D.I.Y. FEATURE | Laura Ashley Statement Necklace


Yes, that’s right folks…I’m back with a Laura Ashley special!

Once again, I’ve collaborated with the fabulous interiors and lifestyle brand to give you something fun and quite the show-stopper.  If you remember the ‘Make & Do‘ series i’ve done with them in the past, you’ll know I love a bit of wallpaper crafting and this DIY explores another way of using everyday decorative home items to create something creative. I mean, who would’ve thought that some floral/tropical themed wall paper and curtain tie-backs would make some statement necklace or halter neck detail for a dress, right?

Well, it’s definitely one for the brave creatives and fashionistas who like to stand out from the crowd….but hey, regardless of that, I reckon you should still have a nosey at the FULL tutorial over on the Laura Ashley Blog and maybe….just maybe, it’ll tempt all of you to try something funky! (psssst…if you do have a go, please make sure to share it on social media and include the hashtag #craftwithMolu!!)

I hope you like this one folks…..! xx


[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

**This post was sponsored by Laura Ashley, however all words and opinions are my own, dictated completely by my love for  DIY and styling**

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Funky Geometric statement necklace



Hello! I hope your week is going well so far wherever you are. Well, out here, were’ in the lead up to the big July 4th weekend so totally feeling the excitement!


  • DAS modelling clay (or any other air-drying clay alternative)
  • rolling-pin
  • ruler (metal on if possible)
  • Stanley knife or a scalpel
  • needle
  • Spray paints or even nail varnish! (3 colours of your choice)
  • Ribbon or chain links (you can take links from old jewellery, if needed be)
  • glue gun
  • wire (to make the links, if you don’t have proper jewellery ones at hand)
  • tracing paper / detail paper or even greaseproof paper – to sketch your final design template



  1. Sketch out any ideas you have (the idea for this tutorial is to make your necklace out of triangle pieces) and then draw out a template for the final design onto some tracing/detail paper (even grease-proof paper will do!). If you’re confident, you can free-hand draw the triangles, otherwise use the ruler or some kind of grid for guidance. Also mark out roughly where you’ll be putting in the holes for where the chain links or ribbon go.
  2. Cut out a good-sized piece of Daz clay, and roll it out like you would making cookies, so you have a 3mm flat piece.Gently roll on both sides to try to get all the sides even in its thickness.
  3. using a pencil nib (or even a needle or toothpick), map out the corners of your triangles onto the clay by piercing through the tracing paper – do this one, triangular piece at a time.
  4. Use the metal ruler as a guide, and cut through the clay with the blade making sure it is an even cut. The metal ruler will make sure it keeps the edges straight. Also, you will find some bits of clay may show on the blade so wipe it clean before you make the next cut. Always, gently pull away the excess clay away from the main piece. Try and be gentle with this stage so you are left with clean pieces with straight edges. Repeat this procedure with all your triangles. MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_GEOMETRIC-NECKLACE_01
  5. Once all the pieces are cut out, take a good size needle or toothpick and pierce two holes where your connector links will go. Make it at least 1mm big, or enough for a connector to go through. Whether the chain or ribbon is used, you will need these holes for these connector pieces that then links on to the ribbon or chain.
  6. Leave all the pieces to dry overnight. Quick tip: try to swap the sides on which it lies on the surface because when it dries, the clay can tend to warp slightly so by flipping it on its sides every now and then during the drying process will help keep it relatively flat.
  7. After all the pieces are fully dry, pick out the spray paints or use nail varnish like I did in my quick-clay-beaded-necklace tutorial for a quicker and more convenient option. Apply the pain/varnish onto one side of your pieces (facing up) and leave it to dry.
  8. Now get all the bits and pieces you need to turn these pieces into a necklace; glue gun, wire, chain, links and connectors, ribbons….whatever else you want to add and let the fun part begin! :)
  9. Stick all your pieces together using the glue gun and leave it for a few minutes to set.Try and be neat here so that you avoid any stray glue strands!MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_GEOMETRIC-NECKLACE_02
  10. Now add those connector rings through the holes you made in your triangle pieces. I didn’t have any at hand or any that suited the holes, so made mine out of some wire. With these in place, you can then add your chain links or ribbon (as I’ve done). If you opt for a ribbon, try to select something that compliments your pendant colours.

