[Wedding Inspiration] English Country Romantic

SAN-LISA-WEDDING_ENGLISH-ROMANTIC-webOooh so did I tell you I have been asked to help plan and style my friend’s wedding later this year? Well, as you can imagine, I’m absolutely delighted!!! Since planning my own wedding and helping other friends of mine with decor and stationery, I haven’t really done much planning per se and seeing as I’ve been increasingly interested in design and event planning in the recent months, particularly with weddings, this is my ideal chance to test my skill set and make the most out of this fabulous opportunity. Some of the plus points to planning/styling this wedding is that it’s 1) within close proximity i.e. Buckinghamshire so unlike my wedding, I wont have to plan from a remote location, and 2) the Groom is a dear old family friend (practically like a brother to me) which means I get to work with him and his lovely fiancée closely to try and deliver what they want (hopefully, minus all the family drama!) :D


So, while dates for the venue is being finalised, I have been drawing up two possible options for their country wedding, based on what the bride and groom have suggested. The first style, and which I will be sharing in this post, is the English Country Romantic, oozing elegance, English gentry and vintage charm. Think Jane Austen, Lord Byron or Shelly, 19th Century manor houses, parasols, High Tea, lawn games, roses, strawberries and cream, vintage china and secret gardens. It really epitomizes the idyllic and quintessential essence of English countryside, combining soft colour palettes such as blush pinks, duck egg blues and mint greens with materials like lace, silk and soft florals along with key vintage details. Makes me want to sigh every time I think of these. ;) SAN-LISA-WEDDING_ENGLISH-ROMANTIC-3 webI started collating images on Pinterest, for both styles as my source of inspiration and I’ve put together some of my favourite images to create these ‘mood boards’ you see here, categorising them under Table Settings, Décor /Styling, Stationery, and Bridal Party just so the bride and groom get a good feel for the style and the overall look for the wedding. Plenty of scope for DIYs, calligraphy and pretty styling so looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Inspiration Boards – Colour scheme and décor

These are some of the inspiration boards I put together to get an idea of what I am trying to achieve on the décor and colour scheme front. With two strong cultures – Irish + Indian – it is hugely important to me that I achieve an elegant fusion of the two by taking colours and  elements that represented both sides. With that in mind, I decided that the dusky greys and whites would act as the ‘western’ background colours against which the bright pops of ‘eastern’ colours (made up fuchsias, magentas and violets) would sit. Along with this ‘east meets west’ design approach, I’m hoping to add a touch of ‘vintage glam’ to bring that extra bit of sophistication – well, here’s me hoping anyway! Sooooooo, the big challenge now is how well I can incorporate these ideas and make them real! Done well, this could be a real success…..otherwise it could all go horribly wrong and end up more a cultural ‘clash’ than a ‘fusion’! For my sake, lets hope not!!!  If you have any ideas yourself on how I can bring the two together, please do leave a comment and I’d be all ears! xx