It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

MbM_Christmas-decorations_01Gosh, I cannot believe we’ve only ONE more sleep left till Christmas Day! I’ll be honest with you, it hasn’t hit me yet probably because the days, weeks and months leading up to this festive Yuletide has all been a bit of a blur at the speed at which it’s flown by. I don’t suppose the mild weather hasn’t really contributed to that winter feeling either. Nevertheless, I have no doubt it’ll sink in tomorrow morning!!! I’ve got the all the traditional Christmas songs and carols playing in the background as I write is this…. so it’s working ;)

So, we’ve decided to stay put in London and spend Christmas on our own…yep, just the two of us for a change. It wasn’t an easy decision as it’s normally spent with our families but after a crazy few months since summer with hardly any time to ourselves, to wind down or enjoy life, we soon realised we really needed this time off for some much-needed downtime together, to relax and recuperate before the new year begins. It’s been a ridiculously long time since we’ve had any of that so I’m must say, we’re excited at the thought of it….as much as we’ll miss having family around us this yule time. MbM_Christmas-decorations_02Staying behind, meant we needed to make the extra effort to make it Christmassy without it going OTT (whole point being stress free and relaxing) and I’ve got to say, the best thing we decided to do was buy our very FIRST real Christmas tree last weekend! Neither of us have ever had one growing up so adding this to our first christmas together was definitely the right thing to do to get us into the spirit! The smell is simply divine that I can’t believe I’ve missed out on that all these years….mind you, I don’t quite miss the mess it makes nor the sharp pricks every time I go to hang an ornament! I can see why they’re called blimmin’ needles…!!! Worth it though! ;)

I kept the decorations simple this year, and obviously handmade too by making all he ornaments out of white cardstock. Since making geometric diamonds for the white-on-white styled shoot, I knew I wanted to include those along with three-dimensional stars in assorted sizes (templates, I got from here) and crackers (templates courtesy of Minieco) since I received one from the lovely Marie a few weeks back! I added a bit of hand-lettering too just to personalise it a bit more….


What do you think? I’m definitely hooked and if only I had more time I’d love to have made more unique pieces…you know, put those old architectural model-making skills in good use! Ah well, I’ll save that for another year! :) MbM_Christmas LONDON-2014_07 MbM_Christmas-LONDON-2014_02 MbM_Christmas-LONDON-2014_01

Well, it’s definitely starting to look and feel a lot like Christmas now so I CANNOT wait to get up tomorrow morning and enjoy the next few festive days in London town with the hubby! And on that note, I wish you all the jolliest of Christmasses filled with lots of love, fun, food, carolling, and laughter! Have a good one folks! xxxx


MbM_Christmas-LONDON-2014_03 MbM_Christmas-LONDON-2014_10[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

My recent little treat from Oh My Clumsy Heart!

OMCH_1a_webI’m so delighted with my recent little purchase (which arrived this morning) that I felt the need to share it! :) I’ve been eyeing up this beautiful gold and silver nested triangles by Oh My Clumsy Heart for quiet a while now – that and her ‘Grace’ necklace! I even signed up to the birthday giveaway competition Michelle of My Creative Photography offered to try my luck at winning it – unfortunately I wasn’t too lucky! And then this weekend when I found that they were on display at the Cut & Paste Pop Up shop in Camden last weekend I thought maybe this may be the time to get it but unfortunately it only came on a silver chain as oppose to the gold chain I wanted (yep I am picky!) So I came home determined to jump off that fence I’ve sat on for however many months and take the plunge! And so I did!

The necklace arrived ever so quickly in the post and I can’t tell you how happy I was opening up the wee parcel. After months of mulling over it, I’m FINALLY the new and super-chuffed owner of this beauty! I’m normally all about big and bold statement necklaces but this does make a statement in its own way. I love the simplicity, the geometry, the symmetry, the purity in the materials and they beauty behind how one sits ‘nested’ within the other…….. it’s so minimalist, unpretentious, elegant and architectural that it really has my name stamped all over it! Maybe I sound a bit obsessed but surely you can agree a tad bit? ;) Anyway, a huge thank you  to Sophie for making my day! If you’d like to see more of Sophie’s handmade jewellery then have a browse through her online collections which range from classic designs to geometric to geological. They’re all pretty stunning! OMCH_2_web OMCH_3_web

[DIY Wedding]: Wedding Style Shoot

wedding-shoot_webI had been busy working on an exciting project a few weeks back (among other!) and if you haven’t already seen my updates on IG, FB or Twitter then here’s a wee peek into what went on behind the scenes from back then.‪ More to come on this wedding style shoot! Stay tuned folks! xx

‬(Via @sammidodgers on Instagram)