Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people. Whatever you do and however way you chose to celebrate it, I hope it’s a beautiful day. We don’t really celebrate it but I thought I’d put a teeny little v-day spin on our breakfast this morning. My husband’s been really great this year, making brunch every Saturdays so I thought I’d take over this weekend and whip up something sweet. I’m not sure how he felt about pink pancakes being served this morning but at least there weren’t any cheesy love hearts in sight ;) And hey…it tasted darn good so it was a winner, regardless!

So anyway, have a fabulous day folks and brilliant weekend too!  xxx

MbM_Valentine's-Day-1504(web). MbM_Valentine's-Day-1502(web) [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Private Commission]: Personalised Babygrow for a little girl

MbM_ETSY-ORDER_BABY-GROW_1-WEBMorning folks! I’m so happy it’s the weekend after a long busy week but that being said it has been eventful in a really good way with plenty of things to keep well and truly occupied. One of the things I had on my list of ‘things to do’ was to make this personalised baby grow – an order which I got through my Etsy store. Last year was so huge busy production time for me on the baby products with 13 family and friends I knew of that had kiddies, followed by a few extra commissioned work. This year is a sharp contrast (more weddings than babies!) so I must admit, I was pretty pleased to get my first ‘new baby’ order for this year. I was asked to make my elephant motif baby grows but instead of the name and date of the little ‘un as previously done before, the request was to add the words ‘I love my big sister, Freya‘ which I thought was super cute, don’t you think? Well, the overall design is really simple but works well as a keepsake item. So if you know anyone who would like one of these made for them, just drop me a line via my ‘getting in touch‘ page.

Oh, I guess I better mention it now while we’re on the subject of handmade and personalised goodies……I’ve bought myself some screen printing equipment with views to branching out more designs in that area. I’m really keen on taking my love for typology, illustrations, textiles and printing to another level…….so this means, I should hopefully have a growing range of goodies like personalised t-shirts, cushions, accessories, paper goods etc, albeit still limited edition as it wont be mass-produced! Fingers crossed, it all pans out well!!  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted later on how I get on. Hope you like this in the meantime. Have a fabulous weekend!!! ;) xx

MbM_ETSY-ORDER_BABY-GROW_2-WEB  [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[D.I.Y. Gifts] Handmade Felt Notebook sleeve – 2

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_4Since making one of these for my father-in-law for Christmas, I’ve been dying to make another but never quite found the time; there was always something or another that hindered my plans. So when I remembered I had to get a little birthday present for a friend of mine, I decided this would be the perfect excuse to make one! :) Like me, she’s always full of creative ideas and quite the list-maker too, so I got her two black A5 Muji notebooks to which I designed the felt case around for a perfect fit. I loved the idea of still using greys and black with a pop of colour and seeing as my friends loves her pinks, I decided to opt for a hot pink. Like the last one, I used the grey for the base, black top half and hint of pink in the stitching and the front detail. It’s sleek, edgy yet uber feminine! I’m now thinking I need to make one for myself as these are my favourite colours too – goes so well with my phone, lippy and jewellery! :D Oh and to personalise it further, I cut out the letter ‘N’ out of pink felt and added that to the front of the case.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Well, at least now I can say I’ve done a ‘His and Hers’ set of felt notebook sleeve! ;) And I REALLY hope the recipient loves it!!!  xx

MbM_Felt-Book-Cover_3[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Birthdays] 5 is the perfect number

This was a little something I had made for my best friend’s little by who turned 5 back in August but never got round to sharing it on here. I had bought a plain cotton navy-coloured polo shirt and hand-sewed on the applique (the no. 5) that I had cut out of some left over bright pink organic cotton fabric. I also used a bit of pink fabric paint to give that graffiti effect around the applique. Added a MOLU label made of the same fabric….et voila! A simple but effective little keepsake gift for a little one xBLOG_STRIP_5thbirthday_WEB

[Handmade Gifts]: Lavender Love Hearts

BLOG_STRIP-lavender-hearts-3-WEB Adding a few more of my lavender ‘love hearts’ to the collection. These are smaller in size that would be perfect to have hanging in your wardrobe or to adorn your home with.  They could even vintage-inspired occasions like tea parties, bridal showers or weddings. Perhaps even stocking fillers for Christmas? The options are endless! ;)  Anyway, I’ve listed them up on my Etsy shop where they come as set of three and are currently available in pink vintage floral fabric but I can have them made in different fabric, on request. Do take a look and let me know! xxBLOG_STRIP-lavender-hearts-4-WEB


[Handmade Gifts] Pink cushion for a little girl!

[Image credit: Made by Molu]

Here’s another little cushion I made a few weeks back and is now listed on my Etsy shop along my baby ‘BOY’ one which will be opening very soon! All the fabric used here are 100% premium cotton and the appliqué is designed, cut out and free-hand sewn using my trusted sewing machine. These cushions come laced with fresh lavender to give you or that special little someone that extra calming fragrance! Hope you like it! Now i’m off to bed! xx

[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Boutonniere extravaganza!

Boutonnieres, or button-holes as we refer to them here in the UK, were in fact worn quite frequently by men in the past (as oppose to the more present association with formal occasions), typically as a single flower or bud on their lapels that gave men that tantalising aura of confidence, sophistication and personal flair – the kind of masculine elegance we ladies would swoon over…..and this I know from flicking through several glossy image-based publications on the history of men’s fashion! :P So yes, I am so for bringing back those key accessories and accents that represent timeless style and refinement…..with a touch of eccentricity for that little bit of ‘oomph’! ;)

Right – before I get distracted any further by Hollywood’s iconic men of the Golden Era (Cary Grant, James Stewart, Fred Astaire, and Sean Connery – just to name a few!) the main reason for this post was to showcase the boutonnieres I made for our key men at the wedding by opting for an more original look instead of the traditional floral arrangement.  So, with that in mind, I combined what I thought fused the western contemporary silhouettes with the flamboyant eastern textures by using buttons and feathers.

I must admit that my initial thoughts were ‘peacock feathers’ seeing as it was the most obvious symbolism of India but after a few trial runs I realised that it not only it looked a greeny-blue (which was far from our colour scheme!) but rather clichéd too! With nine boutonnieres to make: five for the groomsmen + ushers, two for my leading man, and two for the fathers…. they needed to be right! And so, I was on the hunt for feathers in vibrant pinks, purples and blues – the bigger and bolder the more appropriate I felt they would be as I needed them to stand out against their more sombre coloured suits……and lucky for me, the shops and haberdasheries this summer were bursting with feathered accessories and jewellery. Lets not also forget the fantastic bargains too! ;) Well, here’s a peek into the production phase. BLOG_STRIP boutonnieres low res

Pictures of our lovely fellas sporting these boutonnieres will be posted soon!  I do hope you like what you see so far? :)