the other day seeing a few of the lower leaves of the larger succulents turn brown but then I was told that’s normal (phew!).

The most recent thing I got excited about is this BEAUTIFUL copper planted by Geo-Fleur which I bought from Renegade Craft Fair a few weeks back. I’ve always had a love affair with copper and combined with the plant obsession I’m going through at the moment, it really was meant to be.  Thankfully, my husband liked it just as much and was pleased with the purchase. So yeah, I’ve got it up hanging in our dining area and can’t stop admiring it! It also ties in nicely with the succulent and aloe vera I have on the table. In fact, I’ve recently spruced up an old enamel bowl to turn into a hanging planter for the kitchen when I have my little makeover in June (more on that later) and plan on potting a range of succulents in that but for the next few weeks I’ll have on the dining table until the kitchen is done. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress. MbM_URBAN-JUNGLE-09

What do you think? I’m trying not to get too eager by buying too many plants all at once but start slowly until I get better at looking after the ones I have right now, but it’s already making me happier seeing all the greenery in the house, which is exactly what your home should do. So whether I’m more in love with planters than plants…either way, I hope it helps eradicate my plant-killer title!

Well, if like me, you want to improve or give yourself an incentive to grow more plants in your home, then join in on the #UrbanJungleBlogger fun by signing up to their mailing list. Each moth, they’ll give you a topic to explore and you use that to style, create, etc with your indoor plants. This month’s topic is ‘offer a plant to a friend‘, exploring the different ways you could create a green gift! I’d love to partake in that if time permits with these two big editorial styled shoots I have next week, otherwise, definitely next month!

Have a lovely Friday xx


 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[D.I.Y. FEATURE] Felt rose napkin rings


Morning folks! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.

If you missed it last week, I just wanted to let you know that I did another little DIY for the gorgeous B.Loved Wedding & Lifestyle blog. This time, I’m showing you how to create some cute floral felt napkin rings that’s super fun and easy to do and will add a touch of springtime to your table setting. Not only is it perfect for the home but for weddings or any occasion! You can find the full tutorial HERE.

I do hope you like it. Happy crafting lovelies xx MbM_DIY-FEATURE_NAPKIN-RINGS-02

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

**This is not a sponsored post but a collaboration with B.Loved Wedding & Lifestyle. All words and opinions, including images, are my own, dictated completely by my love for  DIY and styling**

[D.I.Y. tutorial] Scandi-inspired decorative glass jars


hey hey hey! How are you all doing? I know it’s so very British of me to do so, but heck…hasn’t the weather been simply divine these last couple of days? Shame it hasn’t lasted very long but its given me so much hope for the summer!

Anyhoo, I’ve been insanely busy plotting and designing for two big styled shoots coming up in a few weeks (and with only week apart from each other!) that I haven’t had much time to work on any of the fab new DIYs I have in store for you guys. So this week’s is a simple one, creating some pretty decorative jars for the home with just spray paint and a permanent marker pen – it’s THAT simple! I’ve been crushing over lots of ceramic and stone hoemware lately especially when you want to go styling your surfaces every now and then, but when you’re having to keep an eye on your purse strings, I opted to create some cheaper alternatives. I’ve been saving a few glass jars, in a few different shapes and sizes, over the past few months with the intention of decorating them so I’d have some cool jars to put flowers in and use as props for my photos. It is spring after all and the flowers need something nice to sit in!! And of course, I went for the minimal Scandi-inspired geometric, monochrome vibe again.


As I said, all you need for these are glass jarswhite spray paint and a black marker pen.

If you can, find somewhere outdoor to do the spray painting as you don’t want your house/flat to be stinking of the stuff…and it’s not good for you to inhale. If you don’t have any outdoor space then go out into your hallway or use a room that has good ventilation (ie. lots of windows!).

