Travel snapshot: our Big American Road Trip

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly days, months and years go by… all in the blink of an eye.

So here begins a new month…and after five weeks on the road travelling across the US, August, for me, will be all about settling in, playing catch up, figuring things out and getting myself officially set up for a new start as a freelance designer. The thought of it does give me that unsettling feeling in my stomach but there are butterflies too which is good! ;)

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a teeny snap-shot  of our Big American Adventure, which believe you me, was hard to select from the THOUSANDS of photos we took between us (I’m really not kidding!)  Some of you may have seen these on across Facebook, IG, etc but it should give you a little taste of all the fun we had…..and yes, we did eat A LOT!! :)

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]


Ahh July… were so much fun. Undeniably the best month (5-weeks) we’ve had since our honeymoon trip and I CANNOT stop looking back through all the photos and thinking of all the happy times. Here’s to many many more incredible months, years and adventures!!

Have a wonderful and fun-fuelled month of August folks!! xx

Hello from across the pond!


So, we’re now well into our third week of our Big American Road-trip….it still feels like only yesterday when we touchdown! Time sure does fly when you’re having heaps of fun.

For those of you not following my trip on IG, we started off in Texas and have worked our way up through Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky to get to Ohio, which is where we are right now for the next three nights before we head to Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY for the rest of the week and weekend.

I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s spirit of the adventure, the amazingly welcoming people here, the all American vibe and the culture, or the food (and my golly, there’s been a lot of food!!) but it’s been such a blast so far!! I honestly cannot express enough how amazing it’s been! It’s been a well needed break for me too… fact, for the two of us, especially having both longed for a road trip for years! And we haven’t done a big holiday/travelling trip like this since our honeymoon so it’s definitely a nice way to spend some valuable time together (not consumed by work) and ring in the third year of our marriage at the end of this month! ;)

Anyhoo, we’ve another two-and-a-half weeks left of this trip, covering five more states (PA, NY, MA, RI, CT) before we finish off in NYC, and hate the thoughts of it coming to an end. But hey, I shall try not to think about it and continue to soak up as much as I can before I’m back on UK soil! :) If you fancy it, you can find more photos of our trip on Hidden Exposures Facebook page. Obviously, I’ll do a recap of it all when I’m back but yea, please do feel free to throw any suggestions on anything you think we should check out along the way!

Until then, have a lovely week and weekend folks. Hope you’re enjoy all the crafty antics too! Xx

{Paris in Pictures}

COVER-PAGEWell, I can’t actually believe that it’s been a week already since being in Paris – in fact this day last week we literally arrived back in London! I’ve been meaning to post a handful of photos from our visit last week but have been so busy with other work I had no choice but to leave it till the weekend. Anyway, here’s a few I took using my iPhone to give you a little snapshot of our four-day trip, from when we set off from London! I can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed Paris – we walked, cycled, ate and drank our way around and despite exploring much of Paris by foot and two wheels, there’s still so much to and see…… it looks like we’ll definitely be back for more! :) I’m currently drawing up a little map pinpointing all the places we explored, which I hope to share on here soon. In the meantime……happy browsing through my little visual diary of events! :)

For more street-style photography of Paris hop on over to our photography blog and let us know what you think! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Paris je t’aime]: More on our trip, coming soon!!

paris-with-love_MbM [Image credit: Made by Molu | Mr. Jacques brooch by And Smile]

Back from Paris today and I miss it already! We’ve had an amazing four days of walking, cycling, eating and drinking our way through the city (mostly the North) which I will share with you on here over the next week or so – judging by the number of photos taken, it may have to be over a few posts! So, in the meantime I bid you all a good night and I shall be back with more visual treats from Paris! Bon nuit!!! xx

[Paris, Je t’aime]: Where to eat?

PARIS-JE-TAIME_MbM-2-webMon Dieu! We’ve 10 days to go till our weekend getaway trip to Pariiiis!! We have both been so busy with our day jobs and freelance work that we can’t quite believe how quickly the days and weeks have gone past! Which means we can’t wait even more for this long-awaited trip away together (our first this year!). I’ve noticed that I’m probably not the only ‘blogger’ who been or about to embark up on a trip to the magical City of Love, so I would be humongously grateful if I could get some ‘insider’s insight’ on where’s best to go to for food. We’re big foodies and as I mentioned in my last ‘Paris, Je t’aime‘ post we’d like to try and stay clear from the really mainstream and touristy areas – I know that is going to be somewhat difficult as it is still peak time for tourists (and it is Paris!) but nevertheless, we would LOVE to hear what recommendations you have for us. We will be staying in the Le Marais district with views to exploring as much of Paris by foot (or bikes) just so that we get to see more things. So, farmers markets, picnics, quaint little cafés, boulangeries, patisseries, creperies, bistros, restaurants and bars that are typically Parisienne and real hidden gems is what we’re looking for. Oh and one last thing…..we’d LOVE it if you could also suggest ONE really good restaurant for our celebratory dinner – I know, I still haven’t made any reservations as i’m a little overwhelmed by the choices out there (I have scoured the internet and travel guides high and low) which is why I really would prefer some first-hand tips or advice. Now, for this, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go all out and break the bank but something truly spectacular and unique cuisine traditionnelle that totally tops the ‘experiential’ side of eating out in Paris! This is our first trip together and our second since our teens so anything you have (from inexpensive to moderate to gourmet) I’m all ears!! Just leave me a comment below! :)

Merci beaucoup!!! xx

PS. Oh here’s a little list of places to explore that I hat scribbled down while rummaging online for ideas. Have you been to any of these? Would you recommend them?


[Travel diaries]: Paris, Je t’aime!

PARIS JE TAIME_MbM webSeems like Paris is where it’s all happening this year (well, when is it never!) as I seem to come across a good few bloggers who have just been or about to embark on that wonderful journey over to the magical city…..and wahey – so am I! :D I cannot tell you how stoked I am about this trip; I’ve been wanting to go for aaaages now having only been there once before as a kid (an age when you don’t really appreciate much around you!) so vowed to myself that I’d return someday and see it for what it really is i.e. do the less mainstream and touristy stuff! If you ask the hubby or any of my friends I’ve been going on about how I’d like to do Paris for my big ‘3.0.’ this year – and adamantly so! :P  And it only occurred to me recently that our 1st year wedding anniversary (where has the time gone!?!?) is the week before my birthday so we decided we’d combine the two and celebrate them both in style out in Paris! Why not eh? ;) And boy was I so delighted when we finally got round to booking the Eurostar tickets and our wee rustic apartment in the Le Marais District! (for those of you that aren’t too familiar, it’s the oldest and most medieval part of Paris with lots of stunning Parisian architecture, art galleries, vibrant cafés, cobbled-stone streets, vintage/antique stores and many more…….everything we love!)

Anyhoo, with the travel and accommodation arranged, I thought I’d write a series of posts (aided by some pretty illustrations) in the run up to this fabulous holiday that share all my thoughts and ideas I’ve compiled on ‘things to do‘, ‘places to see‘, ‘where to eat‘, ‘what to wear‘, etc. And I would of course LOVE to hear your suggestions too – anything that you think would be of interest to us especially for those who’ve recently come back from their trip there! Just leave us a comment below! Our aim is to totally get lost and explore as much as we can the ins and outs of Paris by foot….the quirkier and more Parisian it is, the better! Oh and FYI – we are huge foodies so I think I’m going to have to start looking up places to eat first! Bring on the copious amounts of bread, wine and cheeeeese!! :D ahhhh I cannot wait!! ROLL ON AUGUST, I say!!!! :D