[Sketchbook pages]: My drawings, Age 7

I was absolutely delighted when I stumbled across these sketches I had done back when I was a little ‘un while sifting through some piles of old notebooks and paper at my grandparent’s place. I believe I was around 7 or 8 years of age when these were drawn and it really brought a huge smile to my face seeing them again after many decades! They’re not much to rave about but they are pretty cute and I do love the feeling of childhood innocence behind them…….and check out my 3D police car! :D Anyway, I thought I’d share them on here. :)IMG_4018 web IMG_4019 eb IMG_4020 web IMG_4021 web IMG_4022 web IMG_4023 web IMG_4024 web

Have you any of your old drawings stashed away somewhere?