[Wish List]: these are a few of my favourite things…!


the latest iMac from Apple | Low-heeled clogs by Lotta from Stockholm | Classic Red Satchel by Cambridge Satchel Company  |  Oh my Clumsy Heart’s Grace necklace

As always, I’ve dreamed of and browsed through some cool things I’d like to have…..some more essential than others! It may be a while before I’m able to treat myself to them but I look forward to those days!  :D So, what pretty things have you been eyeing up this year? xx

My recent little treat from Oh My Clumsy Heart!

OMCH_1a_webI’m so delighted with my recent little purchase (which arrived this morning) that I felt the need to share it! :) I’ve been eyeing up this beautiful gold and silver nested triangles by Oh My Clumsy Heart for quiet a while now – that and her ‘Grace’ necklace! I even signed up to the birthday giveaway competition Michelle of My Creative Photography offered to try my luck at winning it – unfortunately I wasn’t too lucky! And then this weekend when I found that they were on display at the Cut & Paste Pop Up shop in Camden last weekend I thought maybe this may be the time to get it but unfortunately it only came on a silver chain as oppose to the gold chain I wanted (yep I am picky!) So I came home determined to jump off that fence I’ve sat on for however many months and take the plunge! And so I did!

The necklace arrived ever so quickly in the post and I can’t tell you how happy I was opening up the wee parcel. After months of mulling over it, I’m FINALLY the new and super-chuffed owner of this beauty! I’m normally all about big and bold statement necklaces but this does make a statement in its own way. I love the simplicity, the geometry, the symmetry, the purity in the materials and they beauty behind how one sits ‘nested’ within the other…….. it’s so minimalist, unpretentious, elegant and architectural that it really has my name stamped all over it! Maybe I sound a bit obsessed but surely you can agree a tad bit? ;) Anyway, a huge thank you  to Sophie for making my day! If you’d like to see more of Sophie’s handmade jewellery then have a browse through her online collections which range from classic designs to geometric to geological. They’re all pretty stunning! OMCH_2_web OMCH_3_web