[private commission] A personalised bunny baby grow


A recent commissioned piece for the lovely Reema who wanted a little something special for her niece. We decided on this bunny motif for the baby grow (Reema’s nickname is ‘bunny’) and with the words “Bunny Loves You” which I thought was incredibly adorable.

The motif is made up of several pieves to make the appliqué which I then hand-stitched onto the baby grow. I really grew fond of this piece as it was something different from the elephant motifs I’ve done in the past. I’m actually quite tempted to make an adult size of this……..the bunny motif, not the babygrow!! :P Anyway, if you are looking to get something similar done, then just drop me a line via the Contacts Page. xxx


    [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]


[Private Commission]: Personalised Babygrow for a little girl

MbM_ETSY-ORDER_BABY-GROW_1-WEBMorning folks! I’m so happy it’s the weekend after a long busy week but that being said it has been eventful in a really good way with plenty of things to keep well and truly occupied. One of the things I had on my list of ‘things to do’ was to make this personalised baby grow – an order which I got through my Etsy store. Last year was so huge busy production time for me on the baby products with 13 family and friends I knew of that had kiddies, followed by a few extra commissioned work. This year is a sharp contrast (more weddings than babies!) so I must admit, I was pretty pleased to get my first ‘new baby’ order for this year. I was asked to make my elephant motif baby grows but instead of the name and date of the little ‘un as previously done before, the request was to add the words ‘I love my big sister, Freya‘ which I thought was super cute, don’t you think? Well, the overall design is really simple but works well as a keepsake item. So if you know anyone who would like one of these made for them, just drop me a line via my ‘getting in touch‘ page.

Oh, I guess I better mention it now while we’re on the subject of handmade and personalised goodies……I’ve bought myself some screen printing equipment with views to branching out more designs in that area. I’m really keen on taking my love for typology, illustrations, textiles and printing to another level…….so this means, I should hopefully have a growing range of goodies like personalised t-shirts, cushions, accessories, paper goods etc, albeit still limited edition as it wont be mass-produced! Fingers crossed, it all pans out well!!  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted later on how I get on. Hope you like this in the meantime. Have a fabulous weekend!!! ;) xx

MbM_ETSY-ORDER_BABY-GROW_2-WEB  [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Personalised gifts]: More baby grows for little boys!

It was a hardcore babygrow-making factory here (good grief, I was about to type baby-making!!!!!!!!) trying to get all my orders out in time before the Easter weekend kicked in…..not to mention to try avoid the new Royal Mail charges too – mind you, I still got stung by them with other parcels but let’s not even go there! Anyway, here’s a peek at a couple of the babygrows I worked on last week (and all for little boys, let me tell you!) Hmm maybe I ought to consider opening up an Etsy shop at this rate! xx

IMG_7208 WEB IMG_7326 WEB IMG_7329 WEB IMG_7333 WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts] More personalised baby grows!

Just a couple of more baby grows I made since the last one. I’m absolutely delighted at how well they have been received and now taking few order requests – woo!! The more projects, the happier the bunny I am :) So, if you do fancy getting something handmade (and not-off-the-highstreet) for a new baby and this ticks all your boxes, then just drop me a line! I’ve just ordered more blue fabric for my next batch of personalised baby grows so totally excited about receiving them in the post soon! xx

BLOG_STRIP babyboy_jess+cam WEB

And here’s how I packaged them…….making sure every inch of it had an element of handcrafted loveliness to it :)  The photos here show the ‘baby girl’ parcel where I added an extra little handmade item (a blog post on this wee keepsake soft toy will follow!) BLOG_STRIP babyboy_jess WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts]: Personalised ‘Baby Boy’ Babygrow

BLOG_STRIP babyboy_joshua

Well, I’m pleased to say that 4 out of 13 mummies-to-be I personally know of have had their little ones…..3 of them in the space of a week! So I’ve been using my spare time over the weekends to create a little something small for the new arrivals. Had I all the time in the world I would’ve attempted much bigger projects but nevertheless, I did put my heart and soul into these……..besides, size can be  very deceptive!!  So, I opted to make some personalised baby grows which I felt could be worn as well as be kept as a keepsake and this post shows you how the first one came together. I went for a baby elephant theme (more to come!) so busied myself cutting out templates out of fabric and hand-sewing them directly onto the cotton baby grows I had bought. Once that was done I added the wee buttons for eyes and then moved onto some hand-embroidered lettering spelling out the name of the baby and their date of birth. And finally, I finished it off with a personalised label stitched onto the back of the baby grow……et voila! Nothing overly complicated but I do like the simplicity of it.  I’m hoping to get more adventurous within the sewing and embroidery department seeing as I rather enjoy it now! :) Let me know what you think! Oh and if you want any made, then just drop me a line and we can discuss whatever motifs and text you’d like to have. And it doesn’t have to be baby grows either…..i’m always up for a challenge!! :) xx

BLOG_STRIP babyboy_joshua 1 WEB BLOG_STRIP babyboy_joshua2 WEB