Also, cover your work surface with some plastic sheet or old newspaper because spray paint can get everywhere! Lay your jars out onto the protected area, spacing them out nicely so you are able to get the paint onto them. Hold the can roughly 10cm away and spray across them evenly. The technique being a layering one where you’d apply one even coat and then a second one to get that solid white look.
MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-02MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-03MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-06Once you’ve applied a couple of coats, leave it aside to dry for 10/15minutes before you start drawing on them. They key thing for this look is to keep your designs simple and minimal.If you want inspiration for more Scandinavian-inspired geometric (or folklore) patterns then click here, otherwise you just stick to lots of lines (vertical and horizontal), triangles, swirls etc. You can of course, add colours to this but if you’re a monochrome lover like me then this would be perfect…..and especially for all you lot who are pressed for time!

So what do you think? Pretty effective right, for a 30-minute DIY project? And you can dot these about the house, adding fresh (or faux) flowers to spruce up your place. I must say, I love them and will apologies in advance if you start seeing these a lot in any of my future styling posts :P


Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you’ll give these a go and if you do, please share them with me by uploading it on any social media platform and using the hashtag #craftwithmolu so I can find them easily.

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy crafting! :) xx

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Styling the Seasons] April, with {at}Mine


I was pretty gutted I never got round to contributing for last month’s Styling the Seasons due to work commitments but with this month’s being a rather special one, I made sure I got organised early enough to go through the things I had planned. Plus I had quite a bit of left over flowers from my Easter post so it made sense to bring the blooms into this too.

Why is this month a special one, you ask? Well, as the title suggest, Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots have another exciting collaboration and this time with {at}Mine (an online community for home and design lovers) who have come up with an exciting competition for us. There’s 13 Judges who will pick a winner EACH to attend an amazing spring floral workshop in London. All we need to do is style our surfaces at home, as we normally do, and show what this month means to us. And, fingers crossed, we might be lucky to win a place! Details on how to enter, are at the end of this post.MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-05bSo what does April mean to me?

With Easter and the turning of seasons, this month for me is all about rebirth, new beginnings and hope. Everywhere around you, there are physical signs of change, fresh new start so to speak; flowers are blooming, trees are getting fuller, landscapes are getting greener, the days are getting longer, the sun shines a little brighter (when it does shine!), the air feels fresh and a lot milder, and everyone seems a lot friendly with that bit of spring in their step! ;) No matter how lousy a day you’re having, when you step out into the sunshine or simply admire the beauty that surrounds you, you automatically feel better and hopeful. It really is a beautiful time of the year!

I’ve also been doing a little bit of spring cleaning about the flat too, in particularly our bedroom, trying to declutter and reorganise things so it’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With spring in the air, I wanted to bring that freshness into the room, by introducing plants and blooms of flowers….something I don’t normally do because no matter how much I try, I can never seem to either keep them alive (they wither way too quickly for my liking!) or even arrange them nicely. But this year I’m determined to bring more life in the flat, and hopefully through plenty of practice, manage to prune and style them successfully….wishful thinking perhaps, so lets see!MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-14MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-15Anyway, for this month I kept it simple and took my bedside table area to style. To be honest, it’s not much of a table as they’re two 35L storage boxes stacked on top of each other. I absolutely hate having them as our bedside ‘tables’ but with storage space at a premium we’re kinda stuck with those. They’re not that bad but obviously would much rather have some mid-century pieces there instead. I’m constantly crushing over photos I see of other bloggers with the perfect side tables and decor but until I figure out a solution (which I am currently doing) I’m going to have to make do with them.

I must admit, since the crafternoon session at Liberty’s back last year, I’ve continued to bring an additional DIY element to the styling series, with this month’s being a little wall hanging for the bedroom. As I said, it’s not my favourite of areas in the flat so I wanted to pretty-fy it someway where I could wake up to something inspiring. And with my growing obsession for typography and lettering, I knew from the outset that I wanted to bring that to this corner of the room. And so, I decided to create a 3D cut out of the word ‘HOPE’ which I hand-lettered and hand-cut out of white foam board (thankfully, all those years  of model making comes in handy!). I’ve been toying with this idea for a while as part of a few ideas I have for a wedding styled shoot coming up in May, so it made sense to try it out for this project…and I must say I’m happy with how it’s turned out even if it’s not all super perfect.


