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Morning all!! 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and looking forward to the week ahead. 

Just a quick reminder that there’s a 20% discount over on my Etsy shop so if you’d like to advantage of this offer and treat yourself (or perhaps buy the perfect gift) to some typographic prints (both A4 & A3) it’s running for another two weeks!! These prints won’t be reproduced so grab yourself a bargain on these limited editions while they last! Just use the code THISLITTLEFOX20 at checkout! 

Do spread the word! Xx

The Art Marketplace at Minted.com

I’m sure many of your are familiar with the online company Minted.com, usually for its amazing array of wedding stationary designs that you may have come across on wedding blogs or magazines. If you aren’t, well, they are a large online marketplace that bring you designs from independent artists and designers from around the world. The business ethos being, that the work submitted by the artists are voted on by you, the readers and creative community, and the winners are then picked to sell on the site, directly to its consumers. It’s such a great concept! The site has now grown and expanded to include many new categories, one being the Art Marketplace which I’m mostly excited about.

Some of you may already know of our keen interest (aka obsession) with art and prints – we have a huge appreciation for them and collect ones we like over the years (either from places we’ve travelled to or lived in, or simply down to what resonates our aesthetics) in the hope that we can look back at them 20 years down the line and reminisce over the stories that go with it. My husband is into his minimal photography and abstract paintings, while I’m more into typography and illustrations, especially ones from the bygone years…. so between the two of us, we do collect quite a bit, particularly from small independent artists. All we need now is find that big house we dream of so we can hang them all up! :)

Anyway, Minted.com kindly invited me to review some of their products online and with great delight I agreed (any excuse to ‘window shop’ art pieces!) so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite art pieces found on the Art Marketplace…..it’s so hard not to want to buy them all!

minted_art 01The ‘Distant Island Pier‘ piece Julia Contacessi by far my favourite piece on Minted.com, which stood out instantly to me. Seascapes are my weakness. The colours, the brush strokes, the tranquility it exudes…. completely draws me in. It’s the kind of statement piece you’d have hanging up above your fireplace so you can stare at it all day!

The pattern and textures in Currents & Abstract Herringbone by Paper Dahlia are simply gorgeous. They can totally work as stand-alone pieces or side by side (yep, I”m already thinking of where it would go in the flat!)

minted_art-06You know how I like my typography…..and the raw, textured aesthetic in Matthew Taylor Wilson‘s hand-illustrated Don’t Quite Your Daydream is right up my street! Actually the quote would be perfect in my studio…. :)


I love the way the above three pieces explore colour, textures and patterns in this mixed media collage approach. From top left clockwise, you have Circling by Kelly Nasuta, Domino by Carrie ONeal, and ‘Look Again‘ by Paper Roseminted_art-02

Interestingly enough, this would be something my husband would pick but I do admire the simplicity of the way the Southern Californian landscape is captured (quite Kinfolk-y) in this Life On Mars print by Matthew Sampson, and as the photographer suggests, the fact that this terrain looks as though it could belong to any planet out in the universe is strangely evocative.

Well, there you have it. Some pretty great pieces right? I found it so hard to pick a handful of them to show you as there are lots out there I LOVE and could easily make up a gallery wall out of! ;) Hopefully you can get an idea as to how varied the collections are on the site from drawings to paintings to photography. You can buy the prints in various sizes, pick paper types for it to be printed on, and you can even choose to get them framed or unframed (the have different choices for frames too)! The service totally caters to your needs and budget! So do hop on over and do take a look. There’s a home decor section too so be warned that you may end up browsing on there for a while!

minted_artOh and if you’re getting married and looking for unique off-the-peg designs then check out their NEW collection of wedding invitations! You won’t be disappointed!!

Well folks, enjoy your Sunday and all that browsing on Minted.com!


A trip down memory lane with Printic App.

MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-02So. I have been thinking of ways to document our Big American Road trip as a kind of keepsake piece – something physical we can have on our coffee table for a more ‘tactile’ trip down memory lane as oppose to flicking through hundreds and hundreds of images on our computers. There’s no doubt, I’ll still do that but nothing beats the physical thing. Anyway, I knew we’d opt for a traditional, old school style where we’d print all our photographs and affix them to the pages of nice album, using those photocorners which we used on our Indian honeymoon album (we got these from Paperchase the last time). On this trip, however, we took a lot of photographs through Instagram so it meant we had quite a few square-shaped photos we wanted to include. That’s when I stumbled across a ‘Photo Box’ offer with Printic; an App you can download that allows you to pick all your photos and order straight off your phone! You can sync your Instagram, Facebook, and even your Dropbox accounts to be able to choose what photos you’d like to print. It’s so ridiculously straightforward and convenient, which is why I decided to give it a go. Besides, I’ve always been a huge Polaroid fan which I felt was the perfect style for our Instagram photos. Sadly, the Photo Box only allows for 50 prints which meant I had a mammoth of a task of being super selective from the thousands of photos I took…but that’s probably not a bad thing seeing as this was the first time trying this new app……..AND hey, it comes in a FAB looking presentation box! :) MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-09MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-10
I must say I was pretty darn pleased with the outcome. The quality is brilliant and it’s exactly what I had hoped for…… y’all have NO idea how excited I am about getting this album started now!! I may order a few more now that I’m delighted with the results using the unlimited prints option instead of the fixed 50 prints. Seriously folks, it’s such a great app! It’s reasonable, convenient, super easy to use, fast, reliable, and they do FREE worldwide shipping! What’s not to like!! It’s probably the best app I’ve come across this year and I personally think they also make AMAZING gift ideas especially when they come in such lovely boxes! A perfect way to make someone happy….I know I would!! :) They do other formats too like calendars, posters, magnets, and photobooks which I’m definitely keen on trying someday….if any of you decide to go for that or have already done so, please let me know what you think of it.


