Labour of Love: Letterpress prints (limited edition)


So here they are all framed – my labour of love in print!! :D  I must say, after photographing these for this post, I feel even more chuffed for accomplishing such a challenging piece in just three hours! Give me a challenge any day!! :) Baby Blue and Baby Pink ink on both off-white (above) and grey (below) card stock. Which one would you go for? Hard for me to say….I think I like them on both :P xx

BLOG_STRIP_letterpressAUG_5-WEB BLOG_STRIP_letterpressAUG_6-WEB

[image credit: Made by Molu]

[Private Commission]: Lavender-scented heart cushion

DSC_4807-webThis is a glimpse into a recent commissioned work I did where I was asked to make a large personalised lavender-scented cushion in the shape of heart (using 100% cotton fabric) for a friend who was looking for a something ‘handmade’ for her sister’s birthday. So, if you are looking for something ‘bespoke’ and personalised, I can be available to discuss your ideas further….whatever they may be…..and draw up something to suit your needs. Always happy to discuss new and exciting projects! :) xx

DSC_4800-web DSC_4814-web DSC_4852-web

[D.I.Y. Gifts] Made-to-order lavender scented baby cushions

DSC_3039b-WEBHere’s another addition to my ‘made-to-order’ collection of hand-sewn lavender-scented cushions for the little ‘uns (in blues and pinks) which I will be listing on my soon-to-open Etsy shop. I was hoping to have had the shop opened by now but my day jobs have taken over a bit in these last couple of week so I will obviously keep you posted on that. If in the meantime, if any of you are interested in placing an order, just get in touch on here, Facebook or email! Anyway, more cushions etc in the making so watch this space! :) xx DSC_3033-WEB DSC_3038-WEB DSC_3030-WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts]: Hand-cut wall art for a 1st Holy Communion


My niece was having her 1st holy Communion celebration over the weekend and not really knowing what to get or where to find the right kind of gifts for this special occasion I decide to make something unique to give to her. A bible or a cross pendant are normally what you’d give but I opted to pick a verse from the bible that would be a source of inspiration to her now and all throughout her life. We picked a short but poignant verse from the book of Isaiah (chapter 42, verse 10) and decided to cut the letters out by hand and then have it framed in a lovely white box frame so that it sat a few millimeters off the brown backboard. I felt the play on shadows between the letters added a nice touch. I then made a greeting card with the words ‘Faith, Hope, Love‘ (from the book of Corinthian, chapter 13) cut out in a similar style to the wall art and stuck onto a brown recycled card so the two things tied in nicely. Here’s how they both turned out. xx

[D.I.Y. Inspiration] Gifts for a little person….

Well then, I now officially know NINE TWELVE (!) lovely ladies (friends + family) all due this year which means I need to start racking my brains for more ideas on what to make for these bubbas that are about to enter this world sometime this year. I know my heart is set on making them something they can use but that can be doubled up as a wee treasured keepsake too. I also know that I intend on using my sewing machine (part of my new years resolution as you saw in my previous post!) whatever I chose to do! So while I sit and doodle out ideas, here are a few inspirational handmade creations that I spotted online that are great for the little ones…if you are, like me, looking for something bespoke to give as presents. Maybe this could even help the mummys-to-be to try their hand at something creative while they wait for their tiny arrivals! :) Which ones do you like? Or have you any ideas of your own you’d like to share? xxBLOG_STRIP baby pressies low res BLOG_STRIP baby pressies2 low res BLOG_STRIP baby pressies3 low res BLOG_STRIP baby pressies4 low res BLOG_STRIP baby pressies5 low res

  1. beautifully detailed paper cut out art work that can be personalised with the baby’s details, by Modo Creative. I’d love to give this a go myself!! 
  2. I love the simple d.i.y. details for this nursery by Ed Grimes on Project Nursery, particularly the personalised wall art!
  3. Framed personalised alphabet picture for boys by Milly & Pip on
  4. Personalised Plates in Melamine that incorporates illustrations of your little one – by Etsy seller, Olliegraphic
  5. Customised baby plate with birth info by Little Peach Print Co on Etsy – I love their hand drawn illustrations!!
  6. Rufus Rabbit Melamine Gift set for girls by The Little Blue Owl on
  7. Crocheted Stripey Bunny by Linden French on
  8. Handmade Baby Mobile using Felt by Etsy seller, Drops Of Color Shop. They have a lovely range of baby mobiles from woodland creatures, monsters, superheros and more. Do check them out!
  9. cute, bespoke miniature animal toys by Asher Jasper on Etsy. Aren’t they simply adorable and oh-so-creative!!? They are made from pure merino/mohair wool blend and using a labour intensive process called needle felting.
  10. Owl-shaped patchwork cushions by Angie Art Studio that can be personlised by adding the you child’s name. You can buy her cushions on here.
  11. More cushions in the form of cute woodland creatures by Savage Seeds on Etsy. They are also Eco-friendly; made from Eco Felt- 100% recycled post consumer plastic bottles and Stuffed with Bamboo Nature-Fil Fiber!
  12. There are so many ways to be creative when designing and making personalised cushions and I must say I do personally like these for being quite different in that the embroidered designs (which are freehand machine embroidered!) look like they have been ‘hand-drawn’ by children themselves. you can find more of these lovely cushions by Seabright Designs (a husband and wife team) on
  13. I LOVE this set of baby ‘bow tie’ onesies by The Wishing Elephant on Etsy. Just goes to show that a simple design or gesture can be just as fun and creative!
  14. Creative capes for the little ‘uns which I think are absolutely adorable – by The Lazy Owl found on Etsy and facebook.
  15. adorable hand-knitted cupcake hat by Savvy Stuff, on Etsy.