[D.I.Y. Valentine’s Special] Last-minute Love Heart Necklace

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Clay-Heart-Beads-VD_MAINOoooh I totally forgot about these heart-shaped beads! I had them made at the same time as the clay beaded neckace tutorial and completely forgot that I had left them on the sill to dry! Well, haven’t I found them in the nick of time! So here’s another Valentine’s Special DIY project; making your very own heart-shaped necklace out of clay, nail polish, coloured thread and ribbon! SIMPLE! :)

Like the last time, I painted these with red nail varnish giving it a generous two coats which literally takes about a couple of minutes to set. Once dry, and still with the toothpicks through them (to avoid getting paint on your fingers!), take one bead at a time and apply some PVA glue thoroughly all over. Then quickly take you chosen coloured thread and wrap it around the bead, in a way that it creates a pretty funky pattern. Set aside to dry and repeat the procedure with the other beads.

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Clay-Heart-Beads-VD_2-WEBAfter all the beads have been entwined in the thread and completely dry, take some 2mm ribbon (you can use twine or chord again like the last one) that compliments the rest of the colours and string it through the beads. Now the trick with this part i.e. when having to feed ribbons through beads with much smaller holes, is to get a needle and thread….and then tie the end of that thread onto the end of the ribbon firmly. Then push the needle through the bead and you should soon be guiding the ribbon through too! It’s as simple as that! Make sure you have enough ribbon to be able to tie it around your neck in a comfortable bow. It’s wise to adjust the length on you before cutting the ribbon and always include and extra 20cm for the bow (plus it gives you room for adjustment!)

And that’s it folks – its sooooo simple, sooooo quick and soooo effective. And if you’re lucky, you could get to wear it out to your Valentine’s Dinner! :D And feel free to totally jazz it up further – the choices are endless but at least now you know how easily you can come up with a funky necklace! It’s a great project for you last-minute folk! :)

Enjoy my lovelies and have a wonderful week in the run up to Valentine’s Day! I can totally feel all the Love in the Air! ;) Oh and if you try any of these projects please do share them with me!  MWAH! x x x x

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Clay-Heart-Beads-VD_1-WEB [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Valentine’s Special] Embroidery Hoop Love Heart


Okay, so our second Valentine’s Day Special DIY project is this quick and easy wall hanging made out of embroidery hoops, scrap fabric materials and felt! I’ve seen these around for a while (so I can’t take any credit for it) and had actually wanted to make an installation of these hoops using scraps of colourful silk Sari material but much to my biggest disappointment I ran out of time and the logistics of making them all in one city and then assembling it in another was a bit more challenging that anticipated. A real shame really as it was going to be the backdrop for the guest book/photo area and it really would have been something else! *sigh* Ah well…..someday I shall get the chance to do it!

Anyway, here’s a small one I made for this tutorial which I thought would be absolutely adorable for Valentine’s Day – whether its a gift, or part of a wall hanging installation, this is the most cost-efficient and visually effective project you could do. Again, just a few simple materials and a bit crafty enthusiasm you can make something rather special. This literally took me 30 mins! So what’s your excuse eh? ;)


  1. Small Embroidery Hoop (you can get this at any craft store, haberdashery or online)
  2. thread and needle
  3. scissors
  4. pencil
  5. Fabric scraps
  6. Crafting felt



  1. Cut out a heart template out of card or paper (or use anything you already have about in the house like a cookie cutter etc) and make sure it fits the size of your embroidery hoop. The size of hoop I used was a 6.5″(16cm) in diameter.
  2. I used the fold-over paper method to create a template. This way, you can still free hand draw your heart but with the guarantee that it’ll be symmetrical. This is up to you of course. If you do go for it, simply fold a piece of paper in half and then draw half of the heart onto the folded edge of your paper (as you can see in the images)
  3. Use the template to trace the heart onto your felt fabric. I kept it traditional and opted for a red felt heart.
  4. Carefully cut around the outline so that you’re left with a perfect little felt heart.MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Embroidery-Hoop-VD_1-Web
  5. Now pick a scrap of fabric you’d like to use as your background piece onto which the felt heart will be adhered to. I had lots of 20x20cm bits of floral fabric so used one of them for this project that would compliment the felt heart. YOu can temporarily tack the heart to the centre of the fabric piece before placing it in the hoop.
  6. Place the fabric over the inner part of the hoop (if you’ve never used these before then note that there are two rings; an inner and outer one which you can separate by loosening the little screw). Make sure it is centred with the hoop – use the felt heart as your guidance. And once you’re happy with the positioning, place the outer ring over it and screw tightly into place. You’ll see that the fabric will stretch out nicely when doing so. And now start stitching around your felt heart, again you are free to pick what style of stitching you want to use but a simple running stitch does the job fine! Just a little FYI – make sure the screw part of the hoop is on the top and in line with the top of your heart (you’ll see why in the last couple of points)
  7. Trim any excess material around the hoop so that it isn’t visible when you turn it the right way round. Now you can choose to stick these edges down onto the edges of the hoop or alternatively, if you cut close to the edges enough that would more than suffice.
  8. Turn the hoop around to check if the edges are all tidy,
  9. Then take some ribbon, twine or coloured cord and tie it around the screw fixture. And there you have it. You’re very own little wall hanging fro Valentine’s Day (or any other lovey dovey day!)

