[D.I.Y. Tutorial] 5-minute Key rings out of ribbon

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Key-Rings_MAINAfternoon folks! I’m afraid, with work commitments and a busy long weekend away for Easter, I wasn’t quite able to come up with the most exciting DIY tutorials for this week. I do however, have this easy DIY key ring project that you can make out of ribbon and takes literally five minutes to make! To be honest, it may seem rather uninteresting but since I’ve been de-cluttering and redecorating our flat over the last couple of months, I have found this so incredibly useful when organising all the set of keys we seem to have lying about! And instead of sticking on those horrid plastic key rings I decided to make something out of ribbon…..and this is the result of a quick-fix solution! :)

You will need:

  1. Ribbons (I used some lovely striped ones by Jane Means)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue gun or any kind of adhesive for fabric
  4. set of keys (however many you have)



  1. Measure out the length of ribbon you think you’ll need for your keys. Remember they have to be doubled over to create a loop so make sure you accommodate that! I cut out roughly 15cm which when doubled up, became roughly around 7cm.
  2. String the cut piece of ribbon of your desired length through the metal ring and fasten down the ends using the glue gun. Your keys should now be held by this loop of ribbon
  3. Now, to prevent your keys from sliding about on the ribbon, I placed a pea-sized dollop of glue on the ribbon about half a centimetre away from the metal ring) and pressed the ribbon together until fastened. Alternatively, you can run it under a sewing machine (where I’ve shown the dotted line) to secure the keys in place. Feel free to add any further embellishments to jazz it up further.

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Key-Rings_2-WEB MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Key-Rings_3-WEB  [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

And that’s it. It does exactly what it says on the tin! :) I know it’s not the most exciting but I do find it useful when you are limited with time or resources….and it does look much nicer than some random plastic thing! Well, I do hope to have some funkier projects in store for you in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those! In the meantime, I hope you have fun crafting this week! Keep me posted with any #craftwithMolu antics you get up to! :)

Much love x x x

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Ribbon details for notebooks


Hello lovelies! How are you this bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon?

Well, seeing as we’ve such a fine day today, what better reason to get crafting and this week’s DIY project would actually be quite apt too. As most of you all know, I tend to personalise the front covers of my sketchbooks, notebooks and diaries all the time; whether they are doodled all over, hand stamped or embellished. So in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to personalise your little book of ideas/doodles using felt and lovely ribbon but in a way that they act as a little binding lock type-thing. Oh, I forgot to mention last month, but I’m officially one of Jane Means team of bloggers (woo!!) so the ribbons I have in fact used in this tutorial are courtesy of Jane Means! She has a fabulous collection of ribbons ladies…..if you ever want to get hold of some!

Anyway, this project literally took me 30 mins from start to finish and all I want to show you is how simple techniques and materials can go a long way in the hope that these weekly tutorials inspires you to get crafting more, however limited you think you are with your resources! You’ll be surprised at what you can do with the little you think you have at home! :) So….here’s what you’ll need for this one:

  1. Notebook of any size
  2. Ribbons
  3. Crafting Felt (make sure you have enough to go around the size of your book)
  4. Embellishments such as buttons, beads and trimmings.
  5. Glue gun (or any good crafting adhesive)
  6. Scissors
  7. Ruler



  1. Take your sheet of felt in your desired colour (I chose yellow to go with my pink book) and cut a strip so it’s roughly 7-8cm/3″ in width and whatever length would suit your notebook i.e. it should be able to cover the front, the spine and the back of the book. Obviously you can choose to go for a much wider or less wider band.
  2. Stick down the front edge of the felt to the edge of the notebook, carefully so that they are aligned neatly. Now you can chose to have a centimetre of felt to overlap so that you’re sticking it to the inner side of the book but I felt that with the thickness of the felt it would prevent the book from closing properly. But this is totally up to you and the book you chose to work on. Make sure you apply some glue to the spine too before you finish at the back cover. Open the book slightly while doing these stages so that when you close the book you aren’t left with any slack material in between.
  3. If you find there’s any excess felt and you don’t want to tuck it into the book then cut around it neatly so it’s flush with the edge of the notebook.MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_1-WEB
  4. Now chose a ribbon of your choice. I picked out this lovely navy blue polka dot Jane Means ribbon which I thought worked perfectly with the pink and the yellow combo. Measure out the length of the ribbon required based on the book you’ve got by going around the book and ensure you have at least 15 cm extra on both sides so that you have enough to tie a nice bow with.
  5. Like you did with the felt band, stick down the ribbon at the three main points; on the front, spine and back. You don’t need to cover the ribbon entirely but that is all depending on the glue you use as you don’t want it to stiffen up more than what is required when dried. If you use the glue gun then just follow the three points. Again, while you’re sticking the ribbon down onto the spine area, just open the book slightly to prevent from any slacking….but not too much so that it’s too taut. MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_2-WEB

Et voila! You have you’re very own personalised and beautified little notebook with a cute ribbon detail. And its a great little way to keep those prying eyes and hands away from your books! ;) What if you don’t have enough felt to go around your bigger notebooks? Well, scrap the felt and here’s how to create a simple wrap around/binding clasp detail out of ribbon, a button and an elastic band (one that you can use for your hair!)

