[From the Kitchen] Bailey’s laced cupcakes with frostings & marshmallows

After seeing a few tweets on folk stewing over what to bake/make for blognic event (the day before) I frantically decided to rummage through the kitchen for ingredients that would help dictate what to make myself. I eventually decided on some cupcakes thinking “that shouldn’t be too hard to whip up” but having had a disastrous round in the kitchen late in the evening (NEVER AGAIN will i do last-minute baking!!) I managed to put together an edible bunch the second time round to take with me to the picnic! So using the same recipe I used for my St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes, the Bailey’s infused cupcakes were topped with chocolate frosting and marshmallows (the latter was an alternative option to my initial plan of strawberries which I realised quite late that I had none left in the house!). blognic-cupcakes blognic-cupcakes-3