[D.I.Y. Valentine’s Special] For the love of chocolate!

MbM_DIY-Valentines_1501I’ve a cute last-minute Valentine’s Day DIY for all you chocaholics out there.  I’ve got to admit, the inspiration came from two of my favourite chocolate fiends; my hubby and my bestie…. who, FYI, are probably the most ridiculous chocolate addicts I know on this planet. Both aquarians too…hmmm, interesting.

Anyway, with them in mind, I couldn’t help but come up with these fun DIY wrap/sleeves which you can print at home and use to dress up those scrummy chocolate bars and present to your chocaholic (or non-chocaholic) better halves this Saturday! It’s a little different from your high street stuff that’s bound to put a little smile (perhaps even a chuckle) on their faces………that’s if they haven’t dived straight in and devoured the chocolate already! :)


So if you’d like to make these, simply click the download button below for the chocolate wrap/sleeve templates. They are all set up on an A4 sheet so all you gotta do is, print them out, fold, cut and wrap! Voila ;) The reason why i suggest folding before you cut is because you’ll still have the fold guide marks to follow. Also, I have to add that the templates are based on the 114g Galaxy chocolate bars. They should still fit around others like a 100g Lindt chocolate bar or the 150g Green & Black bars but it may need a bit of tweaking on the folding front. Sorry about that.  MbM_DOWNLOAD HERE button


What do you think? It’s so ridiculously simple (and cute), it’s hard not to give it a go! And hey, if you’re both chocaholics, then how amazing would it be to sit back this weekend and enjoy this special moment over a nice cuppa tea or hot chocolate! Mmmm yum!

Well, chocolate or no chocolate, I hope you all have a wonderful time this Valentine’s and just remember to show all this LOVE throughout the rest of the year too! ;) I wish I had more DIY tutorials for you this year like last year, but sadly (although good in other ways!) I’ve had lots of design work to prioritise. Anyway, have fun!! xxxx

MbM_DIY-Valentines_1504 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

**The small print** Please note that these free printables are to be used for personal use or for classroom projects. They cannot be altered, edited, or changed in any way nor sold or reproduced on any commercial level. All these designs are by me and I would therefore, be grateful if these T&C’s are complied to. If you’d like to share this blog post, by all means do so but kindly provide full credit link to Made by Molu. Thank you so much! :)