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I realise there’s been a bit of radio silence on here – sorry, but work has taken over and sadly there’s only one pair of hands! Anyway, with the colder months fast approaching, I wanted to share this wonderful campaign with you. If you’re like me always looking for charitable ways to offer help or show a small act of kindness to those in need then this maybe something you can help with.

Bags of Kindness was started in 2015 by Lucy Williams, Kat Hill and Yolande De Vries, and the brilliant concept behind it is that each bag contains your absolutely essentials for unfortunate, homeless women, particularly during the winter period. Last Christmas, they rounded up 60 bags to the Crisis Women’s Drop In Centre and so they’re aiming for much more this year with our help. Unfortunately, the drop off points are currently based mostly around Central and Greater London but I’m sure if you contacted them via their Facebook page you could find a way to get involved from outside London. If not you can definitely send a donation via their Just Giving page!bags-of-kindness-02

Here’s a little blurb on the project by the founders:

We’re helping vulnerable women living on the streets. Often the reason why women end up homeless is because of abusive and unsafe relationships. Once on the streets it’s often a matter of time before the woman ends up sex working. The streets are not a safe place to live for anyone but even more so for women who sometimes have children with them too.

Having access to basic things like warm clothes and sanitary products can be hard or impossible when you are vulnerable and living on the streets. We’d like to make a difference this winter by creating bags of useful items to give to those in need. 

Bags of kindness gives you opportunity to create a bag or buy items to add to a bag, or to donate money towards delivering and distributing the bags to women’s centres. 

Donations can be made via our Just Giving page (by December 15th).

bags-of-kindness-04_essentialsbags-of-kindness-03_drop-off-pointsSo lovely folks, if you are in London/Greater London area and think you can help by putting together a bag of key items to help these women get through the winter months, then please join me in putting a bag  together for these women and/or spread the word around. I think this is a ridiculously wonderful idea which is totally achievable so every little help will go far! You will find above, a guideline to what to include in a bag along with all the key drop off points and dates. For more info, please do hop on over to their Facebook Page.

Have a lovely week and thanks a million! xxx


[IMAGE CREDIT: Bag For Kindness]

Gathered Cheer Social | West London


Last Sunday, I met up with a few fellow bloggers for a lovely catch up over brunch. As part of her new venture, Ruth of Gathered Cheer conjured up the idea of organising smaller get-togethers for bloggers, where they can meet up, have fun and inspire each other without the formalities you would find at much larger networking events. What I love the most about it is that it gives you the chance to get to know each other better which would normally be quite tricky on a larger scale, and many cases rather overwhelming if you’re not used to mass mingling!

I met most of the ladies here at larger events and workshops such as Blogtacular, Blognic, Crafting the Seasons and many more, so to meet up as a small group of 6-10 around a table at the hosts’ s house was so much more fun, intimate, informal and relaxed. We chatted about everything under the sun, from relationship and work gossip to the handiest DIY tips! ;)

So the first of the gatherings was held at Teri’s sunny west London flat and as always, it was such fun catching up with everyone again; Ruth from Gathered Cheer, Katy from Apartment Therapy, Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, Amy from Daisy Fay Interiors and Lynne from Papermash. The food was incredibly scrumptious which comes to no surprise as Teri’s just a genius when it comes to any kind of cooking and baking…..if you haven’t been lucky enough to have tried any, you’ll see a lot of her creations on her blog!


We had the most delightful time that day, as you can see from these gorgeous photos Teri took and was kind enough to let me share on here. I’m totally all for the smaller gatherings and cannot wait for the next ones lined up: A day trip to Hastings next month hosted by Jeska from Lobster and Swan (this I will be sadly missing) and another in June with Emma from A Quiet Style in Brighton, which I’m looking forward to, having never been to Brighton before!

These events are open to other bloggers out there so if you wish to meet like-minded folk in a smaller and relaxed groups then this is perfect for you. Do bear in mind that with the numbers kept small and spaces available on first come first serve basis you will need to check the ‘Events Page‘ or sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date on upcoming events and make your bookings accordingly.

Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you one or more of these gatherings! :)

Thanks again to Ruth for organising a wonderful meet up and to Teri for hosting an incredible brunch! And of course, to all the lovely ladies for the great banter and giggles! xx


 [All Images: ©The Lovely Drawer]

[Workshop Shenanigans] Modern Calligraphy

MbM_Calligraphy-Workshop_1A couple of Sundays ago, I went along to my first modern calligraphy workshop held at the The Blacksmith & Toffee Maker pub in Angel. I’ve been pretty infatuated with this fluid and rounded form of hand lettering for a few years now (particularly around the time of our wedding when its revival had taken by storm across the US) and have been longing since, to find a way to learn it…..but classes back then just wasn’t easy to come by (or too expensive), and trying to teach yourself or even emulate the style wasn’t really cutting it for me…nor was it any fun!

Well, this summer, much to my delight, when I heard through the blogging grapevine that Quill London (an oh-so-fabulous online boutique that stocks some of the most divine stationery……you have been warned though!) were holding workshops in London, I couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon and finally invest in some time learning the skill properly.


The three-hour workshop, taught by the lovely and talented, Imogen Owen, covered all the fundamentals you need to know of modern copperplate calligraphy with plenty of time to practice all the shapes, strokes, alphabets…etc that you were being taught. Looking back, I’m still amazed at how much you learn in those three hours! Mind you, it does take A LOT of time and patience to get used to the pointed nib! Unlike italic and Gothic lettering, with its angled/bevelled nibs (which I did in fact, briefly dabble in back in high school), copperplate script is different in that the thick and thin style of the strokes are simply down to how you apply pressure onto the nib….for a newbie, perhaps not as simple! ;) And if you’re like me, you may want to keep your ‘perfectionist’ side at bay for the first couple of hours just so you don’t end up with the so-called “calligraphers claw”……and all the frown lines and funny faces that come with the sheer concentration!  :D

Anyway, it really is all down to practice because you are essentially training yourself to write again (a lot beautifully this time!) The more you do, the more it becomes second nature to you….or at least, a lot smoother with a lot less scratching! ;) I haven’t done as many practice sessions since the class but with the little I did last week I can already see an improvement, particularly with those thick and thin strokes. Still a loooooooong way from ‘perfect’ but hopefully in time, and with heaps of practice, I’ll get there! 

MbM_Calligraphy-Workshop_18MbM_Calligraphy-Workshop_10MbM_Calligraphy-Workshop_11MbM_Calligraphy-Workshop_16So, if you’ve had this on top of your to-do list for quite a while too, or you’re just looking for a delightful hobby or perhaps fancy a more creative social outing with a group of friends, then I would highly recommend these classes as they’re not only fun but affordable, condensed, and super informative….plus you get a starter pack, along with heaps of scrummy cakes and tea/coffee on the day! Classes are getting increasingly popular so for more information their next workshop dates or to book classes, hop on over to Quill London’s website. They do also offer limited ‘early bird’ tickets so put yourself onto their mailing list if you’d like to be informed of those upcoming dates first, which is what I did.

Well then, while you do that…..I’ll keep practising and keep you posted with any progress I make, which I hope will be a weekly thing. A massive thank you to Imogen for imparting all of her calligraphy wisdom (you must check out her beautiful stationery!) and to Lucy for hosting such a wonderful set up! I’m SO so glad I signed up!! I do also like to mention the three lovely ladies on my table that I had the pleasure to meet that afternoon, who made it all the more fun; Helen (food blogger at Look What We Ate Today), Jeni (oxford based planner and stylist, Vanilla Rose Weddings) and Viktoria (creative buyer at the fab homewares, accessories and gifts brand called Bombay Duck)……it’s always a bonus meeting genuinely lovely people from at such events and occasions!

