[From the Kitchen:] Going green for St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you Irish folk! Im pretty sure you’ve had an early start of celebrations this weekend especially with Ireland winning the 6 Nations – what a fab way to add to all the fun and frolics!

Well, I’ve got a rather unconventional St.Patrick’s Day blog post but it is green nonetheless! ;) I’ve been drinking a lot more smoothies since the start of this year, green ones in particular, so that I’m topped up on my nutrients, antioxidants and fibre all in the hope that I improve my health, energy levels, weight  and mental clarity! While I tend to have a decent healthy diet, there’s still a lot more green veggies and fruits I probably don’t taken enough of so this was a way to get me to up my intake of those. If you follow me on IG, FB or Twitter, you’ve probably seen many posts on this new daily ritual and it’s because I’ve had many people ask me what goes into these smoothies that I’m writing this post…..and perhaps a bit of irony thrown in too seeing as this would be a start contrast to what would probably be consumed on St.Patrick’s Day! ;)

MbM_Green-Smoothies_ingredientsSo here’s what I would put into my daily green smoothie which is normally my mid-morning intake – bear in mind that there are many versions out there but this is what I’ve learnt to love and have altered it slightly on days when I may be out of a couple of the ingredients. The two main ingredients are however, spinach and kale which I take at least a handful of each and put it into a jug. Then I’d add one banana, one kiwi (or an apple), a bunch of blueberries (these can be frozen ones if you want are conscious of your pennies plus it makes it super chilled) as your sweetening elements along with some fresh ginger and a pinch of nuts (like pumpkin or pine) for a bit of texture. Then add your liquid base like juice or almond milk to avoid this drink being one thick gunk. For this smoothie combination of mine, I just add a dash of orange orange or cranberry juice. Blitz it all up together either using an electric hand blender or a juicer until it becomes pretty smooth. Add more juice if you feel it’s still too thick. Et voila! Oh SOOO scrummy!!

MbM_Green-Smoothies_1MbM_Green-Smoothies_2 MbM_Green-Smoothies_5  [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Other variations which I’ve tried are spinach and kale with celery, cucumber, fresh ginger and green tea!The main thing to remember the THREE main parts:

your leafy greens  +  your fruits  +  a liquid base

What you add to that is simply down to personal choice. Happy smoothie-ing and I hope you enjoy a much healthier approach to your life!! xx