D.I.Y. FEATURE | Laura Ashley Wedding series – part 4


Don’t you just love the versatility that you get out of wallpaper? Well, if you like to know more ways to use them, here’s how, with my final wedding installation I did for Laura Ashley. I show you how to go about creating a simple yet visually effective backdrops for your wedding, so, whether it’s for your guest book table, a photo backdrop, or behind your top table, you’d be surprised what a couple of rolls of wallpaper and props can do! Cost-effective transformations too so what’s not to like eh? :)

Hop over to the Laura Ashley blog to read more about it, and if you fancy checking the other DIYs I did for their Make & Do Wedding series. I really do hope you’ve enjoyed these and that I’ve managed to inspire you all to be a lot more savvy and creative when it comes to DIY weddings. Oh and these can apply to any occasion and not just weddings by the way! :)

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

**This post was sponsored by Laura Ashley, however all words and opinions are my own, dictated completely by my love for  DIY and styling**

Wedding Shoot 2 | For the love of succulents


So the second wedding styled shoot for 2015 came to an end last weekend. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was, particularly because I finally got to direct, style and design the whole shoot. And in all honesty, it was 10 times better simply because of my DIY partner-in-crime who also happens to be the AMAZING photographer (one half of Matt & Esther Photography)…..we had so much fun over the two days of prep work and shooting. I’m so insanely fortunate to not only work but to know such amazingly creative people.

Unfortunately, I can’t really share much here until the official photo are ready (and hopefully been successfully featured somewhere!!) but I can in the meantime, give you a teeny glimpse of the antics behind the scenes, without giving too much away. There’s a heap of DIY in this one too so I really can’t wait to share more at a later date. I’ll definitely keep you posted! :D xx

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Wedding Shoot 1 | For the love of copper


As I mentioned before, I’ve got two big styled shoots coming up next week with only a week between the two so there’s been a lot of designing and physically making things (as I do!). I’m also kinda pushing the boat out with some of the designs as bespoke installations, decor and signage for events is an area I want to be focusing more on with the business, aside from stationery and the other graphic design work I do.

So yeah, I thought I’d share a little peek into some of the work in progress to date. There is a lot of copper involved. In fact, both shoots involve copper as one of the primary colours but both individually different it style and design approach. These are a few brush lettered pieces I’ve done for the first shoot, and I can’t tell you enough how much i LOVE using this copper paint. It’s so deep and rich….every brush stroke was incredibly satisfying!!


 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Anyway, that’s really all for now. I’ve got a huge signage piece to work on over the weekend and a few bits and bobs which I’m sure you’ll see many sneak peeks of across other social media channels. I will apologise in advance for the copper overload (well, not really!) but it’s soo prettttyyyyy, you won’t blame me! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend folks and I’ll be back with more next week! xxx

[Sneak Peek] An east london wedding full of DIY goodness!


Oh don’t you love weddings at summertime when everything feels so colourful and bright? :)

Last Saturday, I got to assist the lovely Elisabetta (wedding planner extraordinaire and blogger of Linen & Silk Weddings) on my first ever ‘real wedding’ in London. Having only designed and styled our wedding, and assisted a couple of friends with theirs, this was an exciting chance to go behind the scenes and actually help set up on the very day of the wedding, of people I had no personal connection with! And, by working alongside Elisabetta again was not only fun but this time, it meant that I got to see the ‘big day’ through the eyes of a planner and coordinator; which for me, was incredibly invaluable having only ‘seen it’ as a bride or a wedding guest :) I got a great insight on how efficiently things need to run on the day….what is in essence, a military-style operation to ensure that the day ran as seamlessly as possible for the Bride and Groom and their families. It’s not an easy task (especially when you’re on the go for 10-12hours) and the reason why I appreciate wedding planners even more, because in all honesty….however much you plan and DIY, they are the glue that hold everything together on your special day! :)

Anyway, what I loved most about this funky East London summer wedding were all the unique and personal touches the couple added to their big day; from pinwheels to pom poms, alternative ‘records’ guestbooks to photo-backdrops, outdoor barbecues to ‘pick n mix’ sweet table…and much more. While it may not be to everyone’s style, it’s the going against all traditions and norms to turn a budget wedding into something truly special that I find most admirable. And as a DIY-er myself, I totally applaud the lengths they went to for that and was only too glad to have helped bring all those elements together on the day.

So on that note, here’s a few behind-the-scene photos I took that give you a teeny glimpse of the pinwheel backdrop I worked on (seriously – give me paper pinwheels ANY day and I’ll be one happy woman!!!) and a few other DIY elements I mentioned about.Pretty funky right?