Happy days! xx

Ps. thought this quote below was so apt for me……you can only guess what I was doing while writing it :)

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Behind the Scenes] IndieBerries


[Image credit: ©Jo Crawford Photography]

Hey folks – how y’all doing today? (sorry I had to do that while I’m out here in Memphis!) I hope you’re all doing just fine this week and not too bogged down with work etc. We are now into our second week of our Big American Road trip which has been a real blast so far and I’m already quite tempted to move out here….particularly in Memphis.

Anywaaaaaaaay….I’m excited to share with you this month’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ featured designer who is none other than the fun and quirky South-African, Ché of IndieBerries! I first met Ché on the ‘Photohunt‘ event last year, which she co-runs with fellow creatives LuLu and Bobbie. It’s a fantastic fun bloggers-networking, scavenger hunt, team-building kind of affair where its all revolved around photography. I had so much fun the first time that it didn’t take me long to sign up to their next one earlier this year (still havent put those photos up on here – woops!) Anyhoo, this girl is super cool, witty, insanely creative and entrepreneurial…..and if you don’t already stalk her on IG, you’ll find she’s a complete yoga enthusiast too. But it’s the creative side I love the most, particularly her cartoons you find all over her blog and of course the greeting cards she makes out of them too. So without further adieu, let me introduce you to this girl….and you can then go check her out!!


1. Tell us a little about yourself. Have you always wanted to be a illustrator/designer?

I’m Ché from South Africa – I’ve been living in London for just over a year! I have always loved drawing and doodling and as far back as I can remember I’ve always carried around pencils and notebooks to jot down ideas and draw wild cartoons.

2. How did you come about setting up indieBerries? What is the story behind your business and the name? I started blogging when I was teaching English in South Korea 3 years ago, as a creative outlet. My most popular and eagerly shared posts are the cartoon posts I illustrate – so it seemed the next logical step to offer a product line that incorporates the illustrations that people have come to love. I picked the name indieBerries because I wanted something fun, fresh and randomly quirky!

3. What five words best describe you and your style of work? quirky, creative, funny, random, unique.


4. I absolutely love your style of work especially the cartoons you have on your blog – it’s just so insanely hilarious and quirky, I don’t ever recall NOT chuckling at them (in a good way that is!) So, what’s the main source of inspiration behind your work? Did this style of work come naturally or did you feel you needed a niche of some kind? Doodling has always been a natural thing for me – I love telling stories in this form, because (although it takes me way longer to draw one frame than to write one sentence) there is something that you can convey with images than you can’t in words. I take inspiration from the daily life happenings around me. Warren, the husband – is a great muse!

5. How would you describe your design process and/or technique used, and what part of it do you like the most? I have a very carefree approach to illustrating! I use my Wacom tablet to draw straight into photoshop and edit as I go along. My favourite part is adding colour and shading to images – because it really makes them come alive! Of course, my absolute favourite is seeing the reaction of people who I share the finished products with!


6. How long would it normally take to create your final product; from inception to completion? It depends entirely on what it is I’m working on. For a greeting card, if I get a good idea I can usually mock one up in a hour or two. For bespoke illustrated posters of couples it can be anything from three to five hours. I have a book project that I’m working on – which is literally taking me years!

7. Is there any craft/art medium that you haven’t tried but want to? If so, do tell us why? Ooooh, there are SO many craft things I would love to get more involved with – especially wearable accessories – so sewing, jewelry making – things like that! I love making things with my hands!

8. As an illustrator, would you say it’s been difficult breaking through into what is a booming and competitive creative industry? If so, what are the kind of challenges you face/d? So tough! Especially moving from South Africa to London which is a place that is already really saturated with amazing creative individuals. It’s been difficult in the beginning to build up a network here – but I feel like I’m slowly getting there!

 MbM_indieBerries_09[Image credit: ©Jo Crawford Photography]

9. What would be your ‘top three tips’ for like-minded individuals who would like to one day set up a business themselves in this creative field or want to switch career paths but are afraid to do so?

  • SERIOUSLY, stop waiting for everything to be perfect, JUST DO IT.
  • Refer to point 1.

