May Day DIY | Hand-painted Alphabet plaques


Happy bank holiday Monday to all my UK folks! I hope you’re having a great one whatever you have planned. I really wish 3-day weekends were standard as it never feels long enough to catch up on anything, be it chores or rest! Anyway, I’m savouring it all while it lasts. Isn’t it nuts that we’re in MAY already.?!?!

Anyhoo, after running my first typographic painting workshop a couple of weeks ago for the Fit Brides event, I thought it only seemed fair to share it on here as a DIY tutorial especially if you are big into typography and bold graphics but not quite sure where to start. So here’s how you can create your very own little alphabet plaques….if you fancy doing some art therapy today.MbM_DIY ALPHABETS_01

What you will need:

  1. acrylic paints (or oil if you’re good with it. Just avoid using any thinners or white spirit to avoid any bleeding)
  2. wood off-cuts, preferably MDF or Plywood which you can get from any DIY store
  3. sandpaper
  4. paintbrushes
  5. alphabet stencils (use these templates I’ve created here or go through your font library to see what you can use)
  6. pencils


[STEP 01] First up, sand down the edges of your wooden off cuts. If you have cut down plywood as I have, then you’ll definitely need to sand down the splintered edges. Cover your work surface and even the floors before you do this to avoid dust getting everywhere. Clean up the dust before you move onto the next stage. When picking out your wooden off-cuts, go for MDF or plywood with smooth grains if possible as it will avoid any bleeding when painted on. If you end up getting pieces of wood with deep/raw grains, try to sand it down and then apply either a coat of wood varnish (or PVA glue!) to seal all the cracks.
MbM_DIY ALPHABETS_04bMbM_DIY ALPHABETS_06[STEP 02] Print or draw out the alphabet template of choice and use the old school ‘transfer’ technique by tracing over the reverse side of the paper with graphite pencil. Then place the correct side up, over the piece of wood and trace over the letter, press hard as you trace so that you’re making sure the graphite transfers onto the wood. If you remember, I’ve used this on earlier tutorials here and here. If you’re selecting your own typeface styles for your letters, try to find ones that are big and bold. You can then add the 45 degree drop shadows and inlines as you please. Most font libraries on your computers have a wide choice of styles…… alternatively, go old school and look for inspiration in magazines or just print stuff online that you can use that to trace around.  

[STEP 03] Once your letters have been drawn out, pick your paints and carefully fill in all the areas of your letters. The trick is to keep the brush strokes to a minimal in order to give you that smooth, perfected look. I’m aware this may require some bit of patience and a steady hand but don’t get too frustrated if it doesn’t go all too perfectly – just enjoy the process of painting it all in. If you’re unsure what colours to pick for your letters especially if they involve drop shadows, outlines and inlines do a bit of research on Pinterest or Google images for some typographic inspiration. The idea of drop shadows are so that your letters pop and look more 3D so if you use a bright light colour for the main outline, go for something dark for the shadow. Or vice versa. Experiment and have fun!

MbM_DIY ALPHABETS_08MbM_DIY ALPHABETS_09So, there you have it folks! I do hope you enjoy this one – not only is it a fun bit of art therapy but it actually makes for excellent gifts and keepsakes! Let me know how you get on if you give it a go…..and if you decide to share it on any social media platform, please do include the hashtag #craftwithMolu so I can easily find them and have a good nosey at your fab creations! :)


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

**The small print** Please note that these free printables are to be used for personal use or for classroom projects. They cannot be altered, edited, or changed in any way nor sold or reproduced on any commercial level. All these designs are by me and I would therefore, be grateful if these T&C’s are complied to. If you’d like to share this blog post, by all means do so but kindly provide full credit link to Made by Molu. Thank you so much! :) 

[D.I.Y. tutorial] Scandi-inspired decorative glass jars


hey hey hey! How are you all doing? I know it’s so very British of me to do so, but heck…hasn’t the weather been simply divine these last couple of days? Shame it hasn’t lasted very long but its given me so much hope for the summer!