And hey presto, you have yourself a totally RAD (yep, i said that) geometric statement necklace!! Perfect for the summer months!! I’m actually super delighted with mine even with its teeniest flaws but it all adds to the handmade feel. So there you have it folks! Do have a go and share with me all the creative goodness you come up with. It totally puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step seeing what you’ve made based on the tutorials. Oh and you know the drill if you do fancy sharing you photos……add the hashtag #CraftwithMolu with it so i can see it! Have a fantastic week of summer craft!! Much love x x x x

MbM_DIY-TUTORIAL_GEOMETRIC-NECKLACE_03   [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[D.I.Y. Tutorial] A very eclectic Bib Necklace out of buttons!

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-bib-necklace-MAINIt’s Wednesday already!!!!! And that only means one thing…….. time for some DIY Tutorial loveliness from me!

Okay, so while this week may feel like a drag for some of you, I hope you find great delight knowing that it’s my ‘Craft with Molu time of the week! To break those monotonous mid-week blues, I’ve got this awesome ‘bib’ necklace for you to try, that’s if you’re into big show-stopping statement necklaces like me! :) I know this is another ‘necklace’ tutorial but this one’s much funkier than the last! I’ve always wanted to make one of these myself especially when I’m forced to steer away from them in shops because they’re either too expensive or too tacky. And when you have a surplus of buttons kicking about the house….well I think you know where this is going ;)

Righty ho folks, you will need the following materials:MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-bib-necklace-SUP

  1. Ribbon
  2. Crafting Felt
  3. Scissors
  4. Buttons – the assorted, the better!
  5. A template – of your desired shape and size for your ‘bib’
  6. Glue gun (or any adhesive that’s great with fabric….however, I won’t recommend Copydex unless you want a fishy smell to your necklace!)



  1. For the ‘bib’ part of the necklace, you first need to determine a template to which you can work with. You can either free-hand draw this or use something to trace around which is what I did by using another necklace I had. Now, you can pick something much simpler in shape and size. I personally liked the half-circle which I thought would work better with buttons. Anyway, use your template to draw out your ‘bibs’ in felt. You will need two of them.
  2. Cut neatly around the outline,
  3. The first felt piece will be the one that you will stick your buttons onto. The second piece will be the backing piece which will conceal all the mess (if any!) and reinforce the entire ‘bib’ once the buttons are stuck.
  4. Roughly start laying out your selection of buttons onto the felt piece just so that you get a feel for how the fit together. Do this in small sections; i.e. group a few together and once your pleased with, then stick them down. Also, if you’re quite the meticulous type then you may find this part taking slightly longer especially if you’d like to get them all sitting relatively neatly around the outer edges.
  5. Cover the backs of the buttons with glue before sticking them down. If you are using a glue gun just make sure you do this neatly as the glue tends to be quite stringy. You don’t want to have any signs of glue seeping around the edges or through the holes. And obviously, do be careful not to burn yourself either!MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-Bib-Neclace_2-WEB
  6. Although some of you may find arranging the assorted buttons together bit like a jigsaw puzzle, just remember not to let it take the fun out of this project. Be a little carefree if you have to! If there are any odd little areas, find a way to cleverly overlap them with another button or use smaller buttons to fill in the oddly shaped left-over gaps. Besides having it look too perfect loses the handmade charm….well, that’s what I tell myself! :)
  7. Pick out your choice of ribbon which will basically act as the ‘chains’ to your necklace. You can either pick something bold and colourful that compliments the colours of your buttons or be much more discreet and select one that is the same colour as the felt. You will need 35-40 cm in length for both ends (this allows you to tie it in a nice bow around your neck) so make sure you cut out two sets of the same length. This will include the bits that will be stuck to the back of the ‘bib’.
  8. Take roughly 4-5 cm (1.5″) of the ribbon and stick/fasten this with glue to the back of the ‘bib’. Do this on both ends.
  9. Take the second felt piece (i.e. your backing piece) and stick it neatly to the reverse side of the front piece. Press down on it gently to ensure the backing piece is firmly adhered. Try to keep them aligned so that you have a neat finish,
  10. And there you have it! You’re fun and eclectic bib necklace made out of assorted buttons is ready to be rocked with either casual or formal wear! Perhaps you could wear this out for your Valentine’s Day dinner? ;)

I must say, I had so much fun making this and delighted at how well it’s turned out so I really hope that you enjoy it just as much as I did! This literally took me about an hour to do so its a great project for those limited with spare time. Like I said before, you can downsize it a bit to suit your style/taste or even to make the task much easier. Either way, if you do give this a go, please do share your creations with me on my Facebook page just by posting your photo with the the hashtag #craftwithmolu.

Happy crafting folks!!! xx

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Button-Bib-Neclace_3 [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]