This time last year…

1st-wedding-anniversary-WEB(Wedding photography by Crofts and Kowalczyk)

Sorry I’ve been rather quiet on here this week but work has been crazy busy – both my day job and freelance work are at their peak not to mention the numerous other things to keep on top of which is definitely keeping me busy and well out of mischief! AND on top of that…we celebrated a significant milestone earlier in the week where we reached our 1st wedding anniversary! I know it’s only our 1st but my goodness has it flown by so quickly! I think we both found it quite surreal to think time last year we were saying our vows and celebrating the occasion the entire day (and weekend mind you!) with our dearest family and friends….and boy, when I think about it, I’d do it all over again! Well – if money wasn’t an issue! :D Anyway, it’s been an incredible adventure and I raise my glass to many more fun and exciting years with the hubby! I know life is never going to be a bed of roses but as long as you have that ‘someone’ by you through thick and thin…..then that’s all that matters! :)

For a little trip down memory lane, you can find more on our wedding here.

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Order of Service

MbM_Our-Wedding_OofS_mainI came across the Order of Service we designed for our wedding last year whilst rummaging through my shoebox of sentimental things looking for something else and it only occurred to me that I never actually had anything up on the blog about it!  With our first anniversary just round the corner, this find definitely brought back so many wonderful memories of that day. I still find it surreal that it’s nearly a year since I stood at the altar, professing my love, faith, loyalty and commitment to that one man I chose to spend the rest of my life with! So, here’s to many more happier years! :) Anyway, if you remember our wedding invitation pack we designed, you’ll see how we’ve brought in the same ‘east-meets-west’ design elements and colour scheme into the Order of Service for our irish-Indian fusion wedding, keeping it simple, elegant and contemporary at the same time. I can’t tell you enough how much I (well, the both of us, being design geeks!) enjoyed designing all our stationery and I have since done a few more wedding related projects. Recently did a few things for a wedding style shoot (soon to come on the blog!) and some commissioned work. So if you have a wedding coming up or know anyone who’s planning one (UK or abroad) and in need of bespoke wedding stationery and decor…..then I’m only an email away! ;) Let me know and I’d be more than happy to work with you! xx MbM_Our-Wedding_OofS_1(web) [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]


[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Thank you cards

DSC_0770 webSecond last entry of all our wedding d.i.y. projects (we’re getting there!) – our wedding ‘thank you’ cards! We had a couple of fancy ideas in mind for these but in the end time factor did play a huge part and we resorted to a much simpler design and format. We still opted for a personalised stamp to feature on our cards since we had incorporated that technique throughout our wedding stationery. So, we designed a rather simple (generated on Photoshop and then sent away to The English Stamp Co. to be made) that consisted of a heart with the words ‘thank you‘ within it….placing it diagonally so that the edges of the ‘T’ and ‘U’ overlapped the heart (as you can see in the images). We used thick card in a light grey hue (from Paperchase) and measured out as many A6 postcard onto the A1 sheets. And then the tiresome task of cutting out began! Using a scalpel (making sure the blades were changed regularly to achieve clean cuts) we cut around 100-120 A6 cards! We chose to do this only because we couldn’t get whole of pre-cut cards in that colour! Anyway, once that was done, we moved onto the fun part that is stamping! Et voila! We wrote personalised messages on the back to each individual guest and popped them into an envelope ready to hit the post! As you can see, it’s pretty simply really and there’s numerous designs and techniques than can be achieved with basic materials….for instance you can use embossing powder directly over the freshly stamped area and heat it up with the heat gun to get a slightly raised surface to your cards……… so why not give it a go yourself! :) xx

BLOG STRIP_wedding thankUs  webDSC_1335 webDSC_1344 web

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Table/Seating Plans

BLOG_STRIP seating plan 2


Okay, so I’ve a couple more d.i.y. projects from our wedding series to post on here before i’m all done (!!) and this is one of them: our lovely vintage-glam seating plan! This was beautifully designed and put together by my hubby (yep – he’s just as OCD as me which is a real bonus!) who then shipped it all the way over to Scotland for the big day! I’m afraid he didn’t get the chance to document a step-by-step series of his work in progress but I can tell you what he used: a combination of an old vintage white A0 size frame (isn’t it simply stunning!?) which he sourced from a seller on ebay, with brown eco-friendly gift tags, a printer, scalpel, purple ribbons, kappa board (foam board) used as packers and lastly…..a HUGE amount of patience!!! And these are the images taken on the day by our professional photographers. What do you think? Looks the part, doesn’t it? Well, I sure was proud of him!! :) xxx

BLOG_STRIP seating plan web

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] It’s the little details that count!