Anyhoo, I’ve been insanely busy plotting and designing for two big styled shoots coming up in a few weeks (and with only week apart from each other!) that I haven’t had much time to work on any of the fab new DIYs I have in store for you guys. So this week’s is a simple one, creating some pretty decorative jars for the home with just spray paint and a permanent marker pen – it’s THAT simple! I’ve been crushing over lots of ceramic and stone hoemware lately especially when you want to go styling your surfaces every now and then, but when you’re having to keep an eye on your purse strings, I opted to create some cheaper alternatives. I’ve been saving a few glass jars, in a few different shapes and sizes, over the past few months with the intention of decorating them so I’d have some cool jars to put flowers in and use as props for my photos. It is spring after all and the flowers need something nice to sit in!! And of course, I went for the minimal Scandi-inspired geometric, monochrome vibe again.


As I said, all you need for these are glass jarswhite spray paint and a black marker pen.

If you can, find somewhere outdoor to do the spray painting as you don’t want your house/flat to be stinking of the stuff…and it’s not good for you to inhale. If you don’t have any outdoor space then go out into your hallway or use a room that has good ventilation (ie. lots of windows!).

Also, cover your work surface with some plastic sheet or old newspaper because spray paint can get everywhere! Lay your jars out onto the protected area, spacing them out nicely so you are able to get the paint onto them. Hold the can roughly 10cm away and spray across them evenly. The technique being a layering one where you’d apply one even coat and then a second one to get that solid white look.
MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-02MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-03MbM_DIY-DECORATIVE-JARS-06Once you’ve applied a couple of coats, leave it aside to dry for 10/15minutes before you start drawing on them. They key thing for this look is to keep your designs simple and minimal.If you want inspiration for more Scandinavian-inspired geometric (or folklore) patterns then click here, otherwise you just stick to lots of lines (vertical and horizontal), triangles, swirls etc. You can of course, add colours to this but if you’re a monochrome lover like me then this would be perfect…..and especially for all you lot who are pressed for time!

So what do you think? Pretty effective right, for a 30-minute DIY project? And you can dot these about the house, adding fresh (or faux) flowers to spruce up your place. I must say, I love them and will apologies in advance if you start seeing these a lot in any of my future styling posts :P


Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you’ll give these a go and if you do, please share them with me by uploading it on any social media platform and using the hashtag #craftwithmolu so I can find them easily.

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy crafting! :) xx

 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

{20.03.2014} Welcoming springtime with floral crowns!

MbM_PrimeveraCrowns_MAR 20 aAfternoon folks! It’s officially the FIRST day of of Spring today!! I hope you’re out celebrating this beautiful season!!

Well, I’m not one for ‘selfies’ (or any photos of myself on here for that matter) unless they are VERY subtle glimpses (I’m quite a private person and you’ll soon notice I’m quite anonymous on here unless you actually know me personally) so this creative ‘springtime’ challenge conjured up by the Bethan of Decorator’s Notebook and Michelle of MY Creative Photography was totally out of my comfort zone but it may just be the thing I need to feel more comfortable with them. As an excuse to fully embrace springtime, the #primeveracrowns challenge is an interactive project that encourages bloggers to get involved by posting photos of themselves wearing a floral crown they made.

Of course, while I was uncomfortable with the idea of posting mugshots of myself, I was really keen on making the crown and joining in on the fun! :D Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time on my hands nor access to any pretty flowers or foliage so I did what I do best…..making stuff out of what’s kicking about at home. In this case, I made my crown out of crafting felt and ribbons! It’s amazing how limited resources actually spur you on to being more creative! :D   
MbM_PrimeveraCrowns_MAR 20 bWhat do you think?

I’m actually loving it….well the idea of wearing a floral crown that is, as I’d probably would never have had the courage to do so but guess what…..I’ve got it on as I write this!! :D This challenge may be good for me in many ways than one! ;) Well this took me just under 30 minutes and I’m thinking I’ll probably show you how its done in next week’s DIY Tutorial – would you like that?

Anyway, you guys all have time to participate as this goes on all day. All you have to do is make a floral crown,  take pictures of you wearing it and post it either on your blog or any other social media platform you’re on. Just remember to add the hashtag #primeveracrowns and tag @DecoratorsNotes and @MYCreative in your post. Bethan has some cool tutorials on her post if you need any help.

You can go stalk more on IG but here are a few links to other bloggers who participated and made some amazing crowns: Michelle, Bethan and Emily

Enjoy!!! xx

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Ribbon details for notebooks


Hello lovelies! How are you this bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon?

