A few recent purchases this Autumn…

The Autumn/Winter season brings with it many craft fairs, markets and events but I must admit the Crafty Fox Markets in Brixton and the most recent Renegade Craft Fair in Bricklane, have both exceeded my expectations. Every time I go to such events, I’m left hugely impressed (and overwhelmed, in a good way!) by the level of talent and craftsmanship out there. The hard graft, the perseverance, the determination and the creativity of all the designer-makers (many of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and get acquainted with) is both admirable and inspiring! Anyway, while I wish I was able to splash out on plenty more handmade goodies and bespoke pieces, here are a few of the recent purchases I’d like to share with you…… It’s good for the soul, I say! ;)

First up, is this adorable print from the lovely Louise of Louise Wright Illustrations that I bought from the Autumn Markets, hosted by Crafty Fox Markets at Dogstar, Brixton back in October.

Secondly, we got this beautiful vintage map; J Bartholomewo’s Map of Ireland circa 1872 from Paul Vening at Spitalfields Markets, while galavanting around in Shoreditch for the Photo Hunt event we signed up to last month. Paul has a fantastic collection of authentic vintage maps and Fashion prints so his stall is definitely worth a visit if you’re there! Nothing like a owning a piece of history! :) MbM_BLOG_Spitalfields_Irish-Map-1 MbM_BLOG_Spitalfields_Irish-Map-2

And finally, from the Renegade Craft Fair held at the Old Truman Brewery in Bricklane last weekend, we bought a few pieces ranging from accessories to prints for the wall. Let me know what you think.

[1] The ‘Architect’s Watch‘ by designers and watch-makers May28th. Okay, I know it’s very clichéd but what the heck – it had my name all over it and as soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to have it! Worked out well considering I had been looking to replace my ‘everyday’ watch that was starting to look rather worn out. Meant to be really! ;) Oh and FYI – why May 28th? Well, it based on the date that designer Agni Tilla, got engaged on….cute huh? :)

[2] This stunning bookmark or ‘Mark for Books‘ as it’s called, by Pink Tank Ltd, depicting the NYC street map, was a must-have. Whether it was the architects in us or just being design geeks in general, we were both immediately drawn to the fabulous collection of bookmarks, not to mention the geometrical-patterned pendents. All the products are etched out of thin sheets of stainless steel; it’s intricate, beautiful, industrial and architectural in many ways that we were glad we stopped by (like three times!). Totally impressed with the style of work, design ethos and little stories that go behind it, I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be featuring Chelsea in the New Year…..and I cannot wait!! :)

MbM_BLOG_Renegade-London_14MbM_BLOG_Renegade-London_15 MbM_BLOG_Renegade-London_13[3] Hand-pulled screen prints by James Brown Prints and Telegramme. We’re both very much into all forms of art, graphics and typography especially vintage/vintage-inspired ones so we are delighted to add these awesome prints to our growing collection! Really chuffed with them actually. Just need to get them framed (along with a couple of other prints we bought in the year i.e. our wedding anniversary presents!) and get them up on the wall soon! Next DIY HOME project coming right up! :)

So that’s it folks. I do hope you like the little bits and bobs we picked up this autumn. There’s soooooo much out there its hard not to come back without a little something! And if you know exactly what I mean, and have bought a few things yourself, then please do share! Always great to come across more talented artists and designers!! ;)

Oh and if you’d like to nosey through more photos from these events go over to my Facebook Page!

Bye for now! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu, all photos taken using my DSLR and iPhone 4s]

[What’s On] This weekend: The Renegade Craft Fair, London 2013!


london-renegade-snowflake-finalOne more sleep till the Renegade Craft Fair here in LONDON! woo! :)

This will be my first ever visit! Having heard soooooo much about the Renegade Craft Fair (massively renowned in US, hosting events in several cities since 2003 and now on our shores holding their 3rd event in London!) I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to dropping by tomorrow afternoon to check out all the wonderfully talented designer-makers that will be showcased there. There will be a few friendly faces I hope to catch up with again (And Smile, The Fox In The Attic, Make Thrift London, Zeena Shah to name a few) and of course, meeting new ones too! :) I will also be on a mission, looking out for some potential Christmas gifts so let’s hope I don’t get into a coma from scouring through all the amazing handmade goodies! ;)

To learn about the Renegade Craft Fair or to find out more on all the autumn-winter events being held this year (see which one’s are near you!) and a list of makers for each city, then do have a look at their website. Once you’re on their homepage, simply click onto the hosting city that you’re interested in which you will find on the top of the screen. (as seen below)
renegade-craft-fair-websiteFor details on London, take a look here where you can also find a list of makers that will be showcasing this very weekend! renegade-craft-fair-website-2

So then…. if you’re in London and looking for something to do this weekend (9th and 10th of November) then pop along to the Old Truman Brewery, in Bricklane (East London). There’s going to be lots of makers, workshops and entertainment on both days……and it is free to enter! Seriously….how can you possibly not have this penciled into your diaries?! ;)

Oh and if you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook be sure to follow all the creative antics using #renegadecraftfair and for when tagging your own images and posts too!

Have a lovely weekend folks whatever you chose to do!! x


[Image credit: The Renegade Craft Fair]