What do you think? I did think about spray painting it a light pastel pink but then with the pink flowers I had, I didn’t want a pink overload….which I doubt the Hubby would be too impressed with either! So this was a perfect balance of minimal elegance and springtime romance ;) It also meant that, I could combine all kinds of coloured flowers at a later date, being a blank canvas. Not spray painting it meant that it showed up some of the pencil ketch marks but I guess that adds the whole handmade appeal. I just used a bit of twine to hang it on the wall above the bedside ‘table’ using a bit of washi tape. The great thing about foam board is that it’s light and versatile so the fixtures don’t have to be permanent! Adding the little bunches of flowers to either ends was my least favourite part to this process, because flower arranging isn’t quite my forte no matter how I try, hence the reason for keeping it simple. Now you can see why I badly need to win a place on the workshop just so I can create LOTS of beautiful pretty floral arrangements for the blog!! :D

Anyway, I hope you like the overall result. I’m relatively pleased with it, for the simple fact that it has definitely spruced up, what has always been a crappy, dull corner of the room for quite some time. It’s also a refreshing piece of inspiration to be reminded of every morning I get up and every evening I go to bed. With HOPE, you know you can look forward to each day knowing better things will come your way. There is strength in hope.

MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-09MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-19Now then, if you’d like join in on the Styling the Seasons fun, and particularly want to enter this little competition, then please follow these instructions:

1) Style any surface in your home to represent what April means to you

2) Post a shot of your styled surface on any social media or blog about it by April 15th

3) Use the hashtag #StylingSpringAtMine so we can see your entry

4) You need to be free to attend the workshop on the morning of April 29th in central London.

The competition entries will close of April 15th, but for those of you not entering you can of course continue to post your entries throughout the month – simply upload your images on any social networking platform and include the hashtag #stylingtheseasons. MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_APR-12

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]


MbM_HAPPY-EASTER-15_01Whether you’re celebrating the significance of Christ’s resurrection, embracing Springtime, or just tucking into your delightful collection of confectionery around the table with your family and friends, let’s all take some time out to reflect on the true meaning of hope and rebirth that comes at this time of the year. Everywhere around you there are signs of new life so let’s definitely embrace the goodness that our lives and this world brings us.

I took this opportunity to do it a bit of styling with some eggs and wild flowers – hope you like it! Anyway, I wish you all a joyous and restful Easter. xxx



[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[D.I.Y. tutorial] Scandi-inspired geometric shower curtain

MbM_DIY_SHOWER-CURTAIN-MAINHey folks! I hope you’re all having a good week so far. It’s back to the grind for me today after a long refreshing weekend away in the rural countryside of Northern Ireland, spending some much-needed time with my parents-in-laws. And boy, have I loads to do but I’m glad for that bit of time away. You cannot beat the peace and quiet nor the fresh air every once in a while as London can get a bit crazy and suffocating at times.

Anyway, I’ve got a super simple DIY this week that will help spruce up your bathroom in 30 minutes! Our shower curtain was due a change and while I like my minimalist all-white look, I thought perhaps this time I’d add a bit of a scandi-monochrome touch to it with a simple geometric motif. And there really isn’t much to this which is great if you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly makeover!

MbM_DIY_SHOWER-CURTAIN-01What you’ll need:

  1. plain white shower curtain (mine was a Sainsbury’s basics)
  2. permanent markers (sharpie or Pilot)
  3. card (to use as a template)
  4. scalpel, stanley knife or scissors,
  5. ruler


Take your piece of card and cut out a couple of triangles – you can freehand draw/cut these or use a ruler but go for a more abstract version instead of an equilateral one….i.e. you don’t have to have perfect even edges/angles! This cut out will act as your stencil. Now, you can directly draw them onto the shower curtain but I do find that this will help when it comes to filling the triangles out and avoid you going over the lines. It’s your call!

Once that’s done, spread out your shower curtain over a large working surface – whether it’s your dining table or on your floor. And then place your stencil onto the plastic sheet and draw away using your permanent marker. I would start from one side to another or bottom up. Again, do what’s comfortable to you.