10. What would you say is the best part part of your business? And is this a full-time 9-5 business or something you run on the side? The best part of my business is that I get to create the things I love. I live to create and I wouldn’t be “ME” without it. I love that I am building my own brand, my own company, being my own boss. It is a full time business more like 8am – 11pm (and then also in many insomniac hours).



11. Of your current range of work, what ‘piece’ or ‘collection’ would you pick out as your favourite? I love my little Love Vouchers and the “If this was the Eighties, I’d make you a mix tape” card! My wedding guestbooks are also always SO much fun for me to create because I LOVE being part of a couple’s story as they prepare for one of the most incredible days of their lives!

12. When you’re not in a design mode, what else do you enjoy doing – any other hobbies or past time favourites? I’m basically in design mode ALL the time! Otherwise I have started yoga recently and am absolutely LOVING it! I also love playing around with anything hands-on-crafty: crocheting, art journaling, gift wrapping etc. You will NOT find me in the kitchen.

13. What are your favourite bedside book/s or blog/s at the moment? I’m currently reading The Touch which Lulu (from Berrydiaries) lent me and I’m really enjoying it! She has also lent me The One Thing – a motivational type book and I’ve found it so good!


14. Name three things you just could not live without? Warren, pen + paper, Washi tape.

15. Are there any illustrators, artists, designer-makers out there that you find inspirational or you think are ones to keep an eye out for – if so, who?I love the work and style of Edward Monkton for it’s random quirkiness. I also love Emily McDowell’s typography and her take on everyday life things. Harold’s Planet is also one I look out for – just because it’s so cute!

16. And finally, what do you have in store for indieBerries this year? Are there any events we should take note of too? I would like to have my first draft of my “datebook” ready for print by the end of the year. It’s the first time I’ve tackled a project so big – so holding thumbs! I would like to have my card range stocked in a few more shops in the UK. I have also been asked to be a guest speaker at The Ruby Orchard Workshop in South Africa in October.

Wowzer – this girl! So much energy and vision. Thanks a million Ché for agreeing to let me interview and feature you on Made by Molu. I’m pretty certain you have an amazing future ahead of you and I wish you all the best for it!

And for all you lovely readers and followers, Ché is kindly offering a 20% discount off all orders you make on her Etsy shop but it is ONLY live for three days as it ends on the 3rd of July! So, what are you waiting for then??? Hop on over and grab yourselves some awesome stuff!! Add the discount code  madebymolu at checkout!!

Enjoy! x x x



[All Image credit: ©indieBerries, unless otherwise indicated]

[Book of the Month] Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour

MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_MainTwo weeks back, I had the opportunity to pop along to West Elm, London for interior blogger Will Taylor’s (aka Bright Bazaar) first book launch (see all the highlights here). I’ve followed Will for about 18 months and first met him at last year’s Blognic (albeit briefly) where I clearly remember being completely mesmerised over his jet-setting and colourful life that revolves around interiors, lifestyle and styling. The thought of flying to all these awesome cities around the world to photograph, style and write about beautiful homes and interiors would bring out the green-eyed monster in anymore…..well, me in particular! ;) And he’s still in his 20s having achieved sooooo much – it’s incredible really and such an inspiration to us all!

So, if you want to know how to add colour, funk and soul to your homes so that it reflects your individual personality, or simply looking for ideas on how to put it all together so tastefully and effortlessly (i.e. eliminating the dread of decorating!) then Will’s Make You Smile Style book is just the thing for you! It’s a beautiful guide to living with colour. To be honest, it’s the kind of book that should be found on everyone’s bedside or coffee tables……the photography in it is inspiring enough! Seeing all those beautiful homes makes me want to go out and source unique home ware, furniture and accessories! Trust me, I’ve been totally crushing over some 1950s/1960s Danish furniture again lately…….*swoon*

MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_1 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_2 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_3 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_4 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_5 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_7Anyway, you can get hold of your copy here on Amazon or Waterstones……seriously, do not hesitate!! Will is currently touring in America for his big American book launch so keep your eyes peeled for his whereabouts if you want to see him and get a signed copy of the book!

