The BIG 3.0. – a new and exciting chapter in life

TURNING 30_KEEP CALMIt’s that time already….where I hit yet another significant milestone in life. This time, it’s the big 3.0. and the celebrations kicked off over the weekend with our closets friends over to ring in this mighty big birthday! I must say that a year ago, the thought of turning 30 daunted me – I simply could not accept that I was leaving my 20s and moving onto the next age bracket! For some reason,  I managed to let myself think that I was about to enter the mundane ‘grown up’ phase of commitments and responsibilities and leave all the fun behind – despite people’s best efforts to convince me that the 30s was the new 20s! Thankfully in due course, I began to realise that while there are indeed ‘grown up’ things to consider there was in fact a world of opportunities waiting for me, so I just need to fully embrace this milestone and look forward to a new and exciting chapter in life! The PhD will soon come to an end and with that comes the exciting prospect of career/business opportunities, not to mention our long-awaited plans of doing a great american adventure………and who knows what else is to come my way. And if this weekend was anything to go by then I know there’s still plenty of fun and madness to come! :) Besides I’ve also convinced myself that I’m STILL 21……. with 9 years of experience! ;) Happy days!

(image via @Sammidodgers on Instagram – follow more of my visual diary there)

[Travel diaries]: Paris, Je t’aime!

PARIS JE TAIME_MbM webSeems like Paris is where it’s all happening this year (well, when is it never!) as I seem to come across a good few bloggers who have just been or about to embark on that wonderful journey over to the magical city…..and wahey – so am I! :D I cannot tell you how stoked I am about this trip; I’ve been wanting to go for aaaages now having only been there once before as a kid (an age when you don’t really appreciate much around you!) so vowed to myself that I’d return someday and see it for what it really is i.e. do the less mainstream and touristy stuff! If you ask the hubby or any of my friends I’ve been going on about how I’d like to do Paris for my big ‘3.0.’ this year – and adamantly so! :P  And it only occurred to me recently that our 1st year wedding anniversary (where has the time gone!?!?) is the week before my birthday so we decided we’d combine the two and celebrate them both in style out in Paris! Why not eh? ;) And boy was I so delighted when we finally got round to booking the Eurostar tickets and our wee rustic apartment in the Le Marais District! (for those of you that aren’t too familiar, it’s the oldest and most medieval part of Paris with lots of stunning Parisian architecture, art galleries, vibrant cafés, cobbled-stone streets, vintage/antique stores and many more…….everything we love!)

Anyhoo, with the travel and accommodation arranged, I thought I’d write a series of posts (aided by some pretty illustrations) in the run up to this fabulous holiday that share all my thoughts and ideas I’ve compiled on ‘things to do‘, ‘places to see‘, ‘where to eat‘, ‘what to wear‘, etc. And I would of course LOVE to hear your suggestions too – anything that you think would be of interest to us especially for those who’ve recently come back from their trip there! Just leave us a comment below! Our aim is to totally get lost and explore as much as we can the ins and outs of Paris by foot….the quirkier and more Parisian it is, the better! Oh and FYI – we are huge foodies so I think I’m going to have to start looking up places to eat first! Bring on the copious amounts of bread, wine and cheeeeese!! :D ahhhh I cannot wait!! ROLL ON AUGUST, I say!!!! :D