[My Month in Pictures] April

Ah April, you have been fabulous…bringing lots of sunshine, pretty blossoms, special occasions, fun gatherings, exciting collaborations and projects, and good cheer all round! It really is one of my favourite months as you get to take in and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you….the little things you can easily take for granted throughout the year and then springtime goes ahead and reminds you of how wonderfully complex and beautiful life is.  I’m so grateful for each and every month that passes by and can only hope for the next month to be just as wonderful. Actually… we do have a trip to Washington DC coming up……and I CANNOT wait!!

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a great April and that the month of May is a promising one for you too! xx

[In Pictures] September and October

Okay, so it’s been an eventful two months of juggling work and life which has left me with hardly any time to post about everything that’s taken place. Nevertheless, here’s a little snapshot of some of the more ‘fun’ things I’ve managed to squeeze in that include design events and craft fairs, a wedding style shoot, private commissions, film screenings, meeting new and old faces, networking, birthdays, weddings and big family get-togethers! I hope to write a bit more on some of them in posts to come but hope this keeps you intrigued in the meantime! ;) x SEPT-OCT-01SEPT-OCT-02

 [image credit: Made by Molu]