[Molu Mantra] Quote of the Week

MbM_MOLU-MANTRAS-0501 I’m not sure who stated this but it’s a brilliant outlook and I felt the need share it….and of course, it was a perfect excuse to brush up (pun intended) on the brush lettering ;) Don’t you agree though? I know we can’t always control everything that takes place in our life but you got to admit there are days when you think….seriously WTH? So on those crappy days….lets just remember this one eh? :) Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

[Molu Musings]: Stay Weird

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen or heard these profound words by Graham Moore at the Oscars this year, circulating about on the internet. Well, I couldn’t agree with him more and I felt I needed to voice the same views on the importance of being different in a world that can be completely obsessed on how you are constantly perceived. And particularly more so in a creative world.

I’ve always been a believer of being different, independent and to not blindly ‘follow like sheep’ in life but I have to admit, that many a times I’ve strayed from those beliefs to conform to what’s seen as the ‘right’ or ‘done’ thing. And many a times this tends to be the ongoing hurdle you endure during your teens and in your 20s – we’ve all been there – until you get to a point later in life where you realise it’s not worth it at all. While it’s absolutely fine to follow the norm, go with the flow, play safe, be average, and ‘fit in’….being different is a whole lot better. Trust me.

To be a unique, independent and strong individual with the ability to stand out from the rest is a great thing. Otherwise, how freaking boring would this place be?? And in all honesty, it’s the one’s who are different, think outside the box, break traditions, and swim against the flow (and I don’t mean in a troublemaking kind a way!!) that are much more content and even successful in life. It may take a little longer to be appreciated for who YOU are but when that time comes, you will be glad for sticking to being you and not the person the world wants to see you as.

So whether you’re in school, college, university, or in any workplace….please do remember to be YOU and to BELIEVE in yourself always. Forget the haters and the judgmental lot. Don’t let the world dictate who you are and who you should be, nor ruin your life and think any less of yourself because a bunch of people don’t get you or see the uniqueness in you. To base your happiness on the acceptance of others or what they think about you, will only lead to misery. You are not here to please every one or fit in with everyone. So please be YOU. When you have accomplished the courage to do so in life, you’ll go far and that’s something I’ve learnt more about in the last few years from the many people I’ve gotten to know and admire, who had the strength and confidence to be themselves…and be different. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you too, and if you haven’t yet found those people, you will find them soon enough.

Stay weird. Stay different. And go rock the world because there are a lot more amazing people out there like you….more than you ever know! :)

Thank you Graham Moore for reminding us all of this.

[Molu Mantra] Quote of the Week


Happy Monday folks! I hope you’ve all started the new week nicely.

Well, this week’s quote is from the film The Switch which I randomly came across on Netflix recently and I must say, I found it pretty entertaining. I do like Jason Bateman and Jennifer Anniston so that obviously helped! Anyway, it’ the opening line…actually, the ending line too…. that caught my attention and felt it was quote-worthy. It’s definitely a nice reminder of how those random unexpected moments in our somewhat busy, routine-obsessed, or perhaps even mundane lives, can be the most incredible things that happens to us. I for one, can vouch for that on numerous occasions.

So, keep that in mind as you start another busy week! You just never know what’s waiting for you around the corner!  :) xx

[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Inspirational] Hand-lettered watercolour quotes

MbM_BLOGTACULAR-QUOTES-01(C)I’ve been playing about with some hand-lettered illustrations this week (a break from all the branding and portfolio work thats kept me well out of mischief!) and been exploring ways to bring them alive by overlaying them onto textured watercolour backgrounds – a bit of mixed media fun so to speak. What do you think? They’re far from perfect but it’s all part of my journey into the world of graphics and illustration but with particular focus on lettering and typography. I know there’s many ridiculously talented folk out there doing some incredible hand-lettering work and I just want to be able to do the same but obviously bring my own personal flair to them…..which is kind of what you see here. Anyway, it’s all work in progress….trying to find my niche, as Will Taylor put it! :)

These quotes are from some of the most inspiring key speakers that I had the privilege to listen to at Blogtacular early this summer, and I felt it was only right to share them with you, as we come to the end of another week (we all need a bit of morale-boosting from time to time!) If you do like the look of these, let me know if this is something you’d buy as a print as this is an area I’m hoping to evolve. I may actually start doing a ‘free printable’ series of inspirational quotes too that you can print yourself and have up on the wall. But yea, any feedback is greatly appreciated so please feel free to let me know your thoughts :)

Have a lovely weekend! xx

[Molu Mantra]

MbM_HAND-LETTERING_WK-2BAhh, don’t we all fall victims to that every now and then? It can be so frustrating being gripped with fear or doubt that we find ourselves procrastinating more than we ought to. Sometimes, we over think things far too much that all it does is put you in constant mental turmoil or it stops you from moving forward in life – I’m guilty of that! Sometimes, you just have to let go and let life carry you places. Because you never know where it may lead!

So, what can we do to stop ourselves from thinking too much and just let things happen?

On a lighter note, I’m still practising my hand-lettering skills…..although, still very basic. But the weekly tasks are definitely helping so I cannot wait to try more and see improvements!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday! I think it’s time for me to put my pens down and switch off from the computer!!


Happy Friday!

MbM_HAND-LETTERING_WK-1And so, we come to the end of another week. I hope it’s been great one for you although I know it’s been tricky trying to get back into work mode after the lovely 4-day Easter weekend! So I’ve eased myself with prettier stuff like bits and bobs for the blog, working on wedding invitation designs and looking up inspiration for a branding project.

I’ve also decided that one of the many things to do this year is hand-lettering and typography. It’s always been a great interest of mine (cursive handwriting was a big fascination since primary school!) but having never been taught it properly, I’ve set myself various tasks and challenges to learn and develop the skill further. Even signed up to an E-course (which I’ll tell you about later). You’ve probably seen some wedding stuff recently where I’ve dabbled in some lettering but in order to really improve and develop I’ve decided to do a piece each week focusing on an inspirational quote. So here’s the first of this hand-lettering series….it’s basically a pimped-up version of my handwriting – so nothing too fancy! But hey….I’ve got to start somewhere right? Slowly but surely, as they say! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend folks whatever your plans! x x x

MbM_HAND-LETTERING_WK-1b   [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

[Molu Mantra]

MbM_Quote-of-the-week_4I thought I’d share with you this inspirational quote by American poet, Robert Frost. To find the courage to take a different route from the rest of the world and to have faith that it leads you to something much more fruitful, is something very few can say they have achieved. Do you have that courage? Or have you ever stewed over or imagined what it would be like to have it? Well I shall let you muse over it but in the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Friday and weekend too! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Quote of the Week]: Explore. Dream. Discover

MbM_Quote_Mark-TwainA great one to muse over as we near the end of yet another year and the start of another. It’s important to remind ourselves that only we are responsible for the choices we make in our lives so if you need them to make a difference, it all comes down to you and no one else. This sure does apply to me in every way so I’m excited to see how next year pans out! Here’s to a promising 2014! x