[Sneak Peek] Pretty pastel English Romantic Wedding Invitations

MbM_English-Romance_Invitations_03A little glimpse into the wedding invitations I made for my friends just before they were all assembled up…..all 180 of them! I plan to have a little shoot with the final thing later this summer along with a few other stationary pieces I’ll be designing. In the meantime, I hope you like the teaser :P

There’s going to be plenty more wedding prettiness coming up so stay tuned!

Roll on September, I say! :) x

[D.I.Y. Gifts] Handmade Felt Notebook sleeve

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_mainHello folks! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoying your much needed R&R over the holidays. I cannot believe how quickly the last week flew by and it’s not long till we ring in 2014! Well, before we do, I wanted to give you a little glimpse into a Christmas gift I made for my father-in-law.

One of his presents was a little black notebook we got from Muji which we thought would be perfect for all his notes, addresses and passwords but we decided it would be nice to present it in a bespoke or personalised sleeve of some sort. Having failed to find any that suited the size of the notebook, I decided it was probably best I make one….and so I did! :) I had lots of felt kicking about so picked out some masculine colours (black and grey) and added pop of yellow to give it some life. Time was of essences so I wasn’t able to experiment with many design ideas so kept to a very simple fold-over style into which the book could slot into. Used red thread to sew the edges with to add that subtle accent……Et voila!

It’s not super perfect being the first and final draft but I guess that adds to the overall handmade look. Both my hubby and my father-in-law were happy with it so that is a good sign! I must say, even in the short space of time, I really had fun making it and now itching to make more! So if you fancy one…..you know who to come to :D

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_1_webMbM_Felt-Book-Cover_2_web [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Christmas] Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…!


A bit of left-over craft paper and confetti can go a long way! Here’s how I made some quick and easy Christmas cards just using these two simple materials that I found kicking about in my craft box. When I spotted this scrap of green cotton paper with funky pink polka dots I knew it would make perfect Christmas trees (the polka dots represent baubles perfectly!) so I sketched out a straightforward tree template which I then used to cut out several trees out – a little production line of tree-cutting! ;) Once cut, I then added the little gold star-shaped confetti to adorn the tops of the trees and then used a small piece of 2mm thick card to back the trees before sticking it down onto the white card stock. This was so that it sat slightly raised from the card for relief effect. And finally, to finish it all off….I wrote, in gold ink, ‘Merry Christmas’ just under the tree. So there you have it! Nice and easy, just using materials you have left-over from all your crafting. And you can cut out squares for ‘christmas presents’, circles for ‘christmas baubles’, candy canes, Santa hats…..whatever takes your fancy and just adorn it with something simple to give it that bit of festive oomph. Happy crafting folks!! xxx

 [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]


[D.I.Y. Christmas] Quick, easy rubber-stamping craftiness!

MbM_RubberStamps_Xmas-mainSorry I’ve gone a bit MIA again but I can’t seem to shake off this ‘busy bee’ mode I’ve been in since the early autumn months but that being said, I have had more craftiness involved this time with the festive season in full swing…. just finding the time to blog about it all is the tricky bit! :P Anyway, I thought I’d start off with this quick and simple method of making your own rubber stamps for some Christmas crafting and decorating. Well you all know by now, how big a fan I am of this method so in this post, I’m going to show you how to create little christmas motifs – mini baubles in this case – to snazz up anything from gift tags to greeting cards to gift wrap. It really is the most simple thing; with the right tools and a BIG tablespoon of creativity (and a pinch of patience!) the choices you get out of it are endless. Obviously your designs can be a lot more intricate but if you’re short of time and still want something handmade and effective in the space of an hour……this is it! :)

MbM_RubberStamps_Xmas-materials             1.Paper/Cardstock  |  2.Tracing paper  |  3.Speedy-carve linoleum block  |  4.ordinary rubber  |                  5. Lino-cutters |  6.Pigment Ink pad  | 7.Scalpel/Stanley knife  |  8.pencil

  • First up – sketch out your designs onto some tracing or detail paper (baking paper or anything translucent that can take graphite is also good) or use it to trace over artwork you find inspirational (please don’t copy works of others though!) With the bauble motifs, you can free hand draw the circles or use a circular template of some sort – I used the nearest thing to me…….cellotape! :)
  • Once you’re happy with the design/s turn the tracing paper over so that your design is facing down and onto the lino rubber block. Position it accordingly and you’re ready to transfer your artwork onto the block. Now – these ‘speedy-carve’ lino blocks aren’t cheap so if you want a much cheaper alternative (or simply don’t have any kicking about) for small-scale craft projects, just use your ordinary rubber/eraser you get from your local stationery shop! I’ve shown you here how to get the same results using one from WH Smiths!
  • Next up, trace over your designs (on what is now the reverse side of the paper) making sure all the lines are covered thoroughly and you’ll find that they have transferred onto the block. If they come out faint, go over it again or fill it up using a fine-nibbed pen. A little note to keep in mind if you do more complex work: your artwork will be the ‘reversed’ image on the lino block, but will come out the ‘right way round’ when printed — this is definitely important to remember when working with lettering/type! But don’t worry….as its a mistake we all do and learn from! ;)
  • I cut these up into little square blocks to minimise on wastage when carving. And with your lino cutters, slowly carve away (at least a couple of millimetres, in layers) around your designs and the areas you don’t want to print (i.e the negative spaces) to create your final stamp/s! This is the fun and tricky bit so if this is your first time, do spend some time here and not rush through it. And please do try to keep your fingers out of the path of the blade!


