70s vibes with William Eggleston Portraits Exhibition

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

Early this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to check out the William Eggleston Portraits exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery for a special night’s preview hosted by Rumour PR and Pop Boutique (thanks for the kind invitation!). The night included a private guided tour of the exhibit, check out the gallery’s 70s-inspired products as well as rummage through Pop Boutique’s pop-up store of vintage clothes and homeware, while sipping cocktails or fizz.

If like me, you haven’t really heard of William Eggleston, some of you may recognise a few of his iconic images (see below). Eggleston was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1939 to a family who had been cotton farmers. At a time where colour photography was predominantly used in advertising and other commercial uses, Eggleston was known for experimenting with colour as an artistic medium, particularly the complex ‘dye transfer’ techniques. He found a way to inject life, evoke moods, and set an atmosphere by banishing the staleness in the everyday and ordinary. And it’s this viewpoint of his that changed/influenced the art of colour photography.

The exhibition gives you a look into the world he captured back in the 70s, in hometown Memphis, the South, ranging from portraits of his family and friends to celebrities and strangers in dark nightclub settings. What I loved most this exhibition is the lack of description or blurb behind each of his work – there’s no political agenda or story to his subject matter which you typically find behind a lot of photography and art in general. You are simply left to observe, fully immerse and appreciate how wonderfully each of his muse are captured in such simplicity yet so vivid it leaves you wanting to know more about them or what life was like back then….

Anyway, if you guys are in London, I would totally recommend checking the exhibition out, which is on till the 23rd of October and includes a lot of the photographer’s unseen work too. Here’s a little peek of what you’ll expect (photographs, courtesy of Victoria Miller) but it really is NOTHING unless you see it up close and personal! Probably would be worth checking out the book too which you can buy at the gallery bookshop or online.

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

‘I want to make a picture that could stand on its own, regardless of what it was a picture of. I’ve never been a bit interested in the fact that this was a picture of a blues musician or a street corner or something.’ – William Eggleston

NPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born DigitalNPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born DigitalNPG Gallery Record - Installation Photograph – Born Digital

[All gallery/exhibit images above: ©Victoria Miller]

Oh and here’s a few pics from later that evening, after our little guided tour, rummaging through all the gorgeous 70s collection of fashion, accessories and homeware, courtesy of Pop Boutique which totally help set the mood for the night. Greet to see some old friends and meet some new ones too.

Thanks again to Rumour PR, Pop Boutique and the National Portrait Museum for a delightful evening!

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu & Daisy Fay Interiors]

Gathered Cheer Social | An East London escapade

MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_HEADERLast Saturday, Amy (of Daisy Fay Interiors) and I, hosted our very first East London bloggers meet up in conjunction with Ruth’s Gathered Cheer events. Each of these creative/social meet ups, held at least 2 or 3 times a year, take place in various locations and are hosted by local bloggers….so with East London being our turf, we took the lead on this one! If you’ve missed my earlier posts of some of the gathered cheer socials I’ve attended before, they are basically an opportunity for bloggers and creatives to meet, mingle, collaborate, inspire and just have a jolly good day out. The groups are normally 7-10 people which make it more personal and less daunting for those who aren’t normally comfortable with large-scale events. MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_13

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

So our little escapade began with us meeting at Liverpool Street station and then meandering our way through Shoreditch, checking out all the prominent street art the area is known for, the independent boutiques and vintage stores, along with eateries like the old Beigel Shop which was a much-needed elevenses pit stop for us! We then moved on to Redchurch street to nosey through shops and have a good natter over coffee at Barbour & Parlour. Then onto Columbia Road for more cute independent shops and a lunch break at Jone’s Dairy Cafe. With our bellies full up we moved north through Hackney Road and onto Broadway Market. Well here’s a few photos that summed up our day of gallivanting in around East London. I’ve also mapped out our route on a map I illustrated, which you’ll find at the end of the post.





[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

I’ve had such a blast hanging out with all the girls who came along; Nancy, Zeena, Katie, Ruth and my partner in crime, Amy! Thanks for a super fun day ladies….here’s to many more bagels, vintage store hopping, snap chat antics, and all round giggles and goofing around!

If you’d like to partake on future Gathered Cheer socials, keep an eye out on the event page of Ruth’s website! xx

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

In Pictures | March – June

The weather here in London might not reflect it yet, but we’re getting deeper into our summer months already! Slow down already, 2016! Anyway, here’s a quick little recap of some of the things that have taken place in the last three months; my work and life in square tiles, so to speak! :) I know y’all like photos – who doesn’t, right?

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

In Pictures | Summer of 2015

MbM_SUMMER-2015_03Well hello!

Gosh – it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not sure how it’s happened but the days, weeks and months of summer have gone and flown by ever so quickly that I’m shocked to see myself in September already! Mind you, a lot of it has been down to the nature of my work since going solo. Trying to juggle the many hats one has to wear being self-employed, managing all the varied project types, and somehow finding a balance between work and life has, admittedly, been a steep learning curve for me. It’s not that I was completely oblivious of what was to come with the new role but boy, I can’t get over how ‘time’ is even more of a luxury these days! ;)

Anyhoo, it’s been a somewhat ‘good’ busy summer regardless which is why I’ve let my blog slide a bit (whoops!). On the work front, it’s predominately been wedding related; for both clients and styled shoots, including some fun DIY collaborations with Laura Ashley (more to come on that!). I’ve also been trying to spend whatever spare time I have improving and exploring hand lettering styles, working on new stuff for my new print shop (slowly getting there!), making new connections for some fun collaborations in the pipeline….and not to mention getting my head around some business know-hows. And of course, we had birthday and anniversary milestones, day trips, BBQs and some much needed family time. Oooh and a kitchen makeover!

