[D.I.Y. Christmas] Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…!


A bit of left-over craft paper and confetti can go a long way! Here’s how I made some quick and easy Christmas cards just using these two simple materials that I found kicking about in my craft box. When I spotted this scrap of green cotton paper with funky pink polka dots I knew it would make perfect Christmas trees (the polka dots represent baubles perfectly!) so I sketched out a straightforward tree template which I then used to cut out several trees out – a little production line of tree-cutting! ;) Once cut, I then added the little gold star-shaped confetti to adorn the tops of the trees and then used a small piece of 2mm thick card to back the trees before sticking it down onto the white card stock. This was so that it sat slightly raised from the card for relief effect. And finally, to finish it all off….I wrote, in gold ink, ‘Merry Christmas’ just under the tree. So there you have it! Nice and easy, just using materials you have left-over from all your crafting. And you can cut out squares for ‘christmas presents’, circles for ‘christmas baubles’, candy canes, Santa hats…..whatever takes your fancy and just adorn it with something simple to give it that bit of festive oomph. Happy crafting folks!! xxx

 [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]