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Embroidery-Hoop-VD_2-webNow obviously you can take it to a much different level by adding embellishments or personalising it but by showing you how its done with just the bare minimum materials is so that you can see how easy this is to make and how far basic materials can go to come up with something unique. What I love about this is that you can use all kinds of fabric materials – that’s the beauty of this project. So if you have lace, vintage florals or any kind of left over fabric and trimmings at home…..you know where to use them! Just have fun!! And if you need inspiration, go on Pinterest! ;)

Happy crafting lovelies! xxx

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Love-Hearts-VD_4-Web  [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Valentine’s Special] Stamped Felt Love Hearts

MbM_Felt-Love-Hearts_MainMorning folks! It’s Monday, a brand new start to the week and back to the grind! But with Valentine’s Day looming I’m sure there’s plenty of you stressing over what to get and what plans to make……especially for those planning to propose! OOooOOooHHH! ;) Thankfully we don’t have to share all this anxiety as we’re not big into this day as the rest but that doesn’t stop us appreciating all the LOVE that’ll be in the air this week! :) Well, I’ve actually decided to do a two part DIY series this week for you, if you prefer the more handmade approach…..call me biased but I do think it speaks a thousand more words than commercially bought gifts :D

So my first Valentine’s Special DIY post is making these cute felt love hearts. I knew I wanted to do something that combined  rubber stamps and writing messages so instead of making clay ornaments or cookies with words stamped into them, I decided to use the same concept but on crafting felt. All you need are FOUR key materials to make these bad boys which I think would be perfect as either ornaments or as a gift in it self. Oh and you can totally make them much larger too, which would really be awesome! I was a little restricted with time which is why I kept them small but a felt cushion would be one to do the next time, me thinks! :D


  1. Crafting Felt
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread + Needle
  4. A-Z rubber stamps + Ink
  5. A heart-shaped template
  6. Stuffing 


INSTRUCTIONS: MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Love-Hearts-VD_1-Web

  1. 1. Use a heart-shaped template to trace around on your felt sheet.You can free hand draw this, do the folded-over paper method or like me, use something you may have about in the house.
  2. Once the outline has been draw onto your felt, carefully cut around it using a good pair of scissors
  3. If you’re making the one felt ornament then you will need to cut out two identical hearts out of felt for the front and back panel but if you’re making more then cut the amount accordingly.
  4. Pick out the letters you need to create your words/messages and get a good idea of how the words would sit within the heart shape – obviously, you want to centre the best you can. Dab the stamp onto the ink to ensure the ink has been covered thoroughly (not too much though!) and then gently place it onto the felt for a couple of seconds. You may find that if you press down a little too hard, any ink caught on the edges of the stamp would also appear on the felt! Now this could be part of the charm otherwise, try and avoid this by being gentle.
  5. It is up to you if you want messages or words on both panels so that you have two on the one ornament. Otherwise you could just stamp the front panel and leave the back panel blank. Alternatively, if you fancy it, you could have a different colour or material for the back panel…..the choices are endless! :)
  6. I used a bit of left over red felt for the loops (roughly 1cm in width and 10cm in length….once double it would be 5cm in length). You can use ribbon, twine, thread or cord for this and the length is up to you to play with. The one I opted for fits perfectly round door handles or picture hooks.MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Love-Hearts-VD_2-Web
  7. Add a dollop of glue to fasten the ends of the felt loop and then again when you stick it to the inside/reverse side of the front panel.
  8. Now pick a thread of your choice and once you’ve place both the front and back panel together (you can use a dressmaker’s pin to hold in place) stitch carefully around the heart. I opted for red to keep it in line with the red used for the stamped words and the loop. The stitching can be dead simple; I’ve used a basic ‘running stitch’ done it but if you’re much more advanced or have more time on your hands then feel free to others like the ‘blanket stitch’ or ‘whip stitch’
  9. Remember not to stitch around completely as you will need to add the stuffing! So when you’re like 3/4 done (or what you think is enough room to insert the stuffing in) then gently add the stuffing – you really wont need much…probably like the size of your hand. Well, depending on the size of your heart, you can figure how much you’ll need.
  10. Once stuffed, finish of the stitching and hey presto – you have some cute little stamped felt ornaments! Its as simple as that! :)

I think these are great for all ages, adults and kids alike! I know I’d much rather recieve these anyonymously than a card ;) Oh and hey, you could add a bit of dried lavender if you want that extra bit of ‘romantic’ touch! Anyway, enjoy your valentines crafting and as always, if you give any of my DIY projects a go please do share them with me on my Facebook page (and hashtag it with #craftwithmolu) I get such a kick out of seeing them. Much love xxx


MbM_Felt-Love-Hearts_3-Web [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Personalised Gifts]: Lavender Hearts for Mother’s Day

My folks were over last week (hated saying goodbyes yesterday!) so I was really fortunate to have spent Mother’s Day together as a complete family unit! I’m not normally big on commercialised occasions but when you are separated by miles of land and oceans, time spent together is truly invaluable! And what are my chances that their impromptu visit coincided with Mother’s Day. So yea, I cannot be more grateful really.

Anyway, seeing as I was feeling a lot more confident with the sewing machine, I set out to make some lavender hearts for my two Mums (mine and my husband’s!) as small token of our love for them and all that they have done and sacrificed for us over the last twenty/thirty odd years! In the end, I ended up making 3 large hearts and two small ones! :D So here’s how they turned out………..ohhh and boy did they just smell simply divine!!!BLOG_STRIP lavender hearts WEB2 BLOG_STRIP lavender hearts2 WEB2

These lavender hearts can be a perfect little accompaniment to a vintage themed tea party, bridal shower  or a wedding so if you would like one made to order then simply drop me a line (via email, here or on my Facebook page) to discuss it further. I can have them made in various different fabrics, colours and sizes depending on your requirements and can even be personalised to include their name etc. More details will be posted on Facebook so stay tuned. xx