[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] A little favour or two!

MbM_Our-Wedding_favours_headerFor more personal touches, we decided to create our own wedding favours. Having many of our family travel from outside Scotland, many who traveled some serious mileage to make it, we decided we wanted to give them something more than just a piece of chocolate that they could take back home with them and enjoy. So, focusing on bringing more elements of our two strong cultures to this wedding we opted to add an Eastern touch to the tables by going for South India’s finest Masala tea (infused with a rich blend of spices such as cardamom and ginger)……and with both Indians and Irish being big tea drinkers I think it couldn’t be any more perfect! :) And to bring a bit more variation and colour to the tables we decided to add some tasty ‘Bombay mix’ (a well-known Indian snack). So we had tea for the ladies and bombay mix for the fellas! With this firmly decided, I was on the look out for different types of containers that suited both the tea and the Indian snack – from organic muslin bags to eco-friendly boxes….none of which I felt was ‘right’ until I thought of glass jars! And soon enough I came across various types of glass jars online but the most favourite one of all were the mini kilner jars used to store herbs and spices – perfect! And much to my delight I found a few stockists on E-bay and put in an order for 170 kilner jars! :D Absolutely loved the little buggers when they arrived in the post!! It really just made my day…….and so with the help of a couple of fantastic little minions (aka my brother and my cousin – who came from the US!) we filled each and every one the jars with the ‘ Kuchipudi Masala Chai‘ (ordered from Jenier World Teas) and Bombay Mix which we ordered in bulk from Brick Lane, East London…….and hey presto! The favour tags, were designed so that it fitted the jars proportionately. The descriptions were printed in the inside and our custom-made wedding stamp individually hand stamped on the front! It wasn’t the quickest of tasks creating these but I can’t express how much fun I had putting them all together! Let me know what you think! Or better yet, if you’ve used glass jars as wedding favours I’d love to hear about your ideas! :)

MbM_Our-Wedding_favours_1-webTo add more touch of Indian flare and glamour to the wedding, I had my mum and aunts bring over from India a range of bangles in shades of pinks, purples and blues which both my mum and I tied up in assorted little bunches the week before the wedding. On the day, I had one of my bridesmaids distribute them in a gold charger plate to our lovely female guests……and much to my delight they were a big hit with the ladies many of them who wore it on the day! :) Just goes to show that it’s these personal touches that make a huge difference. xxBLOG_STRIP wedding favours 2low res [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]