Well, seeing as we’ve such a fine day today, what better reason to get crafting and this week’s DIY project would actually be quite apt too. As most of you all know, I tend to personalise the front covers of my sketchbooks, notebooks and diaries all the time; whether they are doodled all over, hand stamped or embellished. So in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to personalise your little book of ideas/doodles using felt and lovely ribbon but in a way that they act as a little binding lock type-thing. Oh, I forgot to mention last month, but I’m officially one of Jane Means team of bloggers (woo!!) so the ribbons I have in fact used in this tutorial are courtesy of Jane Means! She has a fabulous collection of ribbons ladies…..if you ever want to get hold of some!

Anyway, this project literally took me 30 mins from start to finish and all I want to show you is how simple techniques and materials can go a long way in the hope that these weekly tutorials inspires you to get crafting more, however limited you think you are with your resources! You’ll be surprised at what you can do with the little you think you have at home! :) So….here’s what you’ll need for this one:

  1. Notebook of any size
  2. Ribbons
  3. Crafting Felt (make sure you have enough to go around the size of your book)
  4. Embellishments such as buttons, beads and trimmings.
  5. Glue gun (or any good crafting adhesive)
  6. Scissors
  7. Ruler



  1. Take your sheet of felt in your desired colour (I chose yellow to go with my pink book) and cut a strip so it’s roughly 7-8cm/3″ in width and whatever length would suit your notebook i.e. it should be able to cover the front, the spine and the back of the book. Obviously you can choose to go for a much wider or less wider band.
  2. Stick down the front edge of the felt to the edge of the notebook, carefully so that they are aligned neatly. Now you can chose to have a centimetre of felt to overlap so that you’re sticking it to the inner side of the book but I felt that with the thickness of the felt it would prevent the book from closing properly. But this is totally up to you and the book you chose to work on. Make sure you apply some glue to the spine too before you finish at the back cover. Open the book slightly while doing these stages so that when you close the book you aren’t left with any slack material in between.
  3. If you find there’s any excess felt and you don’t want to tuck it into the book then cut around it neatly so it’s flush with the edge of the notebook.MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_1-WEB
  4. Now chose a ribbon of your choice. I picked out this lovely navy blue polka dot Jane Means ribbon which I thought worked perfectly with the pink and the yellow combo. Measure out the length of the ribbon required based on the book you’ve got by going around the book and ensure you have at least 15 cm extra on both sides so that you have enough to tie a nice bow with.
  5. Like you did with the felt band, stick down the ribbon at the three main points; on the front, spine and back. You don’t need to cover the ribbon entirely but that is all depending on the glue you use as you don’t want it to stiffen up more than what is required when dried. If you use the glue gun then just follow the three points. Again, while you’re sticking the ribbon down onto the spine area, just open the book slightly to prevent from any slacking….but not too much so that it’s too taut. MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_2-WEB

Et voila! You have you’re very own personalised and beautified little notebook with a cute ribbon detail. And its a great little way to keep those prying eyes and hands away from your books! ;) What if you don’t have enough felt to go around your bigger notebooks? Well, scrap the felt and here’s how to create a simple wrap around/binding clasp detail out of ribbon, a button and an elastic band (one that you can use for your hair!)

Firstly, measure out the desired length out of ribbon. I used another Jane Means ribbon in mint green with pink polka dots. It doesn’t need to overlap but enough so that the elastic band binds the two ends together (so roughly check to see how much you’ll need against the size of your elastic band) Secondly, wrap one end of the ribbon around your elastic band and glue it into place without sticking the elastic to the ribbon. And on the other end of the ribbon, glue down your big bold button. I would highly recommend using the glue gun for this! And finally, wrap both ends around your sketchbook and loop the elastic band over the button to fasten it shut! That’s it!!! :) You now have a pretty ribbon, elastic band to keep those books securely closed.

MbM_DIY Tutorial_Ribbon Notebook_3MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_4-WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

So…..go dig out your craft supplies and let’s get crafting folk!! There really isn’t any excuse not to try your hand at experimenting with materials you have kicking about your home. If you decide to follow any of my tutorials, you know the drill…..please do share your creations either on FacebookTwitter or IG but make sure to hashtag it with #craftwithmolu so that I’m able to see them! Also, if you have any queries, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below.