Oh and I shall end with this lovely video of the man himself giving you an insight about what the book is all about. Can’t believe that was shot literally before the launch! Such a pro :)

And some photos I took at the book launch:

Have a bright and colourful long weekend folks! Go get “hooked on hue“….as Will would put it! x x

[Dates for your Diaries] The Photo Hunt!

photo (10)[Image credit: ©The Photo Hunt]

That’s right folks….Bobbi, Ché and LuLu have confirmed the date for their second Photo Hunt event which will take place next Saturday on the 1st of March 2014, and this time it’ll take place in Southbank. So if you are a blogger or a creative individual of sort that would like to meet like-minded folk in London or simply fancy exploring London in a fun bloggers-networking, scavenger hunt, team-building kind of way then this is a great opportunity to do so. All you need to bring with you is a camera of some kind (your smart phone will do just rightly too!) and plenty of enthusiasm! On the day, you will be put into small groups of 4/5, before debriefing commences and you’re off to tackle your photo challenges….and there’s plenty of cool prizes involved too! My hubby and I had the pleasure of attending their first one last October which took place in Shoreditch and couldn’t recommend it enough, in fact I’ve signed up to it again for March…….so let me know if you’re going! :)

Ticket’s are now available so get your early bird tickets here and keep updated on all the latest news via twitter.or facebook.

I had hoped to blog about it back then but sadly never got round to it, so in the meantime, here are a few photos from some of the antics that took place last year.


MbM_The-Photo-Hunt_2013_5-WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Ahhhh so much fun….and this is only a slight glimpse into it! ;)

1397080_1427461770801325_805795112_o[Image credit: ©The Photo Hunt]

Kudos to the girls who did a fabulous job at organising this fun-fuelled networking event. You can read more from the other contenders here, here and here. Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday! xx 

[Workshop Shenanigans] Gift Wrapping with Jane Means

MbM_Gift-Wrapping_JaneMeans_1-WEBOkay, so for those who don’t know me well, I am probably the biggest gift wrapping/stationery geek you can find – my family and friends can definitely vouch for that! Ever since I was a little girl, I used to intently watch my Dad wrap all the gifts with such precision and finesse that it wasn’t long before I started to try my hand at it and slowly gained the trust to take on ‘gift-wrapping’ role at home! ;) I would even find myself gravitate towards gift-wrapping counters in department stores and shop window displays simply to swoon over the various styles and techniques….perhaps even take mental notes! (yep, I’m that much of a nerd!) And to this day, whether wrapping up a gift for a special occasion or simply parceling up an order for Made by Molu, I get such a high from experimenting with different materials and pretty details to add that personalised touch. I may not be a gift-wrapping expert (nor get enough time these days) but this is one area I know I can let my ‘perfectionism’ take over and feel completely at peace! ;) Besides….who wouldn’t want to receive a beautifully wrapped gift….I know I would!! :D

So, you can only imagine how excited I was when the lovely Marie (aka ScribbleYoga) invited me to come along to the beautiful Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice (north of Paddington) for a gift-wrapping workshop with ribbon designer and gift-wrapping extraordinaire Jane Means! If you are unfamiliar with the name, Jane is highly renowned for her expertise in luxury gift-wrapping having provided her services for large firms and fashion houses like Claridges, Selfridges, Harrods and Dior, not to mention for the Queen and other celebrities (which I found out later!)….and even runs her own series of workshops and classes, spreading the love and ‘Art of Gift Wrapping‘ – and boy was I glad for the chance to go to one!

MbM_Gift-Wrapping_JaneMeans_WEBThis was my first trip over to the Clifton Nurseries and I was hugely impressed to find (even at night time!) this stunning oasis of a garden, hidden away in heart of Maida Vale, West London, surrounded by gorgeous Georgian townhouses. What I later found out is that it’s been there since 1851 so I vowed to myself that I would return some weekend during the day to get a good feel for the place!

