[private commission] A date to remember – 2


MbM_wedding-commission_4Another commissioned work for this custom-made wall art that bears the significant date of their Big Day. The template (fonts and layout) was designed and hand cut to create a stencil. The numerals were then hand-stamped using a rich brushed metallic gold pigment ink on heavyweight cotton paper after which the lettering was handwritten in gold ink to finish it all off. I chose to frame the print in a simple white box frame where it was sat proud by 5mm off the backing card to create that lovely depth.

This is one of my favourite pieces I enjoy working on, so if you are looking to get something similar done, then just drop me a line via the Contacts Page. xxx

MbM_wedding-commission_5 [Image credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Christmas Inspiration] Red, Gold and all that festive jazz!

Okay, so after going through some recent photos, it seems like I’ve unintentionally started trending the ‘red and gold‘ theme this festive season with a large dollop of pretty sparkle too (if you’ve followed me on FB and IG you may have already noticed this). I hadn’t planned this to happen, in fact, I actually thought I’d end up going down the ‘black, white and gold’ route (stemmed from some recent occasion wear) but I guess the ‘red and gold’ is and will always be a timeless colour scheme so I shall continue to embrace it! :) Anyway, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into some of the creative antics I’ve been up to over the last few weeks in preparation for the Christmas festivities; from gift-wrapping to accessories to general decor…….all of them sporting some element of red, gold and sparkly detail.

So, let me know what you think or if there’s anything from the images below you particularly like and want to know more about. Either way, I hope it may be of some inspiration for you too! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Christmas] Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…!


A bit of left-over craft paper and confetti can go a long way! Here’s how I made some quick and easy Christmas cards just using these two simple materials that I found kicking about in my craft box. When I spotted this scrap of green cotton paper with funky pink polka dots I knew it would make perfect Christmas trees (the polka dots represent baubles perfectly!) so I sketched out a straightforward tree template which I then used to cut out several trees out – a little production line of tree-cutting! ;) Once cut, I then added the little gold star-shaped confetti to adorn the tops of the trees and then used a small piece of 2mm thick card to back the trees before sticking it down onto the white card stock. This was so that it sat slightly raised from the card for relief effect. And finally, to finish it all off….I wrote, in gold ink, ‘Merry Christmas’ just under the tree. So there you have it! Nice and easy, just using materials you have left-over from all your crafting. And you can cut out squares for ‘christmas presents’, circles for ‘christmas baubles’, candy canes, Santa hats…..whatever takes your fancy and just adorn it with something simple to give it that bit of festive oomph. Happy crafting folks!! xxx

 [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]


[private commission] A date to remember – 1


This was a commissioned piece for a friend who was looking for a bespoke wedding gift and I was asked to create a wall art bearing the wedding date of the bride and groom. I had a few ideas in mind where I wanted the overall look to feel regal and decadent yet keeping it elegant and minimalist at the same time. After a few test runs, I finally decided on using similar techniques used on the pieces I made for the ‘White on White‘ wedding styled shoot in summer, where the template (fonts and layout) was designed and hand cut to create a stencil. The numerals were then hand-stamped using a rich brushed metallic gold pigment ink on heavyweight cotton paper after which the lettering was handwritten in gold ink to finish it all off. I chose to frame the print in a simple white box frame where it was mounted 5mm off the backing card to create a lovely shadow gap which adds that extra bit of ‘oomph’ I think! ;) I’m pleased with how it’s turned – I think I may have to make one for ourselves to keep! :P Anyway, lets hope the recipient is delighted with it too! And luckily for me, I have another couple of more wedding gift projects coming up! Just the creative adrenaline I need so do stay tuned!! Oh and if you know anyone looking for something a little ‘bespoke’….let me know! :D xx BLOG_STRIP_wedding-commissioned_WEB-2

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Sneak Peek]: Wedding Styled Shoot – White on White

Okay, so here they are! Thanks to the talented Craig & Eva Sanders Photography here’s a little glimpse into the ‘White on White‘ Wedding style shoot that took place at The Lighthouse (Glasgow) in July. I’m absolutely excited by the final photos and I can’t thank wedding planner (and friend!) Louise Macpherson enough for the fantastic opportunity to work with her on the decor front for this shoot!! It really was a dream come true and I hope this is the start to many more fabulous opportunities! Well folks, there you have it!! :) xx

Photography by Craig & Eva Sanders Photography | Cakes by Lynsey of Custom Cakes | Truffles by Guppy’s Chocolates | Stationery by E.Y.I. Love

[Behind the scenes]: A sneak peek behind the wedding style shoot

If you follow me on IG, FB or Twitter, you’ve probably seen my updates about the work I was doing for a wedding style-shoot in collaboration with Louise Machpherson Wedding Design. Louise was our on-the-day wedding coordinator who I got on with brilliantly at the time of our wedding and thereon after (it is so refreshing to work with people on the same creative wavelength!) Back in March, she got int touch to see if I’d be interested in working with her and other wedding suppliers for a wedding style shoot she was putting together. I was obviously, super delighted by this! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to physically attend the shoot as it was the following morning from my return from Dubai. Nevertheless, having always wanted to work on style shoots for aaages, I jumped at the opportunity and agreed I’d do whatever I could from London and have it posted up! We got liaising, pinging back and forth numerous emails on things that inspired us. Louise was keen to have a ‘white on white’ theme for the shoot with a subtle hint of gold and rose, keeping the overall look very clean and contemporary but with an air of glamour – totally up my street! :)

The shoot took place last Monday at the Lighthouse in Glasgow and I managed to create some handmade prints and decor for this fabulous occasion. I’m not going to reveal much on what exactly my work entailed just yet (the big reveal will come soon!) but it does involve clean lines, geometry, shimmery gold ink and more! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute working on this project. Still gutted I wasn’t able to be there on the morning to see it all come together but delighted I was a part of it – thank you Louise! So here’s a wee teaser by Mallard Weddings of what went on behind the scenes! There will be more coming on this so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! :D xx

[DIY Wedding]: Wedding Style Shoot

wedding-shoot_webI had been busy working on an exciting project a few weeks back (among other!) and if you haven’t already seen my updates on IG, FB or Twitter then here’s a wee peek into what went on behind the scenes from back then.‪ More to come on this wedding style shoot! Stay tuned folks! xx

‬(Via @sammidodgers on Instagram)