We received our professional wedding photographs a few weeks back so thought I’d share a few gorgeous images from the day captured by our lovely and talented photographers Simon and Sylwia of Crofts & Kowalczyk Wedding Photography. To sum up all the the posts i’ve written to date on here regarding our wedding d.i.y. projects, I’ve just selected a few that show all those extra little details and finishing touches we put into our wedding to make it more that bit more personal……..I think despite me still feeling like I could have done a lot more (believe me, I had more ideas on my plate!), I should probably be happy for what we’ve accomplished – bearing in mind we worked from two different cities on a wedding that took place in another! And a special thanks goes out to Louise Macpherson who assisted us perfectly on the day and the few weeks in the run up to it – making sure all our ideas (all 101 ideas!) came together nicely. To have someone in Scotland and on the same creative wavelength made one hell of a difference!!! Thank you!!

Soooo… I do hope you like what you see! x

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] A little favour or two!

MbM_Our-Wedding_favours_headerFor more personal touches, we decided to create our own wedding favours. Having many of our family travel from outside Scotland, many who traveled some serious mileage to make it, we decided we wanted to give them something more than just a piece of chocolate that they could take back home with them and enjoy. So, focusing on bringing more elements of our two strong cultures to this wedding we opted to add an Eastern touch to the tables by going for South India’s finest Masala tea (infused with a rich blend of spices such as cardamom and ginger)……and with both Indians and Irish being big tea drinkers I think it couldn’t be any more perfect! :) And to bring a bit more variation and colour to the tables we decided to add some tasty ‘Bombay mix’ (a well-known Indian snack). So we had tea for the ladies and bombay mix for the fellas! With this firmly decided, I was on the look out for different types of containers that suited both the tea and the Indian snack – from organic muslin bags to eco-friendly boxes….none of which I felt was ‘right’ until I thought of glass jars! And soon enough I came across various types of glass jars online but the most favourite one of all were the mini kilner jars used to store herbs and spices – perfect! And much to my delight I found a few stockists on E-bay and put in an order for 170 kilner jars! :D Absolutely loved the little buggers when they arrived in the post!! It really just made my day…….and so with the help of a couple of fantastic little minions (aka my brother and my cousin – who came from the US!) we filled each and every one the jars with the ‘ Kuchipudi Masala Chai‘ (ordered from Jenier World Teas) and Bombay Mix which we ordered in bulk from Brick Lane, East London…….and hey presto! The favour tags, were designed so that it fitted the jars proportionately. The descriptions were printed in the inside and our custom-made wedding stamp individually hand stamped on the front! It wasn’t the quickest of tasks creating these but I can’t express how much fun I had putting them all together! Let me know what you think! Or better yet, if you’ve used glass jars as wedding favours I’d love to hear about your ideas! :)

MbM_Our-Wedding_favours_1-webTo add more touch of Indian flare and glamour to the wedding, I had my mum and aunts bring over from India a range of bangles in shades of pinks, purples and blues which both my mum and I tied up in assorted little bunches the week before the wedding. On the day, I had one of my bridesmaids distribute them in a gold charger plate to our lovely female guests……and much to my delight they were a big hit with the ladies many of them who wore it on the day! :) Just goes to show that it’s these personal touches that make a huge difference. xxBLOG_STRIP wedding favours 2low res [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Its all about button badges

To personalise our big day even more, B came up with the idea of creating button badges for our guests, as well as our wedding party, with various phrases that summed ‘us’ up perfectly. It was decided that these would be affixed to each individual place cards that would not only make a creative difference to the somewhat traditional place cards but also adds an element of fun and surprise amongst our guests on the tables.

The overall design was kept simple using vintage inspired fonts and by sticking to our primary colour scheme. B used InDesign to set out the 38mm circular templates to use for the designs.  The phrases ranged from common Irish expressions to things we like and our initials to personalised ‘roles’ for the wedding party. Once the designs were finalised, the PDFs were sent off to this fantastic (and highly recommended!) french outfit called Modern City who specialise in custom-made button badges…B found them far more efficient than the few outfits he came across in the UK. So, anyway…. here are a few photos we took of the bad boys!

Here are a few of photos, courtesy of our guests, to give you an idea of how it looked on the day….pretty cute huh? :)

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Boutonniere extravaganza!

