The Art Marketplace at

I’m sure many of your are familiar with the online company, usually for its amazing array of wedding stationary designs that you may have come across on wedding blogs or magazines. If you aren’t, well, they are a large online marketplace that bring you designs from independent artists and designers from around the world. The business ethos being, that the work submitted by the artists are voted on by you, the readers and creative community, and the winners are then picked to sell on the site, directly to its consumers. It’s such a great concept! The site has now grown and expanded to include many new categories, one being the Art Marketplace which I’m mostly excited about.

Some of you may already know of our keen interest (aka obsession) with art and prints – we have a huge appreciation for them and collect ones we like over the years (either from places we’ve travelled to or lived in, or simply down to what resonates our aesthetics) in the hope that we can look back at them 20 years down the line and reminisce over the stories that go with it. My husband is into his minimal photography and abstract paintings, while I’m more into typography and illustrations, especially ones from the bygone years…. so between the two of us, we do collect quite a bit, particularly from small independent artists. All we need now is find that big house we dream of so we can hang them all up! :)

Anyway, kindly invited me to review some of their products online and with great delight I agreed (any excuse to ‘window shop’ art pieces!) so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite art pieces found on the Art Marketplace…’s so hard not to want to buy them all!

minted_art 01The ‘Distant Island Pier‘ piece Julia Contacessi by far my favourite piece on, which stood out instantly to me. Seascapes are my weakness. The colours, the brush strokes, the tranquility it exudes…. completely draws me in. It’s the kind of statement piece you’d have hanging up above your fireplace so you can stare at it all day!

The pattern and textures in Currents & Abstract Herringbone by Paper Dahlia are simply gorgeous. They can totally work as stand-alone pieces or side by side (yep, I”m already thinking of where it would go in the flat!)

minted_art-06You know how I like my typography…..and the raw, textured aesthetic in Matthew Taylor Wilson‘s hand-illustrated Don’t Quite Your Daydream is right up my street! Actually the quote would be perfect in my studio…. :)


I love the way the above three pieces explore colour, textures and patterns in this mixed media collage approach. From top left clockwise, you have Circling by Kelly Nasuta, Domino by Carrie ONeal, and ‘Look Again‘ by Paper Roseminted_art-02

Interestingly enough, this would be something my husband would pick but I do admire the simplicity of the way the Southern Californian landscape is captured (quite Kinfolk-y) in this Life On Mars print by Matthew Sampson, and as the photographer suggests, the fact that this terrain looks as though it could belong to any planet out in the universe is strangely evocative.

Well, there you have it. Some pretty great pieces right? I found it so hard to pick a handful of them to show you as there are lots out there I LOVE and could easily make up a gallery wall out of! ;) Hopefully you can get an idea as to how varied the collections are on the site from drawings to paintings to photography. You can buy the prints in various sizes, pick paper types for it to be printed on, and you can even choose to get them framed or unframed (the have different choices for frames too)! The service totally caters to your needs and budget! So do hop on over and do take a look. There’s a home decor section too so be warned that you may end up browsing on there for a while!

minted_artOh and if you’re getting married and looking for unique off-the-peg designs then check out their NEW collection of wedding invitations! You won’t be disappointed!!

Well folks, enjoy your Sunday and all that browsing on!