[Styling the Seasons] October

MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_OCT_MAINBack in August, when the lovely Katy of Apartment Apothecary asked me to partake in a new creative series called ‘Styling the Seasons‘ that she and fellow blogger Charlotte of Lotts and Lots. had come up with, I couldn’t be more delighted and without any hesitation, said YES! With the month of August being completely taken up with final prep work for my friend’s wedding, the launch of this series in September, I thought, would be the perfect post-wedding project to help wind down and ease back into normality; embracing and appreciating the start of a new season! Besides, I’m always tidying up, decluttering, and sprucing up the flat so documenting a newly styled surface wasn’t much of a tall order….  .

…..or so I thought! Little did I foresee I’d be watching the seasons fly by instead! :(

I know I mentioned it in my last post about life running away with you (which you may have noticed by now from my absence on here) but honestly, it’s like I’ve been sitting on an insanely packed, high-speed train heading off in the one direction, so fast that you find yourself whizzing past everything and everyone with no stops along the way to take a break from what seems like an endlessly long journey! (more on that later)

Anyway,  it’s October….well nearly the end of it….but more importantly, I’ve stopped to take a moment from all the mayhem to do my bit for this series with this month’s contribution. It’s not my finest work but it’s definitely a staring point! MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_OCT-4

So what does this month/season mean to me? Well, like spring, I LOVE how autumn represents the change in seasons; a transformation so beautiful that despite the drop in temperatures and the warmer layers of clothing, it has this incredible force that pulls you out into the nature to explore and forage about in all the autumnal delights. It’s these staggering changes in nature that stop you in your tracks to realise how beautiful this world really is and how easy it is loose sight of the bigger picture. Granted, that I haven’t really done much of that this year but since my last post about taking time to “sit still and watch the leaves turn“, for me, October it’s all about discovery and appreciation  something I’ve been reflecting on lately from a personal point of view……as well as scavenging for leaves in ever shade of red possible, which you’ll see I’ve used to adorn a couple of surfaces in our lounge! ;)

I must admit, having seen so many different shades of red and gold leaves carpet streets, paths and pavements, it was the ones that I found floating on puddles that caught my attention and fuelled me into recreating the concept n the form of a centrepiece for the coffee table (or dining table). I filled up an old vintage enamel bowl with water and then placed the leaves gently on top. I couldn’t find the floating candles I know I have kicking about in this house but when I do find them I’ll pop a few in there for a more calming spa-like feel to our evenings at home! MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_OCT-2

MbM_STYLINGTHESEASONS_OCT-6I know it’s not much but I’ve a few ideas brewing for the next two remaining months of the year so hopefully as things get calmer this end and this flat feels less cluttered, I’ll have more thought out styled surfaces to share with you.

If you’d like to join in on this fun monthly challenge and get those creative juices of yours going then all you have to do is style any surface at home to reflect each month; be it your workspace, coffee table, window sill, mantelpiece, bookshelf….(you get the gist) and then share your photograph/s on your blog,  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just remember to use the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons when you do!! You can also use this yourself to look up lots of other beautiful entries and inspiration.

Here’s to beautiful autumnal months! Enjoy xx


Oh and don’t you just love the vintage-book invitation Katy made for their first ‘styling the seasons’ bloggers meet up? Obviously I had to have some leaves strewn across it (obviously!) Sorry, I will stop with all the leaves…..but you really can’t blame me with its luscious colours. :D


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Hello Autumn





And it’s for this very reason why I love the autumnal days so much; watching your surroundings turn into a sea of rich golds and reds. Sadly, as much as I hate admitting it, this moment (captured last week) was the first time I stopped in my tracks to fully appreciate the change in seasons. I’ve been so preoccupied with work and life lately (or the art of juggling one to many balls), letting it run away with me to a point I’ve not stood back to take in all vivid radiance that surrounds me. So with that, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’d take more time out from the mayhem ‘”to sit still and watch the leaves turn”….I do hope you will too! xx

November; a month to be grateful

Month-of-November_2013I can’t believe how quickly the months have flown by this year! While it has been incredibly hectic with its highs and lows, I am grateful for the good times too. In fact, this month brings back so many wonderful and cherished memories of my family particularly those of my grandmother, who we lost this day last year, few months after our wedding. Life brings so many unexpected things – good and bad – so it’s important to step back from the chaos now and then, and just appreciate the smaller, yet more significant, things in life. For me, it will be family. I cannot express enough how extremely blessed I am for such amazing family – both my own and my husband’s. Life is too short, so this month I will remind myself to value it a bit more. 

Anyway, I’m not here to dampen your spirits this month but with festivities like Diwali and Thanksgiving round the corner….not to mention, moving closer to Christmas too…..I can’t help but muse over some warm and happy memories. So here’s wishing you and all your dear ones a lovely, fun and memorable November!  Much love xx