Boutonnieres, or button-holes as we refer to them here in the UK, were in fact worn quite frequently by men in the past (as oppose to the more present association with formal occasions), typically as a single flower or bud on their lapels that gave men that tantalising aura of confidence, sophistication and personal flair – the kind of masculine elegance we ladies would swoon over…..and this I know from flicking through several glossy image-based publications on the history of men’s fashion! :P So yes, I am so for bringing back those key accessories and accents that represent timeless style and refinement…..with a touch of eccentricity for that little bit of ‘oomph’! ;)

Right – before I get distracted any further by Hollywood’s iconic men of the Golden Era (Cary Grant, James Stewart, Fred Astaire, and Sean Connery – just to name a few!) the main reason for this post was to showcase the boutonnieres I made for our key men at the wedding by opting for an more original look instead of the traditional floral arrangement.  So, with that in mind, I combined what I thought fused the western contemporary silhouettes with the flamboyant eastern textures by using buttons and feathers.

I must admit that my initial thoughts were ‘peacock feathers’ seeing as it was the most obvious symbolism of India but after a few trial runs I realised that it not only it looked a greeny-blue (which was far from our colour scheme!) but rather clichéd too! With nine boutonnieres to make: five for the groomsmen + ushers, two for my leading man, and two for the fathers…. they needed to be right! And so, I was on the hunt for feathers in vibrant pinks, purples and blues – the bigger and bolder the more appropriate I felt they would be as I needed them to stand out against their more sombre coloured suits……and lucky for me, the shops and haberdasheries this summer were bursting with feathered accessories and jewellery. Lets not also forget the fantastic bargains too! ;) Well, here’s a peek into the production phase. BLOG_STRIP boutonnieres low res

Pictures of our lovely fellas sporting these boutonnieres will be posted soon!  I do hope you like what you see so far? :)

[Special mention] Bella’s Cakes

I’d like to add this post as a  wee ‘thank you’ to the baking extraordinaire Sydney Johnson of Bella’s Cakes in Glasgow who made our scrummy minimalist 3-tier wedding cake. The soft and decadent madiera sponge was dyed in gradients of pink hues and covered in thick white butter cream icing on the outside that complimented my ‘east meets west’ theme – clean and contemporary on the outside with a  burst of eastern colours in the inside. And more importantly….every bite was simply divine! Mmm how I wish I could have another slice! :) Anyway…you can follow all of Sydney’s fabulous handcrafted confectionery delights on her facebook page or check out her website for more information. Here’s what our cake looked like on the day……topped with my little painted figures! :) I’ve yet to find a good photo of what the gradient pink sponge looked like when it was cut so will add that later! Thanks again Sydney! xx


[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] I ♥ cake toppers

MbM_Our-Wedding_cake-toppers_1I must admit – of all the cake toppers I’ve come across during my early months of  ‘wedding research’  (i.e. scouring through endless glossy magazines and wedding blogs in search for inspiration)….. I am totally and utterly  in LOVE  with these DIY wooden peg cake toppers. Not only are they immensely fun to create (bringing out that inner child you never knew existed and that somewhat nostalgic excitement you once felt as a child just about to paint Easter eggs!) but they can be personalised beautifully to represent the bride + groom (or an entire family, plus pets, for that matter!)… a rather cute and comical manner! They are, without a doubt, the most refreshing and creative alternative to the “same ‘ol” traditional option.

These wooden pegs, however, weren’t exactly the easiest things to source as they seemed to be only available in the US, and were quite limited to where they sold! After a couple of weeks of unsuccessful searching, I did begin to lose hope to a point where I felt  I needed to come up with a plan B…..and possibly a plan C! It wasn’t until spring this year when I stumbled across a couple from the US, aka Goosegrease, who sold them as a d.i.y. cake-topper kits… i.e. inclusive of the paints and brushes! An absolute Godsend…..and what a superb little business idea too! Anyhoo – the kit was bought and I cannot express how delighted I was to have them show up in my post! I had the grin of a Cheshire cat! :D

Well, here’s a look at how I did our cake toppers: MbM_Our-Wedding_cake-toppers_2

So….. what do you think? Pretty cute, right?

Well, if you (or anyone else you know) fancy having these awesome little miniatures for your perfect day, then this is the perfect and most therapeutic d.i.y. project to do amidst all that wedding madness – I guarantee that you’ll love it! OR alternatively, if you don’t feel too confident or time is of an essence then  just drop me a line and I’ll be thrilled to create them for you instead ;)  All I need is a recent photo of you and your significant other along with some details of your wedding attire and specific colour themes etc….. and the job’s done! :) So let me know! xx