Firstly, measure out the desired length out of ribbon. I used another Jane Means ribbon in mint green with pink polka dots. It doesn’t need to overlap but enough so that the elastic band binds the two ends together (so roughly check to see how much you’ll need against the size of your elastic band) Secondly, wrap one end of the ribbon around your elastic band and glue it into place without sticking the elastic to the ribbon. And on the other end of the ribbon, glue down your big bold button. I would highly recommend using the glue gun for this! And finally, wrap both ends around your sketchbook and loop the elastic band over the button to fasten it shut! That’s it!!! :) You now have a pretty ribbon, elastic band to keep those books securely closed.

MbM_DIY Tutorial_Ribbon Notebook_3MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Ribbon-Notebook_4-WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

So…..go dig out your craft supplies and let’s get crafting folk!! There really isn’t any excuse not to try your hand at experimenting with materials you have kicking about your home. If you decide to follow any of my tutorials, you know the drill…..please do share your creations either on FacebookTwitter or IG but make sure to hashtag it with #craftwithmolu so that I’m able to see them! Also, if you have any queries, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below.

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy crafting!! x x x

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] A very eclectic Bib Necklace out of buttons!

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-bib-necklace-MAINIt’s Wednesday already!!!!! And that only means one thing…….. time for some DIY Tutorial loveliness from me!

Okay, so while this week may feel like a drag for some of you, I hope you find great delight knowing that it’s my ‘Craft with Molu time of the week! To break those monotonous mid-week blues, I’ve got this awesome ‘bib’ necklace for you to try, that’s if you’re into big show-stopping statement necklaces like me! :) I know this is another ‘necklace’ tutorial but this one’s much funkier than the last! I’ve always wanted to make one of these myself especially when I’m forced to steer away from them in shops because they’re either too expensive or too tacky. And when you have a surplus of buttons kicking about the house….well I think you know where this is going ;)

Righty ho folks, you will need the following materials:MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-bib-necklace-SUP

  1. Ribbon
  2. Crafting Felt
  3. Scissors
  4. Buttons – the assorted, the better!
  5. A template – of your desired shape and size for your ‘bib’
  6. Glue gun (or any adhesive that’s great with fabric….however, I won’t recommend Copydex unless you want a fishy smell to your necklace!)



  1. For the ‘bib’ part of the necklace, you first need to determine a template to which you can work with. You can either free-hand draw this or use something to trace around which is what I did by using another necklace I had. Now, you can pick something much simpler in shape and size. I personally liked the half-circle which I thought would work better with buttons. Anyway, use your template to draw out your ‘bibs’ in felt. You will need two of them.
  2. Cut neatly around the outline,
  3. The first felt piece will be the one that you will stick your buttons onto. The second piece will be the backing piece which will conceal all the mess (if any!) and reinforce the entire ‘bib’ once the buttons are stuck.
  4. Roughly start laying out your selection of buttons onto the felt piece just so that you get a feel for how the fit together. Do this in small sections; i.e. group a few together and once your pleased with, then stick them down. Also, if you’re quite the meticulous type then you may find this part taking slightly longer especially if you’d like to get them all sitting relatively neatly around the outer edges.
  5. Cover the backs of the buttons with glue before sticking them down. If you are using a glue gun just make sure you do this neatly as the glue tends to be quite stringy. You don’t want to have any signs of glue seeping around the edges or through the holes. And obviously, do be careful not to burn yourself either!MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-Bib-Neclace_2-WEB
  6. Although some of you may find arranging the assorted buttons together bit like a jigsaw puzzle, just remember not to let it take the fun out of this project. Be a little carefree if you have to! If there are any odd little areas, find a way to cleverly overlap them with another button or use smaller buttons to fill in the oddly shaped left-over gaps. Besides having it look too perfect loses the handmade charm….well, that’s what I tell myself! :)
  7. Pick out your choice of ribbon which will basically act as the ‘chains’ to your necklace. You can either pick something bold and colourful that compliments the colours of your buttons or be much more discreet and select one that is the same colour as the felt. You will need 35-40 cm in length for both ends (this allows you to tie it in a nice bow around your neck) so make sure you cut out two sets of the same length. This will include the bits that will be stuck to the back of the ‘bib’.
  8. Take roughly 4-5 cm (1.5″) of the ribbon and stick/fasten this with glue to the back of the ‘bib’. Do this on both ends.
  9. Take the second felt piece (i.e. your backing piece) and stick it neatly to the reverse side of the front piece. Press down on it gently to ensure the backing piece is firmly adhered. Try to keep them aligned so that you have a neat finish,
  10. And there you have it! You’re fun and eclectic bib necklace made out of assorted buttons is ready to be rocked with either casual or formal wear! Perhaps you could wear this out for your Valentine’s Day dinner? ;)

I must say, I had so much fun making this and delighted at how well it’s turned out so I really hope that you enjoy it just as much as I did! This literally took me about an hour to do so its a great project for those limited with spare time. Like I said before, you can downsize it a bit to suit your style/taste or even to make the task much easier. Either way, if you do give this a go, please do share your creations with me on my Facebook page just by posting your photo with the the hashtag #craftwithmolu.

Happy crafting folks!!! xx

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-Bib-Neclace_3 [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]