Anyway, the workshop was held in the equally gorgeous glasshouse (which houses the cafe and shop) and as we settled around the big wooden table with our glasses of bubbly in hand, Jane took us through some fabulous wrapping styles and techniques, even sharing some very useful tricks of her own! We learnt several ways of creating bows and flowers out of ribbon, making clever little envelopes and gift bags out of luxury wrapping paper, adding personal touches for that extra bit of ‘oomph’ to your gift, as well as the more challenging methods of pleating and wrapping odd-shaped objects. It’s all about show-stopping presentation that can be achieved through simple yet ingenious detailing and styling! No matter how much you’ve done or seen it before, you’d be amazed that there’s always plenty more to learn! :)


Of all the amazing things made that night, I must admit I found the gift bag, the ribbon roses and the pleat-wrapping technique (around a biscuit tin) the most enthralling. Had I known more about ribbons and the endless things you could make out of it at the time of our wedding last year, I probably could have explored more options and even taken my handmade boutonnieres to a another level! :) It’s such a nifty little skill to have – don’t you agree?


It’s really is amazing how much was covered in the two-hour session. I was tempted to share a lot more photos on here (quite surprised I managed to take so many in between all the fun and concentration that night!) but thought it was best to avoid a visual overload and give you a teaser instead of what the masterclass entailed. I must say, every time I look at these photos, I’m itching to get my hands on some wrapping paper, ribbon and all kinds of trimmings and ornaments for a gift-wrapping fix……. so it’s a good thing Christmas is just round the corner! ;)

Ooohh…. and on that note, I’m excited to tell you that Clifton Nurseries are holding another masterclass with Jane Means on the 9th of December with a focus on festive gift-wrapping seeing as Christmas is only a few weeks away! So, if you are interested in broadening your gift-wrapping skills in time for the festive season or simply fancy an evening immersed in creative goodness and great banter then I would highly recommend attending this workshop. Jane is truly amazing at what she does and ever so friendly too which made the class all the more enjoyable :) For more details or to book yourself a place (they are limited!) click here.

Well then, have I tempted you enough to sign up? ;) Perhaps, fellow crafter and stationery geek, Marie could help with her account from the night ;)

“Gift wrapping is a delight for a paper nerd like myself; it allows me to put my ever-growing craft collection to use and hopefully make someone feel special in the process. At Jane’s masterclass, beautiful wrapping papers, ribbons and prototypes adorned the table and set the scene for some fun. It was thrilling to learn unexpected tricks of the trade including turning an ordinary wide ribbon and a button into a beautiful rose with just a little help from florist wire and tape.  Like Jane I’m self-taught, but there’s always something to learn (that’s why we love Pinterest right?)  I’d love to tell you more but I don’t want to give it away for the next class, so instead I’ll share some photos later of my gift wrapping adventures.”   (You can follow Marie on IG and Twitter)

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Marie and Wendy of Clifton Nurseries for having me, and to Jane for whisking us off into this wonderful world of luxury gift-wrapping! Had an amazing evening and an absolute pleasure meeting all the other wonderful ladies there too! You can find more of Jane’s masterclasses over on her website or follow all her gift-wrapping antics on her blogFacebook and Twitter……you may find yourself spending hours drooling over hundreds of tantalising images so don’t say I didn’t warn you! :)

Right, I shall keep you posted of any experimenting I do in the run up to Christmas. Until then, happy gift-wrapping folks!! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[What’s On] This weekend: The Renegade Craft Fair, London 2013!


london-renegade-snowflake-finalOne more sleep till the Renegade Craft Fair here in LONDON! woo! :)

This will be my first ever visit! Having heard soooooo much about the Renegade Craft Fair (massively renowned in US, hosting events in several cities since 2003 and now on our shores holding their 3rd event in London!) I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to dropping by tomorrow afternoon to check out all the wonderfully talented designer-makers that will be showcased there. There will be a few friendly faces I hope to catch up with again (And Smile, The Fox In The Attic, Make Thrift London, Zeena Shah to name a few) and of course, meeting new ones too! :) I will also be on a mission, looking out for some potential Christmas gifts so let’s hope I don’t get into a coma from scouring through all the amazing handmade goodies! ;)