So yea – i’m definitely looking forward to some calmer days over the autumn months :) I’ll leave you with a few snapshots from some of the madness that was my summer…I hope you had a brilliant one too?

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

Gathered Cheer Social | Brighton

MbM_GCS_Brighton-01So last week, I embarked on a little day trip to Brighton for the third Gathered Cheer Social hosted by the lovely Ruth of Gathered Cheer. I had sadly missed the second one that took place out in Hastings as I was still in DC that weekend so I was looking forward to this catch up session. For those of you who may have missed my post on the first event, then this event is basically a social gathering for bloggers on a much smaller scale so you get to meet and really know more about your fellow blogger, and of course chat about everything under the sun in a much more laid back atmosphere….perfect for those who find bigger events rather overwhelming.

On this event, we had the blogger Emma of A Quiet Style (if you aren’t already following her, I’d recommend you do so as she does have the most beautiful sense of styling and photography! Her feed is just stunning) be our guide as we meandered through the streets of Brighton…and all the lovely quaint shops! Workshop and Igigi General Store being my two favourites!!! I thought I’d share a few photographs on here if you haven’t already seen them floating about on social media. So nice to be out with folk who are just as obsessed with taking photos as I am….and not have to explain why you’re on the floor or squeezing into tight spaces to capture THAT key shot!! :DMbM_GCS_Brighton-15



MbM_GCS_Brighton-20 MbM_GCS_Brighton-21

MbM_GCS_Brighton-18 MbM_GCS_Brighton-10

A huge thank you to Ruth for organising such a wonderful day out and to Emma for hosting….and to the lovely ladies for the fun company! It really was nice to see old friendly faces, meet new ones and put a face to the name in many cases. We had Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu, Julia of Humphrey & Grace, Zoe of Beautiful Simplicity, Cally of Happy Little Feather, and Alexis of Something I Made…..do check out their blogs when you get the time.

There will be more Gathered Cheer Social events coming up. If you’re a London/South East England blogger and would like to join in on the next one , do sign up to the mail list so you are notified of all the upcoming gatherings….and maybe I’ll see you at one of them! :)

Have a wonderful week! xx

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

[My Month in Pictures] April

Ah April, you have been fabulous…bringing lots of sunshine, pretty blossoms, special occasions, fun gatherings, exciting collaborations and projects, and good cheer all round! It really is one of my favourite months as you get to take in and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you….the little things you can easily take for granted throughout the year and then springtime goes ahead and reminds you of how wonderfully complex and beautiful life is.  I’m so grateful for each and every month that passes by and can only hope for the next month to be just as wonderful. Actually… we do have a trip to Washington DC coming up……and I CANNOT wait!!

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a great April and that the month of May is a promising one for you too! xx

[My Month in Pictures] March

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

It’s been a busy albeit eventful month and I’m so very grateful for such a colourful one. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to April already! It’s going to be another busy one especially with two BIG wedding styled shoots to work on along with other fun private commissions and collaborations! Here’s a little snapshot of my March. Hope you had a good one! xx

A trip down memory lane with Printic App.

MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-02So. I have been thinking of ways to document our Big American Road trip as a kind of keepsake piece – something physical we can have on our coffee table for a more ‘tactile’ trip down memory lane as oppose to flicking through hundreds and hundreds of images on our computers. There’s no doubt, I’ll still do that but nothing beats the physical thing. Anyway, I knew we’d opt for a traditional, old school style where we’d print all our photographs and affix them to the pages of nice album, using those photocorners which we used on our Indian honeymoon album (we got these from Paperchase the last time). On this trip, however, we took a lot of photographs through Instagram so it meant we had quite a few square-shaped photos we wanted to include. That’s when I stumbled across a ‘Photo Box’ offer with Printic; an App you can download that allows you to pick all your photos and order straight off your phone! You can sync your Instagram, Facebook, and even your Dropbox accounts to be able to choose what photos you’d like to print. It’s so ridiculously straightforward and convenient, which is why I decided to give it a go. Besides, I’ve always been a huge Polaroid fan which I felt was the perfect style for our Instagram photos. Sadly, the Photo Box only allows for 50 prints which meant I had a mammoth of a task of being super selective from the thousands of photos I took…but that’s probably not a bad thing seeing as this was the first time trying this new app……..AND hey, it comes in a FAB looking presentation box! :) MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-09MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-10
I must say I was pretty darn pleased with the outcome. The quality is brilliant and it’s exactly what I had hoped for…… y’all have NO idea how excited I am about getting this album started now!! I may order a few more now that I’m delighted with the results using the unlimited prints option instead of the fixed 50 prints. Seriously folks, it’s such a great app! It’s reasonable, convenient, super easy to use, fast, reliable, and they do FREE worldwide shipping! What’s not to like!! It’s probably the best app I’ve come across this year and I personally think they also make AMAZING gift ideas especially when they come in such lovely boxes! A perfect way to make someone happy….I know I would!! :) They do other formats too like calendars, posters, magnets, and photobooks which I’m definitely keen on trying someday….if any of you decide to go for that or have already done so, please let me know what you think of it.


Well then, if you’d like to give them a try then, I do have a code that gives you £4 off your order. Simply add A09BB8 at the ‘order review’ section and voila! Do let me know what you end up going for – I’d love to hear your thoughts on your chosen products! Happy memory-making and have lovely week folks!! xxx

MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-03[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

*NOTE: this is not a sponsored post but a review of a service/ product I’ve used and am genuinely delighted with, so much so that I just had to share with all my readers! :)*