Well then, if you’d like to give them a try then, I do have a code that gives you £4 off your order. Simply add A09BB8 at the ‘order review’ section and voila! Do let me know what you end up going for – I’d love to hear your thoughts on your chosen products! Happy memory-making and have lovely week folks!! xxx

MOLU_BLOG_PRINTIC-03[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

*NOTE: this is not a sponsored post but a review of a service/ product I’ve used and am genuinely delighted with, so much so that I just had to share with all my readers! :)*

[Inspirational] Hand-lettered watercolour quotes

MbM_BLOGTACULAR-QUOTES-01(C)I’ve been playing about with some hand-lettered illustrations this week (a break from all the branding and portfolio work thats kept me well out of mischief!) and been exploring ways to bring them alive by overlaying them onto textured watercolour backgrounds – a bit of mixed media fun so to speak. What do you think? They’re far from perfect but it’s all part of my journey into the world of graphics and illustration but with particular focus on lettering and typography. I know there’s many ridiculously talented folk out there doing some incredible hand-lettering work and I just want to be able to do the same but obviously bring my own personal flair to them…..which is kind of what you see here. Anyway, it’s all work in progress….trying to find my niche, as Will Taylor put it! :)

These quotes are from some of the most inspiring key speakers that I had the privilege to listen to at Blogtacular early this summer, and I felt it was only right to share them with you, as we come to the end of another week (we all need a bit of morale-boosting from time to time!) If you do like the look of these, let me know if this is something you’d buy as a print as this is an area I’m hoping to evolve. I may actually start doing a ‘free printable’ series of inspirational quotes too that you can print yourself and have up on the wall. But yea, any feedback is greatly appreciated so please feel free to let me know your thoughts :)

Have a lovely weekend! xx

[Made by Molu Special] Blog Birthday Giveaway!

Okay I’m a week late but I had to push my blogging aside for a bit to focus on the PhD. This does also mean that my mighty great plans on making something special to for a birthday giveaway got stalled too, which is a real shame as I had been sketching out ideas for a nice new print! Well I guess I’ll have to do that another time….HOWEVER, to make up for that, I have hatched up another little plan………..

MbM_2ND-BIRTHDAY_OLD-ENG-CO-1MbM_2ND-BIRTHDAY_OLD-ENG-CO [Image credit: ©The Old English Co.]

So, seeing as I’m a huge (HUGE!) lover of all kinds of prints (an avid collector and occasional maker myself) I decided that I’d treat my readers to a lovely print for their home/workplace, as a little token of my gratitude and appreciation for the last two years! I’ve been recently eyeing up a few prints by the Old English Company on their Etsy store since last November. They are a London-based design company with amazing artwork that combine both illustration and typography (just my kind of thing!!) influenced by food, travel and everyday things. My absolute favourites are the ‘food’ and ‘kitchen’ range…..what that says about me, I haven’t a clue! ;) Seriously though, there’s so many on there that I’d love to get my paws on but with quite a few prints at home (new ones too!) still to make it onto the wall I’ve sadly had to refrain from any purchasing for the time being (boo!)

Anyway, while I may have to stick to window shopping, YOU actually have the chance of owning one of their fabulous prints!!!

So, the big BLOG-BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY is an unframed A4-size print (value of £16) of your choice!! Ta-da!! :)


All you have to do is hop on over to their prints section of their website and pick out one that you’d like. Then come back to this blog post to tell me, in the comments section, which one that is and why you’d like it.

It’s as simple as that! :)

** Now, if you want bonus entries then you get one each time you share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter. To do that, copy and paste this statement along with the web link for this post: “@MadebyMolu is treating us to a fabulous @OldEnglishCo print of OUR choice for her BIG BLOG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY. I just signed up!” Just remember to let me know about that too in the comments section for it to count!!! **

Competition is open to readers worldwide and will stay open till midnight (GMT) on Friday 24th of January!! So whatchya waiting for? Go Go Go……enjoy your window shopping!! It’s my treat ;) xx