[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Easter Eggs with a touch of floral

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Easter-Eggs_MainMorning folks! How are you this beautiful Saturday morning? I hope you’re all enjoying your well-deserved relaxing long weekend so far. The weather has been amazing too which totally makes a difference! We’ve come over to the green isle to spend some family time over Easter and I can’t tell you how good it is to be away in the countryside soaking up every ounce of Springtime! he sun is out, the fields are green, the daffodils are out and we’ve even had the wee lambs skip and run across the fields this morning – so freaking adorable, it totally made my morning! :D

Anyway, I’ve got a little a little Easter DIY special today so that you all have something to try your hand at before Easter, tomorrow! I’ve basically conjured up a ‘decoupage’ technique but using scraps of fabric as oppose to decoupage paper (or any fine patterned paper) The results are just as good and seeing as I have stacks of vintage-inspired floral material kicking about, it just made sense to use them.

So here’s what you need:



  1. Eggs
  2. Scraps of fine-weight material (I used fine poly cotton)
  3. Fabric scissors
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Water-based glue (PVA)


INSTRUCTIONS: MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Easter-Eggs_1-WEB

  1. Empty the egg white and egg yolk using the ‘blowing-out’ technique so that you’re left with just the whole shell to decorate.
  2. If you don’t have white shelled eggs at home like me, then give the shells a quick white wash with either acrylic or emulsion paint. Put a skewer carefully through the egg so that you can paint the egg hands free.
  3. Set them aside to dry – this may take a couple of hours. If you can get hold of white shelled eggs then you can skip this part completely! But this is all depending on what colour material you’ll be using for this project. So if it’s white based material, then white eggs would obviously work better.
  4. Cut out the flowers from your chosen material
  5. Next up, apply some water-based PVA glue all over the egg, and then with a wet paintbrush spread it evenly and easily across. Dip the paintbrush in water if you need to if the glue seems thick.
  6. Take your cut-out fabric floral pieces and place them on the eggshell. Use the same paintbrush to brush the edges down. Apply more watered down glue across the material as this will give the whole egg a lovely glazed look when all dried.

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Easter-Eggs_3-WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

And there you have it – easy peasy project to give those eggs a touch of prettiness! :) I love how these have turned out, with a complete vintage-esque feel to them. Of course, you can use decoupage paper (any kind of fine patterned paper) or tissue paper if you haven’t got any fabric. Or even use washi tape! (it was only after I had done this, did I think of washi tape!) I love these decoupage ones done By Wilma and these ones using paper napkins by Martha Stewart Living.

So folks, I hope you have fun whatever technique or materials you choose to use but if you give this fabric-decoupaging one (as shown above) then let me know how you get on! I’d love to see your creations so if you would love to share it with me, post it on my Facebook page, Twitter or on IG but be sure to hash tag it with #craftwithmolu and #madebymolu just so I’m able to find them!

Enjoy your crafty Saturday and I wish you all a beautiful Easter!

Much love x x x



[What’s On]: We Make London at Camden Lock Markets

892235_10200703947498443_554630354_oI’ve always been a big fan of Camden Town for all it’s chaos and eclectic mix of people and culture, and not forgetting the diverse range of markets that include crafts, clothing, bric-a-brac, vintage treasures and street food. If you haven’t ever been – you must! Mind you, it can be a bit overcrowded with tourists (and you may find that some places exploit this)  but it’s for this unique experience that you find Camden Town now a must-go destination in London. And if you’re into street photography….well, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop! :)

So this Friday I took a stroll around Camden Lock Markets to  check out the new handmade market stalls organised by We Make London. They are a creative organisation who’s aims are to bring together talented designer-makers in the UK and showcase their work at craft fairs and events. This was their first market at Camden for what will become a more regular thing – running on the first and third Friday of each month from April to September…..so if you do fancy checking them out then pencil these dates in as I know for a fact that they would appreciate your support! Anyhoo, I got chatting to a few friendly and talented ladies that afternoon – including the lovely Viktorija of AndSmile who I had bought a couple of brooches from on Etsy a few weeks back so it was really nice to finally put a face to a name! Oh and I couldn’t help buy a set of teapot+teacup earrings from her too….seriously I do love her stuff and if you look at her Etsy shop (or my photos below), you’ll see why!!! I treated myself to a couple more handcrafted goodies; a vintage floral button badge by Celia Reid,  a hand-painted bunny brooch by Lizzes Beautiful Art (I know, I do love my brooches!) and an adorable giant panda illustration by Sarah of Fur Feathers And Tails which I must get framed asap! It really was an absolute pleasure meeting them all and no doubt bump into them again at another event! Here’s a peek at some of the photos I captured that afternoon which includes my purchases! :) xx DSC_2588 web DSC_2582 web DSC_2583 web
DSC_2590 webDSC_2584 web

DSC_2593 web DSC_2595 web IMG_7477 web IMG_7490 web