[Must Haves] The Kindle App for iPad and smart phones

MbM_MustHaves_KindleAppI’m not sure how I missed this new bit of software technology (especially when it’s the screen saver on my Kindle!!!) but boy am I delighted to have finally caught up with the times! The timing could not be even more perfect seeing as one of my resolutions for 2014 is to read more outside my research material and with our two trips coming up too.

I have the old Kindle ebook reader from when it first came out in the UK (the Kindle Touch, which I believe is now discontinued and being replaced with the Paperwhite model) and even though I still prefer books to electronic gadgets, the Kindle is and has been my primary on-the-go reading buddy….long before I had my iPad or iPhone! While it still does the job just fine and is most convenient when commuting/travelling, I must say I was pretty excited when I learnt of the Kindle App iPad (also available on most smart phones and tablets) I’ve never really used the iPad as a reading device but more for emails, social media, blogging and browsing the internet etc. So having a secondary device….one that is in colour….is pretty handy! It’s great knowing you have an alternative option should you realise you’ve forgotten to take your Kindle with you! Okay, granted that it doesn’t have Kindle’s anti-glare, or the choice of buying books through the app or any nifty ‘shelving’ options (from what I’ve heard), but being able to access your Kindle books from more devices than one is a Godsend especially when it automatically syncs it all for you….down to the last page you’ve read on your Kindle! Plus you have the option of colour screen if you have books or magazines that are more pictorial. And it does save me from having to upgrade to a much fancier Kindle too!

So yea, my verdict – it’s free, so why the heck not? :) Like I said, having options is always a good idea…..especially if you only have the one reading device between you and your better half, which means we won’t have to fight over it while we’re away on our holidays :D I’ve already added a few new Kindle books to the library since downloading the app and have it all synced so that its available on my iPad too. Here’s to more reading….and less excuses! xx