Once they’re all carved up and ready to be used, clear away your workspace of all the rubber shavings and mess before starting on the stamping process. For this stage, all you need are some pigment ink stamp pads and whatever material you want to stamp on; from paper, card stock, gift tags, t-shirts etc. I don’t really need to give you much instruction here…..only to enjoy yourself and let your creativity take control! Keeping your designs simple allows for versatility; whether its working with various colours or adding simple details to go that extra mile. I created little bows out of twine which I added onto the gift tags and on the card I drew in the bauble ‘strings’ with gold pen. As I said…the choices are endless! :)

MbM_RubberStamps_Xmas-2-WEBMbM_RubberStamps_Xmas-4-WEB [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

What I’ve shown you in this post is the most SIMPLEST design and technique in hope that it encourages you to give this a try. It’s different from your luxury festive gift wrapping but what you’ve done is personalise it on a whole new level. And hey – if you want to jazz it up…you can! You can use metallic stamps, glitter, ribbons, ornaments…whatever takes your fancy. Just be confident and let your imagination carry you away!

Also, this is a great little crafting project to do with the kids (although, I’d recommend you do the carving part and leave the stamping to them!). And, if you don’t have time or money for rubber blocks….use potatoes for some good old-fashioned stamping fun! Check this awesome one by Martha Stewart which I think I’ll try myself in the new year! :)

So, have fun and until next time…..happy festive crafting!! xxx

[WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY] Win a place on Jane Means’ Gift-wrapping masterclass!

MbM-BLOG_Jane-Means_GIVEAWAY_WEB [Image Credit: Jane Means]

Right folks – I am soooooooo excited to tell you that I am offering one lucky reader/follower a chance to win a place on the next Jane Means ‘Gift Wrapping Masterclass’ which will be held at the magical Clifton Nurseries in London…..thanks to Marie and Wendy! :) If you saw my post last week of my gift-wrapping shenanigans from Jane’s workshop earlier in the month, you will see exactly why this is exciting news for those keen to broaden their skills in this area………and for the stationery/craft/gift-wrapping geeks like me!

The 2-hour class (worth £20) will take place on Monday the 9th of December from 7-9pm where you will learn, from the pro herself, all you need to know about exquisite presentation and personal touches. It also includes mulled wine and nibbles…..seriously, how can you resist!?! ;)


There are TWO simple rules that must be followed in order to qualify your entry for this giveaway so please read the instructions carefully and leave all the relevant answers in the comments section of this post:

  • {ONE} Tell us what it is you love about gift-wrapping and WHY you’d like to win a place on this fabulous workshop. This must be left in the ‘comments’ section of this post.
  • {TWO} Share the word on Twitter and/or Facebook: share this Giveaway using the ‘share buttons’ at the bottom of the post or by copying + pasting the weblink. Please remember to include the hashtag #MadebyMolu when posting and let me know in the comments box too when you’ve done so.

… plus …

‘Bonus Entries’ (optional) – you can earn these for each of the following options; how many of them you ‘follow/like’ is up to you but you MUST state in the comments section who you’ve followed (or already follow) for it to be valid.**

This competition is open until midnight (GMT) on Thursday the 5th of December. The winner will be picked at random and announced the next day! **Could I also highlight that this workshop is based in Central London so please do keep that in mind before entering**

GOOD LUCK and have fun folks!! xx

Made by Molu Etsy Shop – now open for business!!

SHOP-LAUNCH_MAIN-IMAGE[Image Credit: Made by Molu]

It’s been long-awaited and I cant believe this day has come (!!!) but I am pleased to announce that my shop doors (albeit virtually) are officially open!  You will find a range of bespoke handmade goodies (all made to order) from wall art to cushions to baby accessories whether it’s for the home or for a special occasion. Please do stop by and have a wee look – you can click here or the ‘Etsy’ tab on my sidebar to the right of this post to take you directly to the shop!  I will still be available for commissioned pieces and custom orders so just drop me a line and we can take it from there! Oh, and there’s plenty more handmade prettiness coming to the store as I’ll be listing them up as I go along, so do make sure you stay keep in the loop!!!

A massive ‘thank you’ goes out to my awesome husband, family and dear friends who have constantly stuck by me and all my creative antics (and having endured all my ramblings on wanting to set up a business) over the last two years. It is because of them and the amazing support from my readers/followers that I have finally taken the plunge to make this a reality. FYI – if this goes tits up, you are all to blame!  JUST KIDDING!!! :) I seriously cannot be any more excited (and nervous!) about this and hope one small step to bigger and better things in life! My love and humble gratitude goes out to you all! xxx

Anyway, I sincerely hope you like what you see and if you have any feedback or comments then, as always, I’m all ears! In the meantime… happy browsing/shopping folks!! Oh and please, pleeaaasee do spread the word too!! Thank you!!! xx