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy crafting!! x x x

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Making felt swirl brooches

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Jan_1-webWell folks, as my new years resolution, I’ve told myself that I would be extra organised with my blogposts on here and to do so I will be scheduling weekly and monthly posts in the hope that they are easier to accomplish even when things get a little too manic on the work/life front. After doing quite a bit of festive crafting last year, I think it prompted me to raise the game a bit and start getting more done….especially when it’s the one thing that keeps me sane! So, my first 2014 mission is to provide you with weekly DIY inspiration in the form of tutorials and it will take place every Wednesdays as a kind of ‘mid-week refresher’ so that it gives us all the spur of creativity we need! The intention is that all of the tutorials are my own but if I do have that odd week were for whatever reason I am unable to deliver, then I will see that I find you inspiration from other fellow crafters I admire. Sounds like a plan…..or is it more a challenge? Hmm ;)

Anyhoo, these felt brooches are super easy to make and I started making them after finding some leftover scraps of felt from when I made the Notebook Sleeve as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. Rather than chucking them away, I decided they could be turned into something…..and the results were far better than expected where you end up with some pretty nifty (and professional looking) brooches! So, here’s what you will need:


  • Crafting felt – you can buy these from any craft stores and even online
  • Scissors / Stanley knife – to cut out the strips of felt
  • Glue – any good crafting glue that works on fabric or better yet, glue gun for extra strength!
  • Brooch pins – preferably with a flat backing bit to it so that it stays on more rigidly.



  1. Cut out 1cm width strips of felt from your chosen colours and then roll each strip tightly into these little swirls. You can dictate how big you want them from how much of the felt you use up. I made an assorted bunch of sizes so when it came to making the smaller ones, I just cut the strip to my desired length. This can be done prior to rolling or while rolling. to secure the end of the strip, use any good craft glue for fabric or glue gun. I used the latter which gives a much sturdier finish.
  2. Once you’ve made up all the swirls, roughly place them next to each other to configure your desired pattern, or just play it by ear as you are gluing them together. Again, use the glue to fasten it all together in place – just be sure to do this part neatly as you wouldn’t want any strands of glue visible on the ‘good side’ i.e. the side that will be exposed. To ensure that the back of the felt swirls is nice and flat, use the worktop as guidance but obviously make sure you don’t leave it there for it to get stuck to the surface! The glue gun would be perfect here as it helps reinforce the joints a lot better and dries a lot quicker as long as you apply a thin coat without burning yourself! Leave it to cool and set for a couple of mins.
  3. Once your felt swirls have cooled and set, place it on another scrap piece of felt, slightly bigger than your design and with the ‘good side’ facing up. This will become your backing piece onto which the brooch clip will be fastened to and it acts as another piece of reinforcement! Try to use a subtle colour for this piece or one that was predominately used in your swirls so that it blends in and discreet – you don’t want it to distract from the main swirly pieces. Now, to get the exact shape to fit your design, trace around the design with any kind of pen (one that wont leak into the material)
  4. Then cut out the backing piece and stick it onto the reverse side of your felt swirls using your glue. Press down onto it gently but firmly so that the it sits flush with the edges of the swirls. Again, try to be neat when doing this so that you keep the brooch from any unwanted signs of dried glue because felt does show this and it doesn’t look pretty! Once dry, take the brooch pin (with the flat backing to it) and add a dollop of glue onto it before fastening it firmly onto the back of the felt piece. Do check that you are happy with the pin alignment before you fix it to the back i.e. its the right way round so that when you wear your brooch it sits correctly.

Et Voila! You have you’re very own bespoke brooch ready to wear! It took me about 20-30mins to make this brooch up and really pleased with how well it turned out for such a simple method so there’s nothing stopping you making your own little version. And what I love about this technique is that the designs are endless….you can create headpieces, pendants, earrings, and any kind of embellishment really. So go dig out some felt and try this DIY project out! And if you give it a go, then I would LOVE to see what you come up with so please do post a photo of your final piece on my Facebook Page and tagging it with #craftingwithmolu  – that way I can have a nosey and perhaps even pick out a favourite for a little surprise treat? Now if that aint an incentive to get you crafting then I don’t know what is! ;)

Happy crafting folks!!! And do remember to share your images!!! x x

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Jan_7-web  [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Inspiration] Pretty cool Advent Calendar projects to try!

