[Handmade Gifts]: Elliott & Nora

Here are the new additions to my handmade ‘Elliott & Nora’ plush cushion range that come in various baby blue, baby pink and other neutral-coloured fabric! These adorable hephalumps will be listed on my Etsy shop with all the deets you need for your custom orders! If you need a plush elephant-shaped cushion before that, then simply drop me an email! Otherwise, hold yer ‘orses….they’ll be coming soon to Etsy! :) xx

BLOG_STRIP_Elliott-&-Nora-WEB[Image credit: Made by Molu, all rights reserved]

[D.I.Y. Gifts] Made-to-order lavender scented baby cushions

DSC_3039b-WEBHere’s another addition to my ‘made-to-order’ collection of hand-sewn lavender-scented cushions for the little ‘uns (in blues and pinks) which I will be listing on my soon-to-open Etsy shop. I was hoping to have had the shop opened by now but my day jobs have taken over a bit in these last couple of week so I will obviously keep you posted on that. If in the meantime, if any of you are interested in placing an order, just get in touch on here, Facebook or email! Anyway, more cushions etc in the making so watch this space! :) xx DSC_3033-WEB DSC_3038-WEB DSC_3030-WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts] Personalised / Made-to-order cushions for little’uns

I’ve been busy practicing my sewing skills during my spare time especially since the last little lavender cushion was received quite well. And despite my hesitance, I’ve been encouraged more and more to actually start selling them.  So before I do, I’ve been playing around with designs, styles, materials, sizes, etc to get a good feel for what i’d like to sell and in turn knowing what design templates to create in the spare time I have….not to mention sharpen up my sewing skills even further! So here are two that I made and there’s two more on the way!! Seeing as I LOVE typography and now sewing, I’ve been trying to collaborate the two into the designs – keeping them simple but bespoke. I designed the type using various design softwares and then use that as a template to cut out the appliqués which I then hand-sew onto the fabric panels that make the cushion. (FYI – all the fabric used here are premium 100% Cotton) When the panels are machine stitched together, they are stuffed with polyester filling  (I can add lavender if requested) and finally hand-sew them shut. So then – what do you think folks? Is it a “yae or nae”? Would you buy these for your little ones? :) Or they can be used for Baby Showers too? I’m pretty pleased with them but I would love to hear what you think of these too (I have a couple more to show by this weekend) and always welcome any tips if you have any! Thanks!! x  BLOG_STRIP CUSHIONS3 WEBBLOG_STRIP CUSHIONS WEB BLOG_STRIP CUSHIONS2 WEB

[Personalised Gifts] Meet Nora……

DSC_2675 WEB

I’ve been playing around with more templates and fabric for my plush little elephants – I don’t know what it is I love about these gentle giants!! :)  Anyway, let me introduce you to Nora…..who will be joining  my collection of personalised baby gifts. She’s a big lassy; 13cm in height and 14cm in width. A little on the shy side at first but once you get to know her she’s got one hell of a personality! ;) Every inch of her is put together by hand which makes her one special lady! ;) Oh and I nearly forgot to add……it’s smells of lavender too!! More to come in this collection so do stay tuned……. xx BLOG_STRIP nora the elephant WEB

[Personalised Gifts] Lavender Cushion for a sweet baby boy!

DSC_2615 WEB

I made this cute little lavender-scented cushion for another dear friend of mine who had a baby boy in February. I still have the elephant bug so maintained that motif from babygrows to cushions with an extra bit of detail! As you saw on from my IG photos (@sammidodgers) on FB and Twitter, I have been busy with a few elephant-themed projects. The patterns were all hand-drawn and hand cut, and apart from the actual cushion where I used the machine to put together the two square pieces, I hand-sewed the rest! What you cannot see here is the back piece is the same polka-dot blue fabric used for the elephant. Materials are all organic 100% cotton and about 18-20cm in width and height. I do hope you like what you see!! If you fancy one of these lavender cushions for your little bubba or as a present for someone else’s munchkin then let me know as they can be made to order and personalised to your requirements! Well….you know where to find me!! :D  xxBLOG_STRIP babyboy_jakob WEB(ps. If you like the look of that plush critter sitting next to my cushion, it’s by a talented friend of ours ‘Handmade by Maeve‘)

[Personalised gifts]: More baby grows for little boys!

It was a hardcore babygrow-making factory here (good grief, I was about to type baby-making!!!!!!!!) trying to get all my orders out in time before the Easter weekend kicked in…..not to mention to try avoid the new Royal Mail charges too – mind you, I still got stung by them with other parcels but let’s not even go there! Anyway, here’s a peek at a couple of the babygrows I worked on last week (and all for little boys, let me tell you!) Hmm maybe I ought to consider opening up an Etsy shop at this rate! xx

IMG_7208 WEB IMG_7326 WEB IMG_7329 WEB IMG_7333 WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts] They say an elephant never forgets….

Here’s a peek into these little personalised fabric soft toy-keepsakes I made for a couple of new tots that arrived last month – these were sent out along side the baby grows I had made (see my previous posts) as an extra touch of handmade love ;) Sticking to the elephant theme (I used the same template from the baby grows) I hand-sewed these out of 100% cotton fabric with lots of love and added a bit of lavender into the stuffing. What you don’t see here unfortunately, is that I added  ribbon ties to the top affixed with a bow and button so that they could be hung on the door handle or wall hook. I have had a few orders since these so will be making them in my spare time over the next couple of months with various fabric but in pastel blues and pinks –  will keep you posted on that later. Let me know what you think……and you know where to find me if you want any made for you! xxx
BLOG_STRIP soft toys 2A WEB

[D.I.Y. Gifts] More personalised baby grows!

Just a couple of more baby grows I made since the last one. I’m absolutely delighted at how well they have been received and now taking few order requests – woo!! The more projects, the happier the bunny I am :) So, if you do fancy getting something handmade (and not-off-the-highstreet) for a new baby and this ticks all your boxes, then just drop me a line! I’ve just ordered more blue fabric for my next batch of personalised baby grows so totally excited about receiving them in the post soon! xx

BLOG_STRIP babyboy_jess+cam WEB

And here’s how I packaged them…….making sure every inch of it had an element of handcrafted loveliness to it :)  The photos here show the ‘baby girl’ parcel where I added an extra little handmade item (a blog post on this wee keepsake soft toy will follow!) BLOG_STRIP babyboy_jess WEB