To learn about the Renegade Craft Fair or to find out more on all the autumn-winter events being held this year (see which one’s are near you!) and a list of makers for each city, then do have a look at their website. Once you’re on their homepage, simply click onto the hosting city that you’re interested in which you will find on the top of the screen. (as seen below)
renegade-craft-fair-websiteFor details on London, take a look here where you can also find a list of makers that will be showcasing this very weekend! renegade-craft-fair-website-2

So then…. if you’re in London and looking for something to do this weekend (9th and 10th of November) then pop along to the Old Truman Brewery, in Bricklane (East London). There’s going to be lots of makers, workshops and entertainment on both days……and it is free to enter! Seriously….how can you possibly not have this penciled into your diaries?! ;)

Oh and if you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook be sure to follow all the creative antics using #renegadecraftfair and for when tagging your own images and posts too!

Have a lovely weekend folks whatever you chose to do!! x


[Image credit: The Renegade Craft Fair]

[Weekend Encounters – 2] The Thames Festival 2013

The next stop on Sunday afternoon was We Make London’s market stalls for the Thames Festival at More London. I missed the chance of going last weekend due to work, where they were based at Bernie Spain Gardens, beside the Oxo Tower. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, late that afternoon (around 5pm), the weather took an even bigger turn for the worse which dampened (no pun intended!) the festival spirit a bit but despite that the ladies (and fellas) on the stalls still managed to put on their biggest smiles for their customers braving the rain…..including me! :) So the highlight of the evening for me was chance to catch up with a few familiar faces again; Sabine of (S-Gerth Designs), Viktorija (of And Smile), Elizabeth (of Lizzes Beautiful Art) and Sandra and Sophie (of Clementine and Bloom). Oh and the magpie in me quickly spotted a lovely swallow necklace and a heart collar brooch on the stall next to Viktorija’s which got me chatting to its designer, Aarti of Fairytales and Hidden Notes (how amazing is that name??) so we’ve swapped details so I could enquire further about her products and keep up to date on more of her work. Well, I’ve definitely come away from the fair with some gift ideas for Christmas and to add to my personal ‘wish list’ too! ;) xxBLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 2These clever leather key holders by S-Gerth Designs caught my eye. Beautifully designed to that make sure you’re keys are always in the one place! The red one is my personal favourite! :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 4She’s done it again! How adorable is the And Smile stall display!! If you want to follow more of Viktorija’s awesome creativity then follow her on IG!! ;)

BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 3The lovely jewellery and trinkets by Fairytales and Hidden Notes. Can you spot the swallow necklace and the heart collars I like? :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB3 Another awesome stall display – this mother and daughter team sure know a thing or two on styling….not to mention re-wiring old vintage lamps! I love the textured base of this 1960s/70s lamp which they’ve given a new lease of life by teaming it up with their gorgeous screen-printed butterfly lampshade!! I am definitely keeping an eye on this! :)

[Image credit:  © Made by Molu]

Blogtacular 2014 finally booked!

BLOGTACULAR ScheduleSo I finally took the plunge! I’ve been stewing over whether or not to sign up to this two-day event for Bloggers in May next year as it’s a lot of money to shell out for me right now. Nevertheless, I decided I would have to see this as an investment that would help further my skills in the long run especially if I’m serious about wanting to provide “great quality content and beautiful design” on here!! And with an Etsy shop opening soon and other business ventures on the horizon, the more I can learn on styling and how to effectively PR my work, the better it is for me! Well….here’s me hoping anyway!!  ;) To be honest, when Blogtacular announced they have Joy Cho (designer and famously known for her blog Oh Joy!) as the keynote speaker for…..that did it for me. I can’t wait to learn how the schedule evolves now. And, while still expensive for me, thank heavens I managed to bag the early bird ticket too!

Right then….roll on Blogtacular 2014!! ;) Looking forward to meeting more creative bloggers in May! So if you’re attending, let me know! :) xx