It’s that time of the year where everyone is starting to get into the spirit of Christmas; looking out for perfect gifts and trying out lots of festive craft projects. I’ve a few crafty ideas brewing myself which I do hope to post on the blog in the coming weeks. In the meantime, have a look at these rather unconventional but amazing, funky and ingenious d.i.y. advent calendars I stumbled upon on Pinterest, made by some very clever crafty clogs! (Now there’s a tongue-twister!) :D To check out their awesome tutorials, just click on the links below the images! :)


 ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX  |  SEVEN  |  EIGHT

So, which one will you try making this weekend? Or have you any fabulous ideas of your own? Either way, happy crafting lovelies!!! xx

Keeping up with Made by Molu!


[Image credit: Made by Molu]

A little FYI for those who may be new to Made by Molu; you can follow more of my creative-crafty-diy-handmade antics on my Facebook and Twitter page as well as on here! So do pop along and say hi! :) If you like what you see then please feel free to share the word to more like-minded creative design + craft enthusiasts! Also, if you really want to keep up with the regular posts, news and updates then simply ‘follow‘ the blog via email, ‘like‘ my FB page and ‘follow‘ my Twitter account. It’s as simple as that!! :)

Oh and I’m always in search for more inspirational design and craft blogs as well as meeting new designer-makers so let me know if you have interesting ones I can follow too! There can never be enough distractions! ;) It’s all about staying connected on the blogosphere! See you around folks! xx

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[D.I.Y. Home] ‘You & Me’ Cushion Covers

Remember those ‘You & Me‘ designs I had done on the tea towels from Zeena’s screen-printing workshop earlier in the year (if not, have a look here)? Well, I finally got round to making cushion covers out of them, as planned,  after ordering the right fabric for the back panel (100% Cotton), zips and the cushion inserts.  So this is how they turned out. FYI – one is portrait and the other is landscape simply because I had printed the designs in portrait by accident! That being said, it does make an interesting cushion! :) Let me know what you think of these and if because I intend to add my very own range of cushion covers (both printed and hand-sewn) to my upcoming Etsy shop!!! I’m working long and hard on setting up the shop so I cannot wait to share the big launch with you very soon! But if in the meantime, you like the looks of this and want something similar, then I’m all open for commissioned work – the more the merrier! :D xx

BLOG_STRIP_you&me_cushion-WEB BLOG_STRIP_you&me_cushion2-WEB[Image Credit: Made by Molu, all rights reserved]

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Order of Service

MbM_Our-Wedding_OofS_mainI came across the Order of Service we designed for our wedding last year whilst rummaging through my shoebox of sentimental things looking for something else and it only occurred to me that I never actually had anything up on the blog about it!  With our first anniversary just round the corner, this find definitely brought back so many wonderful memories of that day. I still find it surreal that it’s nearly a year since I stood at the altar, professing my love, faith, loyalty and commitment to that one man I chose to spend the rest of my life with! So, here’s to many more happier years! :) Anyway, if you remember our wedding invitation pack we designed, you’ll see how we’ve brought in the same ‘east-meets-west’ design elements and colour scheme into the Order of Service for our irish-Indian fusion wedding, keeping it simple, elegant and contemporary at the same time. I can’t tell you enough how much I (well, the both of us, being design geeks!) enjoyed designing all our stationery and I have since done a few more wedding related projects. Recently did a few things for a wedding style shoot (soon to come on the blog!) and some commissioned work. So if you have a wedding coming up or know anyone who’s planning one (UK or abroad) and in need of bespoke wedding stationery and decor…..then I’m only an email away! ;) Let me know and I’d be more than happy to work with you! xx MbM_Our-Wedding_OofS_1(web) [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]


[D.I.Y. Gifts] They say an elephant never forgets….

Here’s a peek into these little personalised fabric soft toy-keepsakes I made for a couple of new tots that arrived last month – these were sent out along side the baby grows I had made (see my previous posts) as an extra touch of handmade love ;) Sticking to the elephant theme (I used the same template from the baby grows) I hand-sewed these out of 100% cotton fabric with lots of love and added a bit of lavender into the stuffing. What you don’t see here unfortunately, is that I added  ribbon ties to the top affixed with a bow and button so that they could be hung on the door handle or wall hook. I have had a few orders since these so will be making them in my spare time over the next couple of months with various fabric but in pastel blues and pinks –  will keep you posted on that later. Let me know what you think……and you know where to find me if you want any made for you! xxx
BLOG_STRIP soft toys 2A WEB