[From the Kitchen] Easter cupcakes!

Well folks, I do hope you’ve all had a busy albeit lovely Easter weekend. I for one kept myself buzzing around, especially in the kitchen in the run up to Easter Day but managed to catch up on some much deserved R&R on Monday! Found it hard shifting back to ‘work mode’ today but thankfully it’s only a 4-day week…..phew! Anyhoo, here’s the first part to my culinary antics from the weekend ……Easter cupcakes – made from simple Vanilla sponge with Bailey’s buttercream icing (yes I know, I opted for that again……but it really is far too delicious not to be included!!!) topped with Cadbury’s mini eggs! One batch had chocolate flavoured Bailey’s buttercream icing and the other had a slight pastel pink bailey’s buttercream icing. Nice and simple……but totally looked and tasted the part!! :D xxx

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