And voila!

It really is insanely simple! And you don’t have to go for triangles like me. You can totally go for other Scandic-Inspired motifs or do some amazing colour-blocking too using spray paint! For that, all you got to do is just tape up the areas you don’t want the paint to cover and do it in sections. You could have a bold yellow and pink strip running across the bottom. Or perhaps be brave and write some inspirational quotes with the permanent markers….the options are endless! :)MbM_DIY_SHOWER-CURTAIN-08So folks, let me know if you give it a go or if there’s any other cool shower curtain ideas you’ve done yourself before or seen on Pinterest etc. I do hope you’ve liked this one, particularly for its simplicity!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with more creative antics. xx


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[D.I.Y. FEATURE] Scandi-inspired cork placemats


Hi guys! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and that your Monday has kicked off well for you.

Well, I just wanted to share with you a recent DIY tutorial I did for the gorgeous B.Loved Wedding & Lifestyle blog as part of being their contributors team. It’s a simple Scandi-inspired set of cork placemats that would, in fact, go really well with most tableware and dining interior style you have. You’ll find the full tutorial HERE, if you fancy giving it a go. The whole things takes roughly 30-40 mins (if you have 6 mats to do) and around 15 minutes to air dry.

Hope you like it! xx


**This is not a sponsored post but a collaboration with B.Loved Wedding & Lifestyle. All words and opinions, including images, are my own, dictated completely by my love for  DIY and styling**

Chocolate-tasting and screen-printing antics with Thornback & Peel

MbM_Thornback&Peel_event-10Last Tuesday, I was invited to go along to Thornback & Peel‘s exclusive screen-printing evening at their beautiful store in Holborn, where we bloggers got the chance at screen-printing some of their lush designs whilst indulging in chocolate tasting from Creighton’s Chocolaterie and glasses of fizz….how could you decline such an offer! :)

For those of you not familiar with Thornback & Peel, they are London-based designers who create the most beautiful and intricate hand screen printed homeware and accessories.  Their designs have a fun, whimsical play on British imagery strongly influenced by a mixture of Victoriana, Mr McGregor’s garden, Norfolk and Devon……which definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia, that I love most about. (Seriously, how fab is the custard jelly & cake design!?) Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel’s journey to becoming such a success is incredibly inspiring, having started their first collaboration back in 2003 and then setting up their first studio in 2006! You should totally check them out if you haven’t already done so!


The evening kicked off with the screen-printing. We all had a go at printing three of their designs including their latest chicken print for their SS15 collection. The first two (the ‘bird & egg’ and the rabbit) were printed onto cards and then the chicken print onto napkins. I had dabbled in screen-printing once before with Zeena Shah a couple of years ago but I had forgotten how amazing it felt to be so tactile with this printing method. I would happily stay there all day printing! And the paint….I honestly could have walked out with that tub of teal paint it was THAT divine! ;)


It was such a fun evening getting creative and catching up with old and new friendly faces. A heartfelt thank you to Rumour PR, Juliet Thornback, Delia Peel and the T&P girls for having me and being such great hosts. Oh and for the fantastic goody bag too!

For more on Thornback & Peel products, you can hop on over to their website where you can browse through by product type or by design. And you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all their latest news and events. As for all you chocolate lovers, definitely check out Beford-based Creighton’s Chocolaterie for their amazing concoction of flavours. I’m not a huge chocolate person but I can sure vouch for them after trying their new summer range….FYI that Key Lime Pie one….OMG, yum! You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too! (warning: you may end up salivating a lot!)

Well, enjoy the rest of your week folks xx

MbM_Thornback&Peel_event-11[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]


[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Faux Billy Buttons for your home!


Hey folks – I hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Mine’s been pretty busy since last week, with lots of exciting projects on, which thankfully vary in style and content (from sign-painting to wedding stationery to branding jobs) which definitely keeps me challenged and the creative juices going! Who’d have thought, that I’d finally be able to say…I LOVE what I do!! :)

Well, to add to the varied bunch of creative projects this week, I’ve got a fun little DIY for you, creating your very own faux Billy Buttons (aka Craspedia). The idea for this came from…well, not having any at home when you badly want them and not having great florists near me that sell them. I’ve been a huge fan of them for its sheer minimal appeal and vibrant pop of colour. You’ll probably see many of these bad boys bracing many lifestyle and design blogs and magazines. They really are the best and great to have both fresh and dried. So, when you’re frustrated with not having any at hand……you go make yourself some….obviously! ;)

Unlike the cute felt ones I’ve seen out there, these are made out of sugar. Yep, SUGAR and lots of styrofoam balls!


What you’ll need:

  1. Sugar (preferably white granulated sugar)
  2. Styrofoam balls (1/1.5 inches in width) which you can get off eBay or Amazon
  3. a little dish to mix the glue and water (and another one for the sugar!)
  4. yellow spray paint
  5. PVA glue
  6. wooden skewers or anything to prop the styrofoam balls during production
  7. paintbrush

(I forgot to include the following in the supplies image)

  • large sheet of plastic or lots of newspaper to lay down on your working surface
  • steel wire (anything between 0.6mm to 1.0mm in thickness)
  • florist tape
  • wire cutters
  • vase of your choice


What you need to do:

Start by inserting the skewers into the styrofoam balls (some come with holes in them, if not just puncture it ever so gently) This will make things easier for you when it comes to applying the glue and paint without getting your hands messy! Once they’re all set to go, take the PVA glue and squeeze some out into the dish and add a touch of water to it to thin it down a little – this is just to make it easier to cover the surfaces without any thick clumps. Pour out some sugar in a separate little bowl/dish.

Take each styrofoam ball at a time and cover it thoroughly with the glue using a brush and quickly twirl it around in the sugar. Make sure you get the sugar all over and avoid any bald spots! Place them aside in a jar until it dries completely. This should take 10-15minutes. In the meantime, lay out plenty of sheets of newspaper or large sheet of plastic sheet (even bin liners) across the worktop/work surface for the spray-painting stage.


When all the sugar-coated styrofoam balls are dry, take them one at a time and gently apply your yellow spray paint onto them, giving them a nice even cover. Hold the spray paint can at least 10cm away from the ball when spraying. Again, set them aside to dry. You’ll find that the pray-paint acts as an additional adhesive coat to hold all the sugar together. Don’t worry if you have a few dropping off during this course of the stage, which is why it’s always good to get plenty on early on.

Once they’ve all been spray painted, the next step is to create its stems out of wire. Now, you can use the wooden skewers as the stems (obviously, replace them with new clean ones!) but I do prefer the wire ones as they’re more malleable should you need more flexibility in the way you arrange them later.

MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_BILLY-BUTTON-03So yea, get some of your steel wire (if you have thin ones then just double it up a couple of times to make it to the right thickness you need) and cut them down to your preferred lengths. I’d suggest about 20cm and if they need to be shorter at any time (because you change vases) or want to have a slight play in height, you can just bend the ends. Now, cover the wire completely in florist tape and then replace the skewers with these. You can add a touch of glue to the ends before you insert it in just to give it more support when they’re dried. Do be gentle when you handle the sugar-coated styrofoam balls at this stage to avoid knocking any sugar off.

Place the into your vase….et, voila! You’ve got yourself some funky DIY Billy Buttons for the home and for all those cool styling shots you want to photograph :) I’m pretty certain they’ll be making an appearance in my Styling the Seasons posts over the next couple of months or on some of my social media images :)


I’ve got say, I’m pretty please with them even if they may look like cheese ball crisps in these photos (the lighting was shocking at the time and I tried in vain to edit it). Why don’t you have a go and let me know how you get on? Go style that surface at home with these amazing, DIY, sugar-coated Billy Buttons! You’ll be surprised at how effective they look with springtime right around the corner!!! :D

Enjoy the rest of your week folks and really hope you liked this xxx

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]